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Mailbag for Friday, October 21, 2005
DATE: 10/21/05

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Welcome to another edition of the BOF MAILBAG. Well, it has been a pretty big week for BATMAN 2 news hasn't it? Chris Nolan and Warner Bros. have all but confirmed that at sequel is in the works and Nolan will indeed direct. Plus, we may have got a look at which new villains (Black Mask, The Penguin, The Joker) and characters (Harvey Dent) we'll see in the sequel as well.

Also, the BATMAN BEGINS DELUXE EDITION DVD as well as the four BATMAN SPECIAL EDITION DVDs hit store shelves this past Tuesday. And It's looking as if the BEGINS release is going to be HUGE!

And as always, I'll do my best to answer your questions and/or give you a chance to voice your opinion. Your response has been overwhelming. Know that I do read all the emails sent to me, although I do not have time to reply to all. Also, I tend not to publish questions from people who do not provide their name and location. And please, read through all the MAILBAG ARTICLES and make sure your question has not already been answered.

1. “Jett, My question is - what do you think about the sequel title BATMAN RISING?” - Darren

JETT SAYS: Not bad. My question would be “rising from WHAT?” Just playing devil’s advocate here. Thanks for reading.

2. “Why shouldn't The Joker be funny? And who do you like best, Batman or Superman?” - Andrew O., New Orleans, LA

JETT SAYS: I just don’t think that The Joker is a character that should do “HaHa” funny things. Now, he should do things that he thinks are funny as hell. I’ve I said several times, I want to hate the bastard in this film. And come on dude, who do you think I like best? ;)

3. “Hey Jett, I got the DVD as soon as school got out and took it straight home to watch it. I put in the first disk and looked at the special features and noticed this TANKMAN BEGINS spoof. I watched it and thought it was pretty funny. When Batman takes off his cowl to reveal Napoleon Dynamite, I laughed my ass off, it was just that funny….” - Adam S., Kalamazoo, MI

JETT SAYS: Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny too. I actually missed it when it aired on TV. And I loved NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE myself!

4. “When you said no makeup no permanent smiles on the potential spoiler ,you mean the character doesn't wear makeup not the actor, right?” - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: Yes. Obviously, the actor will be wearing makeup. But “The Joker” will not.

5. “Regarding ‘the boy in The Narrows,’ could he be Robin? What do you think, could it work without the campiness? Could a more street-cred Robin work? Your thoughts please?” - Andamike

JETT SAYS: You know, at first I thought “BS, that’s not Robin.” But I not so sure now. It certainly could be later on down the line - not this next sequel. While I’m not a big supporter of having Robin in the series (I like the solo Batman), I could see Richard/Jason/Tim being taken in by Bruce at some point. And if done right, I wouldn’t have that much of a problem with it. Until then, I still say “NO ROBIN.” We’ll see.

6. “Love the site, a lot of talk has been going around who's gonna be the clown prince of crime, and i was thinking since WB and Nolan want a combo of a good actor and some star power they should offer the role to Adrian Brody.” - Max, Queens, NY

JETT SAYS: Many of you have suggested Brody. Not one of my top choices, but I can see where you all are coming from certainly. Thanks for writing and reading the site.

7. “Since the favorite game amongst bat-fans and geeks (like me) all around nowadays is throwing in their crazy cast choices for the Joker, here goes my own suggestion: Kiefer Sutherland. And what about that ‘Stage 2 Scrarecrow?” - Rodrigo, Brazil

JETT SAYS: Dude, I love 24, but I can’t see him as The Joker. As far as the “S2S,” we do have an “artist rendering” of what it actually looked like here at BOF. Check out the “IMAGES” section.

8. “There were shots of early versions of the RETURNS costume and the Bat-insignia on the chest plate was identical to the one in the first film (7 points on the bottom instead of 5). I liked the insignia on the first film and they changed it for the three sequels. They didn't discuss it (since maybe I'm the only one who cares), but I was wondering if you had ever heard of why it was changed? And which bat emblem you prefer?” - Mike M.

JETT SAYS: I liked the emblem from RETURNS and FOREVER the best of those four films. I must say that I like the “yellow-less” Bat-insignia he now wears in the comics and the one used in BEGINS. Mike, I don’t know why it was changed after BATMAN. You may want to email Paul Wares, he’s the “costume expert.”

9. “I have been THE biggest batman fan since I was a young child (I'm 42) and have long been a visitor to your site.

