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Mailbag for Friday, January 20, 2006
DATE: 1/20/06

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1. “What’s up with all these new sites that you are working on? Is it going to take away from BOF?” -- Nick from Vegas

“I live in Maine, (yes we have power and internet here), and I have been going to your site for sometime now. I was just wondering with all you new recent additions such as the mailbag, and your reviews of comics, and movies, don’t you think you might be taking away from the intended purposed of the site? I often enjoyed coming here to see new movie rumors, but now you have so much going on that it is a little frustrating. If you are indeed going to review everything and keep rumors alive perhaps you could change the format a little?” -- Arnold from Maine

JETT SAYS: Will the additions affect BOF? Absolutely not. Plus, I‘ve got more help now -- remember it used to be all me. I wanted to get more of the readers involved. BOF will always be my #1 priority. I just want to do a little more. I want BOF to be more of an all-around Batman site -- that’s why I’m covering comics, toys, books, video, etc. With ON-FILM.NET, I’ll be able to review other films that interest me. Don’t worry, you’ll see no change in BOF -- which is my “pride and joy.” Cue up Stevie Ray Vaughn!

2. “Do you happen to know whether Zsasz will be a key villain in the sequel, or if he will be in it at all, for that matter?” -- Matt

JETT SAYS: I don’t know Matt. I would assume that he’d pop up again sometime down the line. Maybe not in the next film and probably not as the “main villain.”

3. “Why are you such a Marvel hater?” -- Liam from St. Cloud, Minnesota

JETT SAYS: What makes you think that? When have I hated on Marvel? In fact, I’ve said many times that I think SPIDER-MAN 2 is one of the three best super hero films of all time. Look, as I kid, I loved The Batman. He was a DC character, so I gravitated towards those characters. I ain’t no Marvel hater!

4. “What do you think is going to be the biggest challenge facing Nolan and company with [the sequel]? -- Evan R. from Thiells, NY

JETT SAYS: Biggest challenge? IMO it will be actually topping BEGINS. That’s going to be tough. But I think they can pull it off.

5. “I'm sure you've covered this before, but I just need to know from an expert; is Liam Neeson's character supposed to be Ra’s at the end of the movie?” -- “J Mac”

JETT SAYS: Liam Neeson‘s “Ducard” was indeed the real Ra’s Al Ghul. No ifs, ands, or buts.

6. “My question is have you heard of the sequel focusing at all on the detective aspect of Batman? He is known as the “world’s greatest detective” in certain circles but we didn’t hear much about this in the movie.” -- Jeff in Las Vegas, Nevada

JETT SAYS: I hope so Jeff. Actually, I thought they did a good job of it in BEGINS -- tailing Gordon and doing research on Falcone, etc. The drugs in The Narrows. I'm sure they'll show more of it as The Batman grows. Remember, he's just "begun."

7. “In your opinion how many Batman movies will be in this film series? Do you think that Chris. Nolan will only direct three Bat-films and then call it quits? -- Zayd

JETT SAYS: I think that the Batman film series can last for decades with numerous films. As long as each is of high quality, it can continue for years to come. As far as Nolan, he’s going to do the sequel for sure, perhaps a third. After that, I think he’ll move on. But I could be wrong.

8. “Have just seen a clip of Billy Zane in TITANIC and I thought he would make a great Joker.” -- Bill Collins from Lindenwood, NJ

JETT SAYS: Billy Zane? He sure can be unlikable. I don’t know Bill, he’s certainly not on my list. What do you think about Zane BOF‘ers?

9. “Been following your website from the early BEGINS rumours and news, and I think it's got to be the best Batman website I've found. Much respect. Anyway, I don't know if this has been mentioned before for the role of The Joker, but i saw the cover of BUFFALO 66 and thought the dude with Christina Ricci looked pretty insane! Vincent Gallo I think his name is?” -- Tom Person from the U.K.

JETT SAYS: Tom, many fans have thrown up Gallo’s name for The Joker. However, I’ve yet to hear his name in conjunction with the role other than from fans. Oh, and thanks for the props and reading.

10. “I was curious if you thought Rufus Sewell would be a good Harvey Dent/Two Face? I think he looks almost exactly like THE LONG HALLOWEEN Harvey, even more so then Liev Schreiber.” -- Karen P.

JETT SAYS: Sewell wouldn’t be bad at all. Liev is my top choice for the role though.

