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Mailbag for Thursday, April 13, 2006
DATE: 4/13/06

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1. “What’s the deal with the SUPERMAN RETURNS coverage? I thought you were a ‘Batman Man?’” - Neal from San Diego, CA

JETT SAYS: Look, I dig Superman. Actually, SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE is one of my favorite films of all time, so I’m fired up for this new one -- especially since SUPERMAN RETURNS is basically a sequel to the first two SUPERMAN films with the late great Chris Reeve. And I AM a “Batman Man,” thank you very much. I'm going to float my own boat a bit below...

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2. “Is the Joker confirmed by any ‘reliable sources,‘ or is it just talk at this time. What about Vincent Cassel [for the part]?” - “ClarkK85”

JETT SAYS: The Joker WILL BE in the sequel -- bank on it. As far as VC for the role, he’s certainly not one of my faves and I don’t think he’s even in the mix.

3. “Do you think SUPERMAN RETURNS will make more money at the box office than BATMAN BEGINS? - Debbie

JETT SAYS: Yes. Superman is more kid-friendly (and that’s OK) and it has been a LONG time since the last Superman movie. I think SUPERMAN REtURNS will push $300 million -- and that is good for the genre.

4. “Has there been anything on Catwoman or Selina Kyle being in the next movie?” - Josh D.

JETT SAYS: There’s a little scuttlebutt, but nothing concrete. I’d love to see Selina included in the sequel.

5. “I was wondering if down the line in this move franchise they'll ever use the yellow and black bat symbol or if this would interfere with Batman's stealth abilities. Also, I was wondering what you think of Natalie Portman as Catwoman. I have no other reason for wondering other than I just like Natalie Portman and think she'd do well; though I know you favor Angelina Jolie.” - Patrick C.

JETT SAYS: I hope they don’t alter the suit’s bat symbol myself -- I like it how it is now. Plus, he doesn’t have the yellow oval any longer even in the comic books. As far as Natalie Portman as Catwoman, I can’t see it. She’s a bit young for the role IMO -- although I thought she was great in V FOR VENDETTA.

6. “Do you think that [Tom Wilkenson’s] Carmine Falcone will be involved in any way [with the sequel]? - Jeff Janisch

JETT SAYS: Jeff, I’d say no. I think they’ll move away from Falcone and perhaps bring in someone like, say, Salvatore Maroni. Thanks for reading!

7. “I’m launching a ‘Rachel Dawes Campaign’ to bring back actress Katie Holmes. It will really break my heart and many hearts if Rachel is just written out of the sequel or murdered too quickly.” - Richard G.

JETT SAYS: I don’t know if Katie will be back for sure, but she has a lot of supporters.

8. “Hi Jett. What about Chazz Palminteri for the role of Sal Maroni? And do you think Paul Bettany still has a chance for the role of The Joker?” - Pedro Almodovar, Guatemala

JETT SAYS: Pedro, I think Chazz Palminteri would be an excellent choice for Maroni if the character is used (And he should be, IMO -- y’all hearing me Bat-Team?). As far as Bettany, hell yes, he definitely has a chance. A very good one methinks. While I’m sort of pulling for this Lachy Hulme, I’d have no problem at all with Bettany nabbing the part.

9. “You and BOF are a joke.” - Anonymous

JETT SAYS: Wow. I’m glad you put a whole lot of thought and analysis into that profound commentary piece.

10. “Hi Jett. Please tell me the rumor from your mole isn't true about Miss Holmes not back for ‘Batman 2.’ This is breaking my batty heart!” - Robert

JETT SAYS: It’s nothing but rumor right now. But it’s a rumor that keeps making the rounds. I’m on record saying that I want Rachel to return -- recast if you have to. But I’d prefer Ms. Holmes coming back to reprise the role. Hey, The Joker’s got to whack someone! ;)

11. “Dear Jett. I’m still crossing my fingers for Lachy Hulme as The Joker. No Johnny Depp please.” - Sarina

JETT SAYS: Hulme’s my fave as well. I like Bettany too. I think it’ll be one of those two who get it. Bettany’s stock is very likely to rise once THE DA VINCI CODE hits this summer.

12. “Jett, what’s your take on T.O. to the Cowboys?” - Ryan R., Grapevine, TX

JETT SAYS: Dude, I’m all about it! Bring him on! There’s no doubt in my mind that The Big Tuna Bill Parcells can handle Terrell Owens. Can’t wait for the season!

13. “Jett, I’m glad that you will be covering SUPERMAN RETURNS. Any chance you’ll run a full time SUPERMAN-ON-FILM site?” - James from SoCal (Los Angeles area)

JETT SAYS: Thanks. I’m really looking forward to this film. While I’m going to cover the film and the sequel, I’ve got no plans to do it “full time” per se. BOF is my main priority and we’ll be going live with ON-FILM.NET in May -- which will give me a chance to review many other types of films. But BOF is still, and will always be, my baby!

14. “Bill, I’m a Bat-fan like you: I detest BATMAN RETURNS. What’s your take on the Bat-fans who love it? I just don’t get it!” - Alan W. from Seattle, WA

JETT SAYS: It boils down to taste. There are some Bat-fans that are shocked that I like BATMAN FOREVER. From my POV, I can’t fathom how any Bat-aficionado enjoys RETURNS; but that doesn’t mean that I’m totally right. I have a theory that RETURNS was the first Bat-film that many fans of it remember clearly. As a result, it had a big influence on them as a fan of the character. But when it comes right down to it, different Bat-strokes for different Bat-folks.

15. “Jett, what other DC characters would you like to see ‘on film?’” - Ian from London

JETT SAYS: OK, other than The Batman and Superman, I’d like to see live-action films based on The Green Lantern (which is probably #1 on my list) and The Flash. I think a cool kid-friendly flick could be done with Captain Marvel, which is presently at New Line and Michael Uslan is producing (Speak of the Devil!). I think a cool super hero/horror-ish type movie could be made with Deadman or maybe even The Spectre. I know a Wonder Women flick is in the works, but honestly, I’m not digging it. Yet. Anyway, I'm all about seeing more DC-based characters up on the silver-screen. One word of warning: don't go all Marvel and run out films one after another. Sheesh!

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