Viewing the DVDs are like going back and re-living that excitement and anticipation I felt (as a little boy waiting for the old Adam west series to come on) and as a young man eagerly getting my hands on every piece of source info I could find on the ‘89 movie.

It has truly been worth the wait. We can only hope ( and I do believe it to be true) that we are in line for some special things from the wb concerning our favorite HERO. BATMAN BEGINS is truly just the beginning. Keep up the great work you are doing.” - Rod S. From Illinois

JETT SAYS: Rod, you are a man of my own heart - and generation. I enjoyed the email! Thanks.

10. “I dug your your idea with the bats [swarming the screen] then "Part II" [to open the next film]. Simple, but that's the way we like it.” - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: Thanks, but it isn’t just my idea - many of y’all were thinking just like me. I simply think that opening would be cool. But I sure they’ll give it a name like BATMAN ‘WHATEVER’ - but we won’t see it in the titles until the end of the film like in BEGINS.

11. “I haven't watched the whole thing yet, but from what I've seen so far, it looks like they cut the heads and tails of some shots out of some scenes [in BEGINS]. Do you guys know anything about that?” - R.O.

JETT SAYS: I don’t think anything was cut off in the transfer. I may be wrong, but I certainly didn’t notice anything. And this comes from a guy who say it nearly 20 times in theaters and at least a dozen times so far on DVD!

12. “I love Burton's and Nolan's Batman films a lot for different reasons: Burton's is more 'classic' while Begins is more 'right' and just plain ‘THAT'S how it's done.’ It's about time that ALL Batman DVDs get the Special Editions they deserve. Yes, even B&R so we can see why.” - Jeff H.

JETT SAYS: Good stuff and thanks for your thoughts.

13. “You are an arrogant f*** and your site sucks. No won cares or reads it anyways.” - Name Withheld

JETT SAYS: Well, if it sucks, why are you bothering reading it and writing this email in the first place? And it is “one,” not “won.”

14. “BATMAN BEGINS was an almost flawless film from beginning to end. Nolan and Crew: THANK YOU!!! Having said that, Please Jett, push for a change in the fighting cinematography. I understand the reason for showing it from the villian's POV, but when I left the theatre I felt like I hadn't really seen Batman in combat.” - Thomas T.

JETT SAYS: Thomas, I understand your POV. In fact, in my review of the film, I criticized Nolan a bit for the way the fight scenes were filmed. But then I “got it.” I loved the way we saw Batman kick ass in that warehouse. But I agree, pull back a bit at times. So there it is for “them” to read and consider.

15. “I listen to a Los Angeles radio station in the morning called KROQ. On this station there is an entertainment reporter named Ralph Garmand who is a huge Batman Fan all around. He's such a big fan that he did a "Stump Ralph with Batman Trivia" for the world premiere of BB tickets. Every Tuesday he reports the new DVD's coming out and he always complains about the Batman 70's series not being released on DVD yet. My question to you is if you have any knowledge of a possible release of the 70's series on DVD. I grew up watching that show and its a good laugh to me. It's not my vision of the Bruce's character, but its a childhood memory.” - Adam Q. from California

JETT SAYS: The 60s series with Adam West I presume you are referring to? I think there are some legal dispute over the series and that’s why we haven’t seen it in a DVD box set yet. If anyone knows more, shoot me an email and fill me in. I’d buy it for sure. And thanks for reading Adam.

16. “What a great film. Watching it the other night I was reminded why I thought this was the best super hero movie when I first saw it in the theater. It is the best superhero movie and an awesome "origin" movie.

I've seen some emails from people to your site with certain complaints. I'd like to echo what you have said and send a clear message to WB-- don't change a thing. The Batsuit, the Tumbler, the fight scenes (watch the DVD and Nolan explains why they filmed them the way they did--and it works!), and most of all no Robin. The suit and Batmobile worked great in this new universe and there is no need to change them.” - Jared

JETT SAYS: Hey, you are never going to please everyone. Hell, I get hammered for being a “WB ass-kisser” just because I LOVE BEGINS. Hey, that’s just the way it is - people are only happy if they have something to bitch about.

17. “I just finished watching the 4 movies last night in one marathon sitting. The special features were excellent the only one problem was the lack of deleted scenes on BATMAN and RETURNS.” - Mark W. from Australia

JETT SAYS: Mark, I don’t know how much footage actually didn’t make it into those films for one thing. Or how much was still available today. Hope that answer helps.

