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Mailbag for Thursday, November 17, 2005
DATE: 10/21/05

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DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise stated, answers to questions asked are based on the opinions of the editor and should be considered as such.

1. “Just wanted to thank you for the Uslan series. It's quite possibly the most enjoyable thing I've read on BOF - Kevin

JETT SAYS: Thanks Kevin. Probably one my most favorite things I’ve done for the site - sans attending the press junket last summer.

2. “Hi, Jett, how's it going?! This latest gossip on Katie Holmes quitting is not official is it?

Our chatroom was so disheartened after reading this. It’s just a rumor, but its sad because many of us want Katie (Miss Dawes) back for the sequels. Take good care!!!! - Bernie

JETT SAYS: I think it is nothing but gossip rag rumor myself.

3. “First off, big fan of your site. Absolutely, one of the best sites out there devoted to a movie franchise. My question is, has their been any talk about possibly doing video blog journals for the [next film] - the way Bryan Singer has been doing them for SUPERMAN RETURNS? Video blogs give us hardcore fans an insider's view on the movie making process and feed our hunger for the movie until it comes out. Of course, BOF would be the ideal choice to host the blogs. - Evan R. from Thiells, NY

JETT SAYS: I’m looking into it. That would be up to Warner Bros. and Chris Nolan. I don’t know how keen Nolan would be on doing them. We’ll see.

4. “Bill, long time reader (since ‘Batman 5’ was a gleam in your eye!). I'm really impressed with the journalistic quality you bring to this site. The interview with Michael Uslan is superb, and the way you report rumors without glorifying them sets BOF apart from the rest. I'd love to see a retrospective on the great ‘Batman: The Animated Series,’ with reflections from Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and the rest on their groundbreaking work and their thoughts on the future of Batman, what do you think? - Gregg

JETT SAYS: Thanks Gregg. Hey, if Dini, Timm, and company want to talk to me, I’d love to do it.

5. “I've a question about BATMAN BEGINS. In the scene where Bruce Wayne is testing the memory cloth, he extends an elongated glove, the purpose for this device isn't explained in the movie (or is it?). Can you shed any light?” - Gary S. from England

JETT SAYS: I think Gary, that he’s testing what will end up being the cape. The skeleton of it that is. At least that’s what I think.

6. “My question is, when can we expect to see another SE DVD release of BEGINS with a Bale/Nolan commentary and also, what are the possibilities of that release including an R rated version of the film with more extensive, violent and frightening Scarecrow scenes? Keep up the good work. - Michael W.

JETT SAYS: If I had to guess, there might be another DVD for BEGINS around the time of the sequel. I know that Nolan doesn’t like doing commentaries, so we’ll see. As far as “Stage 2 Scarecrow,” I’ve seen pics of him, and I don’t know why it didn’t end up in the film. It was scarier than what we saw in BEGINS.

7. “Just wanted to write in and let you know that your hard work, time and effort to bring us saps Bat-News does not go unappreciated. It's quite sad to see some of the mail you get from people busting your balls about what you do.

You 're coverage on BATMAN BEGINS has been second to none and obviously what you do gets the respect it deserves from the right placers, you seem to have earned a lot of trust from the studios and all involved in bringing the legend to life once more.

You do a good job in giving us Bat-Nuts what we want and it's great to see some moral standing when it comes to spoilers etc. So give the middle finger to those losers that troll and give you a hard time, at least you give us facts where as these guys like to flick on the news and soak in the fiction modern media relays to us. - David I. from the U.K.

JETT SAYS: Thanks. OK, here goes. There, I just flipped ‘em all off. Hey, I find many of those emails funny as hell actually.

8. “I respect so much what you are doing with this site. Not only do you keep us up to date with our favorite character ‘on film,’ you also make an effort to help people who really need it. Can't say that muchxfor the Atlanta Radio rep who only cares about bashing you. Those of us who visit your site whenever we can, see that you actually care about others in the world around you. For that I just want to say ‘thanks.’ - Dave F.

JETT SAYS: Thanks a lot.

9. “Question: How did [Alfred] get to the Waynes? What was he doing before?” - Martin Z. from the Czech Republic.

JETT SAYS: According to Michael Caine, his Alfred was in the military and was brought to the U.S. to work for the Waynes by Bruce’s dad. At least that was Caine’s backstory for Alfred.