11. “Of all the Superhero films, which one is your favorite and why? Thanks. -- Anthony Marques from Toms River, NJ

JETT SAYS: THE PUNISHER with Dolph Lundgren. Just kidding. I think BATMAN BEGINS is the best super hero movie of all time. From there, I’d go with SUPERMAN, SPIDER-MAN 2, X-MEN 2, and then, uh, perhaps a tie between SPIDER-MAN and SUPERMAN II.

12. “Regarding the summer 2008 release date for the sequel, do you not think that date is a little soon considering Nolan has another movie to complete between now and then?” -- Eamon from N. Ireland

JETT SAYS: Remember, a lot of the pre-production has been completed. The sets were left standing and they are further along with the storyline than they were prior to starting work on BEGINS. I’m sure Nolan can finish up work on THE PRESTIGE while gearing up and prepping for the Bat-sequel. 2008 it’ll be.

13. “What the hell do you mean by saying we have to hate The Joker? It doesn’t matter who they pick, Jack will always own that role.” -- Philip from New York City

JETT SAYS: I want a Joker that will be despised. One that we hate so much, that we like it. That’s totally different than thinking “boy that Joker is funny!” I want something totally different than what we’ve seen from Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero for that matter. The Joker has to be evil this time around. We need to see “The Joker” up on the screen first and foremost; NOT “Actor X” playing The Joker. And before we anoint Jack King of The Jokers, let’s see who nabs the part and what that actor does with it.

14. “Why Lachy Hulme Jett?” -- Jake from Los Angeles, CA

JETT SAYS: Gut feeling. I like the way he looks in regards to a potential Joker -- tall, lanky, intense eyes. I’ve seen him FOUR JACKS and was impressed with his acting ability. I like that fact that he’s a virtual “unknown” -- which is what I want for the part. Now, would I be disappointed if someone else gets the role? No. I’m just trying to think outside the box here. Hulme as a couple of movies coming out in ‘06, like M. I’m looking forward to seeing both of them.

15. “Why are you against Johnny Depp playing The Joker?” -- Josh from Baltimore, MD

JETT SAYS: What makes you think that? I think I said that of all the “big names,” Depp is the only one I could live with. Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors, so “not liking” him isn’t the case. I’m of the opinion that if Depp got the role, it would be “Johnny Depp as The Joker,” rather than simply The Joker up on the silver screen. Frankly, I’d have a hard time getting past the fact that I like Depp.

16. “What do you think of SUPERMAN RETURNS so far?” -- Austin from Plano, TX

JETT SAYS: I’m fired up for it! I thought the teaser was fantastic and can’t wait to see the film. My only concern is Kate Bosworth as Lois. I’ve heard from several “insiders” and a few colleagues that she may have been miscast as The S-Man’s sweetie. But I’ll wait until I see the film to decide for myself. Oh, Routh looks like he’s going to do one hell of a job.

17. “Hey. I've been viewing your site on a daily basis, and would like to toss my suggestion into the Harvey Dent / Two-Face actors bin. The name: Vincent D'Onofrio.” -- Steve W.

JETT SAYS: There, you’ve now suggested him. Thanks for reading!

18. “Hey Jett, two questions:
1. Why wipe the old mailbag?
2. I've been working dates around in my head, and couldn't production (shooting) start as early as winter 2006? I mean, we know at least one draft of the script has been written already, right?

PS: Tim Roth for Joker, Rachel Weisz for Talia, Reese Witherspoon for Harley Quinn, and Joaquin Phoenix for Harvey Dent” -- David C.

JETT SAYS: 1. All the old mailbags are still there, I didn’t wipe them out. 2. It IS winter 2006 -- at least in the northern hemisphere. There is no way they could be filming right now. I’m going to assume that it may be summer where you are and you mean the fall of 2006, which is doubtful. Nolan will be finishing up THE PRESTIGE and perhaps taking a bit of a break before spending nearly two years on The Sequel.

Witherspoon and Phoenix? BATMAN: WALK THE LINE?

19. “Jett, how many times have you watched BEGINS now? LOL!” -- Kevin from Austin, TX

JETT SAYS: Let’s see…I have it on DVD and saved on my TIVO. Counting the times I’ve watched it from start to finish and also bits and pieces, I’ve got to be pushing 100 times. I’m sure I’ll surpass the most watched movie in my life, BATMAN ‘89.

20. “Jett, will you marry me?!” -- Monica from San Diego

JETT SAYS: Thanks for the offer Monica, but I’m already married. You’ll still read BOF right?

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