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Mailbag for Wednesday, November 2, 2005
DATE: 11/2/05

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Welcome to another edition of the BOF MAILBAG. Remember, while I do read all email that is sent, there is no way to include all of them in the mailbag. And make sure your question has not been answered previously. Thanks again, and now to your questions and takes.

Oh, and don't you just get a kick out of the hate mail?!

1. “A heartfelt thanks/envious hatred for your daily updates on all (movie) things Batman. While I respect your opinions on Robin, your indifference towards Selina Kyle/Catwoman puzzles me. Why? While I can't claim to have read every single Batman storyline, the great ones I have read (‘Year One,’ ‘DKR,’ ‘Long Halloween,’ ‘Dark Victory,’ ‘Hush‘) include Catwoman in a fairly important role, and I would be disappointed if at least Selina Kyle (minus the Catsuit) was not included in the sequels. I was just wondering what the logic was that led you to your position on Catwoman.” - Tyler B.

JETT SAYS: I think you have misunderstood me. I’ve said I’d love to see Selina, but I wouldn’t be overly disappointed if she didn’t appear. Let’s wait and see what happens. I’m certainly not campaigning against including her as I sort of am doing regarding Robin.

2. “Hey Jett, what do you think of Marg Helgenberger (of ‘C.S.I’ fame) as Sarah Essen in the new sequel(s)?” - Mark

JETT SAYS: Not a bad choice at all.

3. “I may have an answer for your question to as how Freeze's gun could be realistic. I was messing with liquid nitrogen the other day in chem lab (I'm senior computer science major and I have no idea why we have to take chemistry.....), and that stuff is obviously liquid, but turns to more of a mist/gas when it hits the air and is ridiculously cold. Even a very small portion of it will freeze and burn your the skin on your fingers (as my lab partner and I found out the hard way.... but we're fine...) and gives them a ‘frost covered’ look. This really made me think, man..... if Victor Fries weaponized this stuff (or something substance similar to it), that would truly freeze his victims and probably do some serious damage to their body.” - Patrick H. from Terre Haute, IN

JETT SAYS: Great idea! I’d truly love to see Mr. Freeze done properly onscreen. I’ve gotten a lot of good ideas for Freeze of late, and I think he could actually be presented “realistic” on screen.

4. “You've reported that there's a chance Sarah Essen will appear in the next Bat-flick. What would you think about Julianne Moore playing the part? She's a good actress, age appropriate, and a redhead to boot!” - Sam S., Knoxville, TN

JETT SAYS: Moore is my top choice, IF Essen is in the sequel. I think the inclusion of that character will make for an interesting dynamic between her and Gordon.

5. “In that scene at Arkham after Batman runs through the bats he passes in front of some cells. The camera shows a prisoner in the first cell. And in the second it shows another prisoner. For me, this second guy is really scary. Could it have been The Joker?” - Andre B. from Brazil

JETT SAYS: Nope. The Joker has yet to be cast, so that wasn’t him.

6. “What do you think about giving the next film more of a detective feel to it? [And], what about making the Joker a serial killer instead of just a mobster gone crazy? - Jeff from New York

JETT SAYS: Sounds good to me. One thing I know about The Joker is that I want something totally different than what we’ve seen in the past on film. Glad you found the website.

7. “Both the 1943 and 1949 Batman serials are now on DVD, yet I don't see them getting much attention on your site - will you be posting reviews of them as we wait for the sequel to BEGINS?” - Alex

JETT SAYS: Yes. I will to that eventually - before the end of the year. However, author Mark S. Reinhart will be reviewing both for BOF very soon.

8. “I loved BATMAN BEGINS and think it was the BEST Batman film, but I was disappointed during the party scene and Bruce thought he saw Ra’s then there was that ’twist.’ I won't say what the twist is in case someone who sees this didn't see the movie. What did you think of that?” - David from Boston Massachusetts

JETT SAYS: David, I really dug “The Twist” and thought it was quite clever. In fact, I wish that I hadn’t known about it before I saw the film.

9. “[Regarding the Bat-suit] - it stays exactly the same as in BEGINS, but the body is a dark grey (still armoured, no tights), more like the comic colour. Keep the black cowl and cape/gloves/boots etc and a dark grey body will show up a black bat on the chest better. Just a bit more towards the original image.” - Andamike from Australia

JETT SAYS: I like the all-black suit - as it has been in all the films. Batman wants to not be seen in the dark, so wouldn’t he wear black? I’m sure they’ll tweak the suit a bit, but I hope they don’t change it very much.

10. “If Roman Sionis is indeed a villain in the Batman Begins sequel do you think they'll tie his cosmetic company to the creation of the Joker? That is if Nolan decides to give an origin story to the Joker. Also, if the third movie is to be a continuation of the second I'd hate to see the Joker defeated in the second film. Since he is Batman's arch nemesis I think his capture should the climax of the story (the end of the third film). - Todd J. from Kearny, Nebraska

JETT SAYS: Regarding Sionis and The Joker‘s creation, I don’t know. But I’m sure The Joker will have a presence in the next two films.

11. “Firstly, this site is brilliant! I've never seen such an immense amount of Batman related info in one place. Now, my question is this: Do you think Bale will stick around after the Sequel for a 3rd movie, or will he bail out after 2 films like Keaton did? “ - Chris from Canada

JETT SAYS: Thanks Chris. Bale is signed up for two more films. I think he really digs the character and obviously like working with Nolan. I think he’s in for at leat 3 and maybe more. I think that BATMAN is Christian’s one “Blockbuster” type of film and he’ll continue to do them. He likes making the smaller pics and I don‘t think he‘s concerned about typecasting, so he can obviously do both.

