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Mailbag for Monday, December 5, 2005
DATE: 12/5/05

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DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise stated, answers to questions asked are based on the opinions of the editor and should be considered as such.

1. "Keaton WAS my Bruce Wayne/ Batman growing up, so it was a shock to find out that people had doubts about him being cast!" - Phil from Canada

JETT SAYS: Dude, you must not have been around or wasn't old enough back in '89. Keaton's casting brought about a HUGE backlash. I was shocked myself. I think MK did a hell of a job, even though I still think he was miscast as Bruce Wayne.

2. "Hey Jett, what did you think of the new SUPERMAN RETURNS trailer?" - Jon W. from Michigan

JETTT SAYS: Jon, I'm fired up for SUPERMAN. I'm a huge fan of the '78 film with Chris Reeve and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it. By the way, BOF will be covering the film this summer.

3. "I have been a life long superhero fan and it would be a dream come true to see [Superman and Batman] in a big budget movie together." - Bat Joe

JETT SAYS: I too love both characters, but I'm just not interested in seeing them team-up on screen - at least not anytime soon. I don't know, I just find it a bit "gimmicky." And remember, what works in comic books or in a cartoon, doesn't mean it will work in a live-action movie. By the way, many of you all wrote in on both sides of this argument.

4. "I was just watching the special features on BATMAN BEGINS and found the parts where Goyer was talking about the secrecy with which everyone worked on the film to be amusing. It made me wonder, also, do you think that Nolan and Co. will play around with fan rumors about sequels and such, for fun, just because they know they can? He seems to be quirky enough to do something like that." - Chris P.

JETT SAYS: I wouldn't put it past them. I also think there is a chance that the script was leaked to stir up interest in the film. It certainly did just that.

5. "I was wondering if Ralph Fiennes was being considered for either the Joker or Two-Face?" - Michael G., Glastonbury, CT

JETT SAYS: I have no idea. I haven't heard anything regarding him being up for either role. He's part of the POTTER franshise now - but so is Gary Oldman. I could see him as The Joker myself, but not Dent.

6. "Why do you call yourself jett? It wasn't in your bio!" - Tom S., Aspinwall, PA

JETT SAYS: "Jett" goes back to a nickname given me by my head coach my second year of coaching football. It sort of was a joke, then it kind of stuck.

7. "Once again, you've hit the nail right between the eyes.

I couldn't agree with you more -- as unlikely as The Batman's premise is (and it IS), technically, it COULD happen. This fact is largely what drove BEGINS to success; the adherence to realism permeated all other elements of the film, greatly enhancing the overall quality.

Superman's realm, on the other hand, couldn't possibly happen, no matter how much technobabble supported it.

Now, they're both perennial classics, and for good reason. The upcoming Superman film will be quite the hit, I'm sure. But watching a "Batman" movie lights up a different part of the brain than does a SUPERMAN movie. It's just that simple. Vernon R., Los Angeles, CA

JETT SAYS: Vernon, great analysis there. I agree.

8. "I was just wondering what you thought about who should play The Penguin." - Tomas

JETT SAYS: Hmm. I didn't really have a favorite until this Bob Hoskins rumor came about. I think he would be perfect - IF The Penguin does indeed end up in the film.

9. "I have a question, in the 1989 batman film Jack Napier killed Bruce Wayneís parents (Jack Napier becoming the joker later in the film). But in the new BATMAN BEGINS, film someone else kills them. Iím wondering why they didnít stick to the same story line. Could shed some light on this please? Also if they brought back the The Joker, then Jack Nicholson should play him again." - Shane P. from the U.K.

JETT SAYS: Yes I can. The Joker killed the Waynes was created for BATMAN '89 - it had no comic book or historical basis. In fact, it was done to show why there was such a age difference between Batman and The Joker - or so I've been told.

BEGINS is more in line with the Batman mythos.

10. "I check this site everyday for the goods and wanted to thank you so much. But I did have one question. Remember how Goyer was talking about how one of the biggest mistakes the other movies made was killing off the villains. Do you think Ra's survived?" - Sean

JETT SAYS: Thanks for reading Sean. Ra's living? Well, we never saw a body. I'm sure that it could be possible that he escaped after The Batman left the train car. I wouldn't hold my breath for Liam Neeson's Ra's to return.

11. "In BEGINS, When Ducard reveals himself to be Ra's Al Ghul to Bruce, was Ducard actually the real Ra's the whole time or did he take over that title after Ken Watanabe's death?" - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: Ducard (Liam Neeson) was the real Ra's Al Ghul.

12. "My thoughts on Robin? Definitely not in this franchise. Seems there's so much fuss about it that it may end up doing the exact opposite - meaning he might actually be included since fans seem so divided on the issue. How do you think he should be handled: circus kid? Thug? Computer geek?" - Jaxon

JETT SAYS: How about "none of the above?" I'm of the side that doesn't want to see Robin show up in any future Bat-films. I like the solo Batman myself and thinks he works better that way.

13. "Since I was hearing that the Penguin maybe would be [in the sequel]...I was thinking why not to put Joe Pesci? I mean he has the shortness the Penguin has and he can be a type of arms dealer, serious actor as you can see in GOODFELLAS. And one last thing, who do you think will get the Joker role, Paul Bettany or Lachy Hulme?" - Juan H. from Cancun Mexico

JETT SAYS: Juan, I could see Pesci in the role - if he was some Mafia-type of character. But I can't see him being British. Maybe he could pull it off. As far as who will get the role of The Joker, I like both Bettany and Hulme, but I have no idea who will end up with it. It may be someone we've yet to hear about.

