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Mailbag for Wednesday, March 8, 2006
DATE: 3/8/06

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1. “Are they going to film ‘Batman 2&3’ back-to-back like was previously thought? I wish they would do it that way because it'll get more Batman movies out quicker, and it'll give a greater chance to keep the same actors in the same roles, as well as keep continuity rolling and fresh in everyone's mind.” - Billy

JETT SAYS: Billy, I doubt it. Expect to see a 3 year gap between 2 and 3 and I’m sure Chris Nolan will want to take a break from The Bat and do something else in between.

2. “Just wondering , how does it feel to have started what was no more than a fan site dedicated to the world's greatest hero, to have it turn out to be a site viewed by the film crew to see what was going on on the site during BEGINS? Also what is your favourite graphic novel? And (one more thing) how does the title “BATMAN : RISING” grab ya? I read it on the net the other day and loved it. Take care mate and keep up the bloody great work.” - Mr. J

JETT SAYS: I can’t believe what BOF has become. Hey, I’m proud of it -- I’m not going to lie. It’s crazy! As far as my favorite graphic novel, I like many of them, but I think that THE LONG HALLOWEEN is the one I dig the most. “BATMAN RISING?” Meh. Rising from what? Thanks for reading!

3. “People speculate that The Joker will kill Rachel Dawes, thus making the audience hate him. I was wondering, since so many people disliked her character (or rather disliked Katie Holmes), isn't everyone going to applaud the Joker? I know I will.” - Adolpho R. from Texas

JETT SAYS: Dude, I’ve thought of that and it does concern me. I like Katie and I like the Rachel character. I hope that the audience isn’t that petty. And she might now get whacked back The Joker anyhow.

4. “I really don’t understand what some of you fans with no lives are rambling about on this sequels. There's more to life than Batman. It was an ok movie but not that great. Bale screams like a maniac as Batman and they try too hard for the audience to pity Bruce Wayne when that feeling will be passing. At times he sounds like Clint Eastwood and another scene he sounds like Keanu Reeves. A superhero? I think not. He is brutal and mean. He's just all about revenge and a vigilante. He's just an ordinary white man who happens to be rich and a player. He's not sympathetic nor someone people can look up to. He brings no inspiration to us. I’m so over Batman.” - Chelsea

JETT SAYS: What’s wrong with being a “player?”

5. “You're the best suck up to Warner Bros. though. I gotta hand you that.” - Michael Howell

JETT SAYS: Thank you. My life’s goal has now been achieved.

6. “I heard somwhere that Katie Holmes will not go into acting again because of her baby.” - Bryan

JETT SAYS: I think that was just gossip nonsense. I think that if Rachel fits in the film, she’ll be in it and Katie will portray her.

7. “Last summer BOF's sources on more than one occasion reported that some sort of screen tests would occur some time in the fall/winter of 05, did any of your sources ever confirm that this actually happened?

After all these years at the helm of BOF would you now consider yourself somewhat of an insider? You may not have a seat in the back of the Warner boardroom but you at least have your foot in the door, because I believe that you are privy to more information than what is posted on BOF.

Is the name ‘Jett’ an old high school nick name from back in the day?” - Dave from Toronto

JETT SAYS: Regarding the screentests, my answer right now is “no comment.” Read from that what you will. As far as me being an “insider,” not really. I know stuff that others may not, but I’m a fan just like you all. And as far as the name “Jett” is concerned, it’s a nickname that I picked up my second year of coaching as a joke and it sort of stuck. Now, I go by my real name, but Jett has become sort of a second name/online moniker.

8. “I just recently discovered the short film, Batman: Dead End. I thought for what it was, it was exquisitely done. What are you're thoughts on it? “ - Charles, San Jose, CA

JETT SAYS: Honestly? I thought it was OK. The costume sucked -- at least the tights did -- The Joker was too short, and I don’t dig The Batman fighting aliens or predators. In my opinion, it got so much run among fanboys because BATMAN AND ROBIN sucked so bad. And none of the Burton/Schumacher films had The Batman in an “icon” pose. But hey, this is just my opinion.

9. “What happened to the early 80's Batman cartoon? It was really good and I have yet to see it again on tv or see it for sale? Do you remember it? It was serious and it was all by itself and I think Adam West was the voice. I'm not sure. Very distinctive. Where can I find it? Thanks!” - Eddie

JETT SAYS: Dude, I don’t know. Maybe someone reading this can shed some light on it for us. Readers…?

10. “I almost guarnetee that the title will be “Batman ‘colon’ something or other.” There is no way that the bigwigs at Warners will risk even one person not seeing the flick because they didn't know it was a Batman film.” - Sean M.

JETT SAYS: Sean, you don’t think when people see that Bat-logo they won’t realize it is a Batman film? Come on now! That logo speaks volumes and basically says “BATMAN.” No need to worry.

11. “Ace website, Jett. Now that we know a sequel is in the pipeline, and that Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman all set to return, what about Cillian Murphy?” - Alex C. from the U.K.

JETT SAYS: I don’t think so Alex, at least not in the next one. Maybe on down the line.

12. “The next Batman film cannot simply titled ‘Batman 2’ because the first film in Chris Nolan's series was not titled "Batman", it was "‘Batman Begins.’” - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: I see what your saying, but I don’t really agree. I think that “BATMAN 2” or “II” would fit -- I just don’t know if they are going to go that way.

13. “I’m new to BOF but not new to Batman. Any confirmation if Katie Holmes will return for the sequels?” - Ethan R.

JETT SAYS: From what I’ve heard and read publicly, Katie is returning. I’ve said many times that I think she should and I hope the “Rachel Dawes” character is in The Sequel. Who else close to Bruce is The Joker going to whack?

14. “Has anyone suggested John Malkovich for the role of the Joker?” - P.B. from Highlands, NC

JETT SAYS: Yes, many times over the years in fact. I don’t think he’s in the running however. He was also suggested by many fans for The Scarecrow over the years.

15. “I read your ‘Scattershots’ this morning and must say I totally agree with you. The thing that I really liked about BATMAN BEGINS is that there was absolutely no title of that before the film -- just the swarm of bats and the logo forming. I thought it was very artistic and I think if they scattered to make a ‘2,’ it would be almost like saying: ‘Batman Begins: Part 2’ which is what I think Nolan and his crew are going for. What do you think? - Travis

JETT SAYS: I agree, that’s what I think. I’m not a big fan of numbered sequels, but I like that possibility.

16. “Jett, I got a question. There has been a rumour recently that the Joker character won`t appear in the sequel. That almost shocked me -- I love the thought to see our beloved clown once more. So, my question: is Joker 100% sure to be the villain in the sequel or not? And by the way, whose Nolan`s favourite at the moment? Hulme? Bettany? Or maybe someone else? - Andrzej from Poland

JETT SAYS: I’m 100% sure that The Joker will be in the sequel. As far as who is Nolan’s fave, I’ll ask him at lunch today…just kidding. I don’t know who he’s leaning towards. It is said that Hulme is in the mix because he caught Nolan’s eye. As far as Bettany is concerned, I’m not sure how he entered the picture. It looks like it’s between those two.

17. "'Jett' -- whatever -- you think your are hot sh*t don't you?" - Alan from Spring, Texas

JETT SAYS: No, but my wife does sir.

18. "Jett, how was V FOR VENDETTA? Are you a fan of the graphic novel?" - Bryant from Mankato, Minnesota

JETT SAYS: You know, I've never read the book actually. My review of the film will be posted on March 15th -- a week from today.

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