12. “Hi Jett. I was just wondering, when Harvey Dent becomes Two-Face in a future sequel, do you think his left eye should be white, as an effect to show the damage his eye took from the acid?” - Nick from Manitoba

JETT SAYS: He should look like he had acid thrown on his face - that’s the bottom line.

13. “What do you think are the odds that the sequel will [include a cameo of Brandon Routh] as Clark Kent? - Rich, Yokota AFB, Japan

JETT SAYS: Rich, zero. Not going happen - Although your idea of having Kent show up at a Harvey Dent press conference was sort of cool. While I believe Warner Bros. should hang their hat on the BATMAN and SUPERMAN franchises, I wouldn’t mix them.

14. “I've seen a lot of posts suggesting that The Joker kills Rachel in the next film but what do you think about the idea of Harvey Dent killing her?” - Adam from Southhampton, England

JETT SAYS: That’s not a bad idea there Adam. I think both The Joker and Harvey - once he is Two Face - will do something that will make us despise them.

15. “Do you anticipate Detective Harvey Bullock and/or Renee Montoya making any sort of appearance in the new series?” - Derek from Kalama, Washington

JETT SAYS: I think there could be a place for Bullock and Montoya in future films - perhaps a greater chance for the former. Got to be careful not to have too many characters.

16. “I just want to say that I'm getting really tired of these morons writing in and bashing you and the site. Do they really have nothing better to do?!? It really says a lot about your character that you don't just bash them right back. Similarly, Batman has mercy on the most worthless trash in Gotham. Also, really appreciate you sharing things about yourself (Cowboys, Elvis, etc.) because that's what helps us relate to you. I mean, most of us have never met you, but we feel like we know you and that we can trust what you have to say because you trust us enough to tell us the things that you hold most dear. Life is about relationships, right?!? Reading this website would be much more dull without the personal flair that you add to it - don't change a thing!”- Patrick H. from Terre Haute, IN

JETT SAYS: Thanks Patrick. Hey, I know BOF isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s just the way it is. Not everyone has good taste. ;)

17. “I just finished watching the BEGINS DVD (for the 3rd time) and I got to thinking: Crane was riding a horse in the Narrows in the final act of the film, but where did that horse come from? the local Narrows horse shop? Also, does Lucius Fox know Batman's true identity?? - Louis L. from Sacramento, CA

JETT SAYS: The horse was a Police Horse. As for Fox knowing who Batman really is, my guess is yes, he knows. Remember his motto: “If you don’t want to tell me what you are really doing, fine. When I’m asked, I don’t have to lie.”

18. “I must say that your site has some very interesting and illuminating articles. Articles sullied by your never-dying need to show the will of the man behind the curtain. I have no doubt that in your secret dungeons and dragons liar far beneath the bowels of your mother’s basement; you guys have dedicated fact checkers. I assume that your statements are true, but with your constant opinion mongering-(and my god if I read one more clip where you guys have managed to sneak in how you write Batman movie treatments) you loose credibility. Listen dorks of the internet. This is a wake up call from all of us who skip over the blog sections; in search of REAL news. Simply blogging your ideas is one thing. I understand a need for those who rarely are given the time of day to show off their true intellect due to crippling social ailments to have a bit of the spotlight. Shine on, ranting geeks. Blogs are fine. It’s fairly anonymous and doesn’t hurt the integrity of what the news text says- however I couldn’t find one instance where you guys hadn’t gone in and tried to plug yourselves. Let me drop some science for you all right now- No one at any major, minor, independent, or student production group cares that you already have the ideas for the next big sci- fi/ superhero picture. You know who else has treatments for the next Batman movie? Ten year old kids with their parents’ handhelds running around my back yard in make shift costumes. And I bet they aren’t impressed by you either. But to be fair- those kids have some wicked ideas. (ill have them blog them to you).” - Bobby “Bouche’” Hedges, WRAS Radio, Atlanta, Georgia

JETT SAYS: Ah, it is obvious that you don’t have a clue to who I am or what BOF is all about - not that I care. I found your little email funny as hell to be frank. But why oh WHY did you waste 5 hours of your life writing it? Hey, I'm a "Batman Dork" and proud of it! I'm a Batman Dork with a great family, hot wife, and fantastic life - not bad for a "geek." And if you are out there on the Net looking for Batman movie news, doesn't that make you one of us as well?

19. “I have been a regular visitor to the site for some time now, and I wanted to thank you for all of the great updates and entertaining bits. Also, I'm a big fan of Elvis. The King ain't dead - he just smells funny.” - Gabe C. from Fort Worth, Texas

JETT SAYS: [elvis voice]Thank you Gabe. Thank you very much.[/elvis voice]

20. “In the film, they make Bruce’s ‘public’ persona a real a-hole. The type of guy you just want to smack in the face. Do you think that this is really the way we’ve seen Bruce in the past? Now, in my opinion, and using the ‘TAS’ example as well, the ‘public’ Bruce did push people aside, but he did it in such a ‘classy’ manner. I always pictured Bruce Wayne as the ‘suave, sophisticated’ type of guy. The one that might drink his Martini shaken, if you know what I mean. Now, I love the way they handled Bruce in BEGINS, but I’m just wondering what you’re take on it is.” Dan from Brooklyn, New York

JETT SAYS: Dan, I really liked the public Bruce from BEGINS. He’s a guy that no one would ever suspect would be The Batman. And that newspaper headline at the end of the movie was CLASSIC!

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