14. "Were the "Stage 2" Scarecrow effects ever completed, or was it just a rumor/idea? Have you seen actual pics, or just the sketches?" - Dave

JETT SAYS: Yes, I saw pics of the "Stage 2" Scarecrow. Why they didn't end up in the final cut of the film, I have no idea.

15. "Do you think a Batman sequel and the inevitable Superman sequel being released similtaneously? Like in the same week or same day? It would send the hype machine into overdrive with Super Symbols and Bat emblems flying all over the place!" - Kevin

JETT SAYS: Never. It doesn't make good business sense. You would be competing against each other for the box office dollar.

16. "JETT YOUR A F***ing MORON AS USUAL! there should be a batman vs Superman film and nolans Vision is overated and so are u, Extremely, u are f***ing retarded, there should be a batman vs, superman film even all the people on supeherohype, disagree with u and think youre are a retard, and your opinion on how Joker should be portrayed in nolans new Film is completely unimaginative and stupid, were not suppossed to laugh at joker were supposed to Hate him? how are you a F***ing Batman fan? youre a retard and have no concept of a good batman film, the whole point of joker his his telling a funny joke and cracking up while hes shooting you in the head, youre a disgrace to a f***ing batman fans Get iover youre lame ass self, and robin is essential to the noland films Go f*** yourself u lame POSER!" - SPIDERFREDDIE

JETT SAYS: OK, you can stop laughing. Yes people, this is a real email. I wonder if mommy knows he's writing bad words like this on the Net?

17. "I know that you are really digging SUPERMAN RETURNS, but I was wondering, why is Warner Bros. setting it in the continuity of the first two films? Why not do a complete restart like BATMAN BEGINS? I know you are the DC comics guy, so I figured I would ask you." - Alex S. from Georgia

JETT SAYS: They tried. But do you think you could ever top the first SUPERMAN film? It was the perfect orgin film and it could not be bested. I support the route they took.

18. " Recently, I read your mailbag about it being difficult to make Poison Ivy and Killer Croc more realistic. I don't think it would be too hard. With Ivy, eliminate the living plants, and change her clothing style. I would see her wearing very fashionable gowns with floral designs, not a green, leafy bathing suit like in B&R. As for Killer Croc, I could see him as either having a condition giving his skin a scaly appearance, or maybe have his body tattooed with scales, like some people who have their bodies tattooed with leopard spots to make them look feline. Just a thought." - Jake M.

JETT SAYS: Yeah, if Ivy wasn't really poison, I think she could work as you say. Killer Croc could be as you suggested. Good work!

19. "I'm the last person that would EVER vouch for a Robin in this new series, in fact, the idea sickens me. However, I would enjoy seeing a version of Knightwing in the movies. If you think about it, they could leave Robin out, and just have Knightwing as a sort of partner. Do you think Nolan would be willing to do something like this in the future?" - David N.

JETT SAYS: Honestly, no. If you are not going to have Robin, why have Knightwing? Batman has enough "partners" in Gordon, Alfred, and eventually Dent (albeit briefly). I'm just not into seeing The Batman with a costumed partner. But that's just me. Thanks for reading.

20. "Jett, would you want to see Bane in a sequel?" - Lawrence, South Charleston, WV

JETT SAYS: Yes. I liked how he was portrayed in the animated series. I even liked Bane in the new animated THE BATMAN. I think if done right, he could certainly work.

21. "I wish to comment too on this focus on realism that you and everyone else is on. While its great that Nolan chose to cement Batman in a more realistic world, it can't be totally realistic. Not everything needs to be completely plausible. I mean if everything needed to make perfect sense in our world then Batman and his entire rogues gallery would not exist. You have to allow for imagination, we don't need to know that in our world all of these could happen because it isn't our world these characters inhabit." - Duane H.

JETT SAYS: Hey I agree. What I mean about realistic is not having the fantastical in these BATMAN films. That's why I have such a hard time with a Batman/Superman film team-up film.

22. "Just read your post from yesterday about Katie Holmes. I feel Jennifer Connelly would have made a FAR better Rachel Dawes than Katie Holmes. I've always been a fan of Katie's but she just doesn't strike me as the 'lawyer' type. She seems too young." - Bat185

JETT SAYS: I hope Ms. Holmes returns myself. I like the Rachel character and would like some continuity in this series. But if she doesn't return by her own choice, I would like to see the part re-cast.

23. "Why do you hate Superman so much? Every time you say something about the character, you run him and his fans down." - Ben N. from St. Louis, MO

JETT SAYS: When have I ripped Superman, SUPERMAN RETURNS, and Superman fans? Dude, you need to get your facts straight. Superman is one of my most favorite characters of all time. I'm fired up for the new film. And I've never said a bad word about Superman fans. I don't know where in the hell you get that from.

24. "Pardon me for asking, but I know you said you were from Texas. I saw your picture and you don't look like a Texan to me. Where is your hat?" - Ian from the U.K.

JETT SAYS: I must have forgot to where my hat that day. And my boots and chaps too. I must have not been riding the range or running cattle that day, padnah.

25. "DC sucks! Any of the Marvel characters can kick Batman's ass!" - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: Um, OK. And my dad can beat up your dad. So there!

26. "I just wanted to say that your interview with Michael Uslan was fantastic!" - William from New York City

JETT SAYS: William, thanks. I got MANY emails just like yours, so I'm letting you speak for those people. Michael was great! I've got tons of respect for him and what he did to bring Batman to the big screen. If you haven't read them yet CLICK HERE to check out the multi-part interview. It was one of the most fun and interesting things I've had the chance to do here at BOF

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