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Mailbag for Sunday, May 28, 2006
DATE: 5/28/06

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1. “I assume that the last modification to the BEGINS sequel page at the IMDB was the Hulme "‘in talks’ addition. Do you see any significance in that update arriving on April Fools Day? HAHAHA! Were you rooting for the Spurs or our good Mavs?!” - James A. from Austin, TX

JETT SAYS: Mr. Hulme has met with the producer(s) of The Sequel about the role of The Joker, so I guess that counts as being “in talks.” As for as the Spurs/Mavs series, Mavs all the way! I’m a bigtime Mavs fan!

2. “I love BOF! Keep up the good work! Anyway, I went to see POSEIDON yesterday, and I kept trying to picture Josh Lucas as Harvey Dent /Two-Face. I totally saw it happening! IWhat can we ‘Lucas Fans’ do to help him get the part of Dent/Two-Face?” - Josh from Cleveland, TN

JETT SAYS: I guess you could get some “compromising” pictures of the people behind BATMAN and…just kidding. Do what you are doing now -- write in here, post on message boards, etc. Lucas has stated he wants the role and he has a good relationship with Warner Bros., so we’ll see.

3. “I just wonna [sic] make it clear to you, especially to the folks at Warner Bros., that I’m really hoping for Kate Holmes returning for the Batman sequel along with Morgan Freeman. Any chance for Cillian Murphy returning too? Do you think we will hear anytime soon who will play the Joker and Harvey? - Jared from Strafford, NY

JETT SAYS: Jared, Freeman will be back, no doubt about it. As far as Katie, I think the key here is whether or not there is a point in having Rachel Dawes return. She served a purpose in BEGINS, but I’m not so sure she fits into the sequel. As far as Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow returning, not in the sequel.

4. “I wanted you to know that anyone who gripes about all of the wonderful tidbits you hook us up with: SCREW 'em! Dude, we check your site every morning for all those little tidbit and we love it! It's a blast just to hear what the rumor mill is kicking out! One more thing, Hulme has this role, and he will be terrifying! When I watched that mix of his recent film, I got goosebumps man! Keep kick'n it out Jett - your one of the good ones! - Frank B. from Maryland

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the nice email Frank. Hey, the rumors are half the fun! At least that’s what I think. And hey, you can’t please everyone.

As far as Hulme, he’s my fave, but I’d have to say he’s a longshot at this point. We’ll see soon enough.

5. “What is the attraction for fans about Paul Bettany playing The Joker? He is very passive, and has been playing strange villains in nearly as many films as Christopher Walken over the last four or five years. Don't you think he's a bit overexposed (he's even going to be the strange villain in The DaVinci Code,) for this part? - “Chamberlin”

JETT SAYS: Oh, I can certainly see why Bettany is a fan fave. He’s a good actor, tall, lanky, and has a certain “look” about him that would suit The Joker. I think there are two things that might prevent Bettany from getting the role: One, he usually takes a break for a year or so while his wife, Jennifer Connelly, works. And two, perhaps he doesn’t want to do another “villain.” If he was cast, I wouldn’t have any problem with it myself.

6. “You suck dude! BOF sucks and is nothing but a Warner Bros. kiss ass! Why do you have such an agenda against Paul Betney? He would rule as The Joker. Lachey Hulme sucks!” - Josh from Tampa

JETT SAYS: Uh Josh, it’s “Bettany” and “Lachy,” OK? Read my answer to #5, alright? And way to work in “sucks” three times in your question. You sir, have a way with words.

7. “In the BEGINS sequel, do you think there is a great chance that Lucius Fox will in some way be harmed by The Joker? Causing Batman to have to save his life as opposed to the 'Damsel in Distress'? P.S. I know you are a HUGE Cowboys fan, but how come you aren't giving any loving to the Dallas Desperados of the Arena Football League? Or even the Austin Wranglers? I am kinda surprised.” - “MetalEyez”

JETT SAYS: You know, I’ve actually heard this from one of my “insiders.” That’s certainly a good idea IMO. As far as the Arena League, I watch it, but I’m not that big of a fan actually. But I certainly root for the Desperados when they are playing.

8. “I hope you burn in hell for being such a Katie Holmes hater. BOF sucks for that -- y’all are soooo obviously biased against her.” - Ashley from Columbia, South Carolina

JETT SAYS: “Burn in hell” Ashley? Isn’t that a little strong? And why do you Katie fans think BOF is biased against her? That’s such BS and it’s time to give it up! She WAS the weak link of that cast -- deal with it. I’ve never said she was bad. Sheesh.

9. “Did it slip [producer Emma Thomas’] mind then that the entire script leaked all over the net over a year before BB came out? How did that happen anyway? Just wanted to get your perspective on that, and what do you think are the chances of the BATMAN II scripting leaking as well?” - David C.

JETT SAYS: Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the script “leak” wasn’t intentional.

10. “Isn't it simple? Bring Rachel back for half of the film..and have her murdered by the Joker. Isn't it too simple?” - Jason S. from Stillwater, Oklahoma

JETT SAYS: Yes, that would work. But it would also be a bit expected and cliché IMO. She told Bruce that she couldn’t be with him because he’s really Batman and Gotham needs him. Maybe she just leaves?

11. “We know that David Goyer has suggested that the Joker will be responsible for scarring Harvey Dent in the BEGINS sequel, but do you have a preference as to how Mr. Dent is scarred in the sequel?” - Dave from Toronto, Canada

JETT SAYS: Yes I do - by Boss Maroni. It HAS to be like that.

12. “Are you part of the WB payroll?” - Mary Jo Rodkey

JETT SAYS: Are you? Is this an offer?! My asking price is exorbitantly high though. I hope you are serious and not teasing me here.

13. “So how big of an uproar was the ‘small and mysterious’ comment about the Joker's role in the sequel? While I don't believe the Joker in the sequels needs to ham it up on screen as much as Nicholson did in '89. I do think the character should have at least as much screen time as Henry Ducard/Ra's Al Ghul. What's your take on it?” - Todd J.

JETT SAYS: Oh, the uproar? HUGE. LOL! Todd, I have say that I believe that’s the way to go with him this time. I’d make him mysterious has hell and have a big reveal/payoff at the end.

14. “There hasn't been too much mention as of late regarding Live Schrieber as Dent; any way you can ask for a quick update from your most reliable sources to see if he is still in the running? Call me crazy, but I'm more concerned about him getting that role than any Joker casting rumors.” - Mike

JETT SAYS: You are not crazy Mike. I tend to agree a bit. Casting Dent is very important. I like both Schreiber and Josh Lucas for the part.

15. “I apologize if this has already been asked. Seeing as Christopher Nolan's brother, Jonah, has been hired to write the screenplay, is David Goyer going to be involved at all with the sequel?” - Jeff J. in South Bend, Indiana

JETT SAYS: Yes, Goyer will be involved - that’s clear. He’ll probably get “story by” credit. He’ll certainly be used as a consultant.

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