18. “[In BEGINS] the amount of time Batman is ‘on duty’ seems really short - he's just getting started. So with the sequel would you like to see like a ‘Year 2,’ where it picks up shortly after where the first one ends, or something a little further down the time line? I myself would like the former, but I haven't heard this brought up yet so just throwing it out there.” - Jake in Chicago

JETT SAYS: Jake, I myself would like for a little time to have passed between the events of BEGINS and the sequel. And I think that will be the case.

19. “[What about] mentioning other Batman villains yet to come? For example, Jarvis Techt, Kirk Langstrom, and Edward Nigma. And I’d really like to watch a plot with Dr. Hugo Strange.” - Jorge B. from Mexico City.

JETT SAYS: Could happen. Good idea.

20. “Do you think:
1) Flass will be back - even though he was apparently kicked off the police force?
2) Bats will have familiar street hoods that he can use for information?
3) There will be several small action scenes, rather than larger than life action, ala SPIDER-MAN 2?
4) Batman will be unmasked by some enemy?
5) Will Batman continue to deal in more realistic crimes (muggers, killers, etc.)?
Thanks man - I hope that no more Swiss pole smokers talk s*** about you, your state, or your family. You can only turn a blind eye to it for so long.” - Robert M.

JETT SAYS: 1 - I’ve been told that he would. 2 - Great idea. Perhaps we’ll see “Matches Malone” as well. 3 - I hope so. And since it is Batman, I’d say yes. 4 - I hope not, but that could be somewhat interesting if done correctly. 5 - He should. But people still want the “Super Villains.” And thanks for that last comment. Those sort of no life asswipes can take a flying damn leap for all I care. It’s tough sometimes though to “restrain” my tongue.

21. “Does Warner Bros. have an official figure [for the international box office] yet that you are aware of? - Alex from Sydney, Australia

JETT SAYS: The last update I’ve seen is from September 1st for the International B.O.

22. “I read the site everyday (always trying to catch up on the latest Batman news) yet I haven't seen anyone point this tidbit out about the film: At the end of BATMAN BEGINS when we are shown the Joker card in an evidence bag, you can see a label on it. Upon close inspection, the bottom line on the label says - Recovered ‘by....J. Kerr.’ Joseph Kerr anyone?” - Chris M.

JETT SAYS: Dude, I didn’t notice this. I’m going to check out that scene. You’ve got some sharp eyes!

23. “My question is this: from what you know from your sources, what are the chances of Warner Bros/Nolan deciding to film the next two movies back to back?” - Mike from Buffalo, NY

JETT SAYS: Well, that’s the rumor. I’ve just heard and reported here on BOF that Nolan’s contract is for two more films. Since #3 is said to be sort of a continuation of #2, I could see it happening. But doing a Bat-film is so exhausting, I would think all involved would want a break in between.

24. “Jett, I read with great interest Paul's op-ed on a comic series based on BATMAN BEGINS. I believe that would work out great. I see no legal issues as Warner owns both DC and their movie division.” - Rick in Virginia

JETT SAYS: Rick I’m all for it. Now, I don’t know if it’ll ever happen, but I would sure like to see it. It doesn’t have to be monthly. How about just once or twice a year?

25. “[Warner Animation] make adult animated BATMAN films based on “YEAR ONE,” “THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS,” and other classic storylines of Batman.” - Adam from New Jersey

JETT SAYS: I could dig it. I’d love to see an animated “TDKR” as a straight-to-video DVD release. I think it would do really well. And I could see an adult-targeted “BATMAN” series on HBO - not that I think it will happen. But it would be cool.

26. “I've been a fan of the site for years, keep up the good work. The mailbag as of late has made mention twice now of the potential of casting Bill Murray as Batman way back before they sealed the deal and settled on a Burton/Keaton pairing. I always took that for cannon fodder until now. because along with Bill Murray’s Batman casting, was the even more over the over the top casting of Eddie Murphy as Robin! How do you think that would have flown?- Remone

JETT SAYS: Let’s say this happened c. 1982 to 1984. I think it would have done well at the box office, because of Murray and Murphy. It would have been a spoof obviously and a remake of the old ’60s TV show. However, it would have doomed The Batman to a life of “pow, bam, and biff” in the minds of the public. Thanks to those such as producer Michael Uslan, it didn’t happen. If it did, we would have never seen ’89’s fantastic BATMAN or last summer’s great BATMAN BEGINS.