10. “Hey Jett! Amazing site! While I agree with you on that we should absolutely HATE the Joker, I don't agree that we should end up hating Two-Face. If the plan is for the Joker to be the main villain in Part 2 and Two-Face the main villain in Part 3, imagine the different dynamic between Batman's total hatred for the Joker in Part 2 but his sympathetic view of Two-Face in Part 3.” - Dave P.

JETT SAYS: I would imagine that there may be some guilt felt by The Batman in that he wasn’t able to save Harvey.

11. “I'm intuiting that WB and Nolan are really giving this Robin thing some serious thought. If they are entertaining the idea, they need to stop. They need to focus on what they've got. There is no reason for Nolan & Company to add Robin to the Batman film series.” - Joseph F.

JETT SAYS: Personally, I don’t think so. And I agree: NO ROBIN.

12. “Just you get many/any similar speculations regarding the possibility of that kid [in the Narrows] being Robin? If not, I'd love my email to be included in the next Mailbag to see if it strikes any similar chords. Late!” - Gus Scharr (GUSSCHARR.COM)

JETT SAYS: Oh yes. Hell, I used to think “No Way!” But now, even I’m not so sure that the kid isn't “Robin.”

13. “I have a question about BATMAN BEGINS, and I want your take on it. On the forums, there is a debate over Batman's ‘one-liners.’ You know, Batman saying excuse me to the prisoners at Arkham, telling the bum Joey he has a nice coat, and some others. Did they bother you? Did you like them? Did you not really care? Is it something that should have died in 1997?” - Alex S.

JETT SAYS: I didn’t mind them. I like “Nice coat” myself, while I didn’t care to much for “Excuse me.” But hey, it was nothing like we saw in ‘97.

14. “If indeed Goyer and Nolan decide to kill-off Rachael Dawes, I truly believe that it should be at the hands of Two-Face, not Joker. Given that her role as an Assistant D.A. will bring an amicable/mutual relationship between her and Harvey Dent, it would have such a poignant effect to have her murdered by Dent's transformed persona; this creates a point of no return for Mr. Dent, and more significantly, a rupture between Bruce and Harvey.” - Juan Emilio Ane' from South Orange, NJ

JETT SAYS: That’s certainly an interesting angle. Good stuff.

15. “My question is would you rather have Batman stay with the equipment he has, or get some new gadgets and weapons for his arsenal? I personally would love to see a few upgrades, but done in a realistic fashion that I know Mr. Nolan can pull off.” - Ryan S.

JETT SAYS: I hope he adds to his arsenal - with the help of Lucius Fox I would imagine. And I hope the Cave gets a bit more sophisticated as well.

16. “Which Batman villains do you think are too comical and unbelievable to be to be allowed into this more serious Batman series.” - Nick Z. from Manitoba

JETT SAYS: Man-Bat would be hard to pull off. Killer Croc as well. Even Poison Ivy - unless you alter has she poisons people. The remainder wouldn’t be hard to sell as being plausible. I would say Mr. Freeze, but I’ve had a lot of readers come up with some good “realistic” ideas how he could be presented on screen.

17. “What's your opinion on the rumor about Ra's supposedly jumping from the train as it shoots off the track?” - Rory S.

JETT SAYS: I don’t see it. Wishful thinking on the part of the fans I think.

18. “Jett, right now who tops your list for playing Roman Sionis?” - Tho Bishop

JETT SAYS: Man, I have no idea. A good actor - how about that? Readers, who is your favorite?

19. “Jett, how much influence do you have with Warner Bros.?” - Staci from L.A., California

JETT SAYS: Let me put it this way, if I said, “Jump,” they’d ask me how high. Hey, I’m kidding. I’ve got no influence on Warners, come on! They respect me, the site, and what I'm doing here at BOF - I think - and that’s about all could ask for.

20. “Jett, I loved the Uslan interview! How about more like that with Nolan or Goyer?” - Monica from Miami, Florida

JETT SAYS: Thanks. Again, loved doing it. And hey, I’d love to nab Nolan for a one on one.

21. "Listen here Jet you piece of sh**, I no you made up the hole 'Stage 2' Scarcorw thing. You are sorry to do that to us." - Alex from Philadelphia

JETT SAYS: OK Alex, whatever you think. Anyway, you can see what he looks like HERE. And my son recently got a Scarecrow action figure with a "face" on both sides of the head. On one side, that's pretty much what he looked like.

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