27. “I know it probably won't happen, but I wouldn't mind seeing the Mad Hatter in a minor role in one of the Batman sequels. He seems ideally suited to Nolan's vision. Like the Scarecrow, he needn't appear in full costume; he only need wear his hat when controlling people's minds.” - K.S. from Australia

JETT SAYS: I could see The Mad Hatter done in a realistic manner. Perhaps as some sort of cultish brainwashing dude?

28. “First of all, I enjoy visiting this site and just want to say keep up the good work. I was wondering what you think about Johnny Depp for The Joker. yes, he is a big name, but I also think he's a great actor who can really get into his characters, and I'd be interested to see his take on the Joker. However, if someone like Paul Bettany got the part, I'd be fine with that to. I also like your idea of The Joker wearing a black suit, which is kind of like how Alex Ross portrays him, and really does make you focus on his face more anyway. And, I don't think the Joker's appearance should be explained.” - Robert D., Faribault, MN.

JETT SAYS: I could see Depp in the role. He’s one of those actors that is not himself in each and every film (I’m not going to mention any names). He melts into the role he is playing.

29. “Do you read comics as well? Maybe you've said it somewhere on your site before but I just wanted to know. I think your web site is one of if not the best out there. Thanks and keep up the good work.” - Ray E., Connecticut

JETT SAYS: I’ll pick them up from time to time, but I’m not a “regular reader,” per se, like I used to be. Frankly, BOF, my real job, and my family take up most of my time. I still have all my comics though.

30. “Alec Baldwin as Harvey Dent. What do you think?” - Hunter from Sitka, Alaska

JETT SAYS: Man, he would have been a really good choice, I simply think he is too old for the role now. It’s got to be someone 30ish, IMO. But dang if he wouldn’t have been good about 10 years ago.

31. “A fan since the TRIUMPHANT days, I'm honored to possibly contribute to the Mailbag. I've got an idea for a cameo in the sequel. In a scene at the Gotham Courthouse where HARVEY DENT is flexing his prosecuting muscles, we see him sweating down JERVIS TETCH (Jeff Daniels), suspected in the serial murdering of 6 little girls, all of them named ALICE! - Bamson

JETT SAYS: I like. Good thinking and a great way to get in a cameo.

32. “I think the Batmobile is horrendous and BATMAN BEGINS is not even worth with a repeat viewing.
Bale is alright but he's a try hard Batman and some of the actors in the cast were wasted like Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Kate Holmes, Ken Watanabe and Cillian Murphy. The plot is pretty ridiculous and logic is never even tried in the story device which are full of amazing coincidences. Oh well this is a cartoon so forget logic.” - Donnie from New York

JETT SAYS: Hey, if we all agreed it would get awful boring. But I believe sir, that you are in the minority when it comes to how people feel about BATMAN BEGINS.

33. “Hi Jett - Please be fair enough to include many fans that don’t want anymore Catwoman. When is a cat a dog? When its Catwoman. She has fallen from grace and man fans don’t want her attached to Nolan's work.” - Alan, Pasadena, California

JETT SAYS: Alan, it wouldn’t kill me at all if we never saw Selina in a Bat-film. If she does show up, just make sure she’s done well - that’s where I stand.

34. "Jett, I've read some of the negative emails you have received and posted in the mailbag. Plus, I've been to various message boards that insult you and BOF constantly, and call bull**** on any and everything you report. What a bunch of envious clowns! These jerkoffs need to get a damn life! What a f***ing (pardon the language) joke these people are! I almost feel sorry for them.
I don't agree with everything you write (I'm a RETURNS fan), but you still do a hell of a job representing 'us.' So, on behalf of all the mature Batman fans out here who are not 13 and do not live in Mom's basement, 'Thank You' for all that you do." - James from New York City, New York

JETT SAYS: You're welcome and thank you for the nice email.

35. "Jett, I'm a graphic artist and reader of your site since 1998. Have you thought about asking Warner Bros. to let you have a cameo in the next film? Got Pats and Sox!" - Ian from Boston, Massachusetts

JETT SAYS: Hell, if they asked me, I'd jump at the chance. But it ain't going to happen so I've never even gave it a thought. I'm fired up for the next set visit though.

36. "No one gives a sh** about what you think about Batman. And no one wants to read about your daily life. F*** off! And Elvis and the Dallas Cowboys suck you moron!" - No Name

JETT SAYS: *sigh* See what I have to put up with? What, do you want me to be bland as hell? Hey, the site has a bit of personality about it. If you don't like it, don't read. And no one gives a sh** about what I think about Batman, eh? Sure, whatever you say. I guess I'll just shut her down.

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