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Mailbag for Friday, September 16, 2005
DATE: 9/16/05

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DISCLAIMER: Unless otherwise stated, answers to questions asked are based on the opinions of the editor and should be considered as such.

1. Kris S. writes, "I was wondering if Morgan Freeman has signed on to return as Lucius Fox in the sequel and is Christopher Eccelston in the running to play The Joker?"

JETT SAYS: Well Kris, I'm going sailing with Morgan next week, so I'll ask him then. But seriously, I don't think Mr. Freeman is contracted to do a sequel, but I know that he wants to and is willing to return. At the BATMAN BEGINS press junket in June, he told us that he'd love to come back for the sequel.
As far as Eccelston being in the running for The Joker, I'm not sure. I know that he was up for the role of The Scarecrow before it ultimately went to Cillian Murphy. He's getting a lot of run on the Net among fans, so Warner Bros. will probably give him a look at least.

2. "What was the deal with Val Kilmer and BATMAN AND ROBIN," asks FILM FAN 90.

JETT SAYS: Basically, Val and Joel had issues stemming from BATMAN FOREVER. He was contracted to do B&R, but he was fired or quit, depending on who you ask. THE SAINT came along for Val - which he thought would be his new franchise - and Joel/Warners let him walk. It really wasn't that complicated.

3. Gary from Los Angeles wants to know "What do we know about the sequel?"

JETT SAYS: Well Gary, it is going to happen and The Joker is going to be the main villain. Of course, we are lucky to be getting a sequel, since BEGINS wasn't marketed worth a crap. Now, if it had been advertised like F4, they would probably be filming the sequel as we speak.

4. Adam Snow from Kalamazoo, MI wants to know if the Batmobile will change in the sequel?

JETT SAYS: Adam, I love "The Tumbler," so I'm hoping nothing changes. If I had to guess, the same Batmobile from BEGINS will return.

5. Bobby Takhar from London, UK asks "...if Christopher Nolan turns down the oppurtunity to direct the sequel to BATMAN BEGINS, who do you think could replace him - yet keep his gritty, dark and realistic portrayal of Batman?"

JETT SAYS: Funny you asked that Bob, MY NEW OP-ED addresses that issue. Bobby also thinks that David Fincher would be a good choice. Warner Bros. probably has a short list of directors just in case.

6. Mike Mistiszyn of Freeland, PA writes, "Just read your latest op-ed piece. Iím thankful that there is someone like you out there who cares enough about Batman and has the knowledge and connections to maintain a site like this, even influencing the higher ups who dealt with Begins. Congrats on a long 7 years of hard work and on a 'dream come true' movie."

JETT SAYS: Thanks Mike. I don't know how much influence I really had - probably not much. I certainly didn't get BATMAN BEGINS made, nor did I have anything to do with Christian Bale getting cast as Batman (although I love to poke fun at the people who think I think that). But the fans together probably have quite a bit of clout.

7. Aaron Lundgaard of Apple Valley, Minnesota says "Jett you are a fool! Do you really think you stand a chance at getting that directing job? Why are you begging lke that? I am deleting BATMAN ON FILM from my favorites you ***hole! And Tim Burton rules!"

JETT SAYS: Uh Aaron, did you realize that I was joking? Didn't the tone of that piece and some of the things I wrote tip you off that I wasn't serious? I figured that line about picking up "THE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO DIRECTING SUPER HERO FILMS" might have set off a red flag that it was a spoof, but I guess it didn't. And as far as Tim Burton "ruling," I didn't realize he was the head of a government. I thought he was a talented American director. Good for him though.

8. Joey Vivaldi from Philadelphia, PA writes in saying, "Jett, you were spot-on in that letter to Warner Bros. You SHOULD direct the next film. And the Eagles rule and Dallas sucks ;)!"

JETT SAYS: Not only is Tim Burton ruling, but now the Philadelphia Eagles are as well. Anyway, Joey, read my response to the last emailer. But thank you just the same. There is no way I could direct any film, much less a BATMAN film. I want Nolan to return just like everyone else. Now if Warner Bros. wants to hire me as an "advisor" and pay me the "big bucks," that's another story. And Joey, the last time I checked, the Eagles STILL haven't won a Super Bowl. How many have my Cowboys won? That's right, FIVE.

9. "I like the idea of the Penguin (Not Burtons) making his appearance in the movie. Maybe as Falcone's replacement. Instead of calling himself the Penguin though he should try to go by his name and be nicknamed by the boys in the gang. I mean, I wouldn't go around calling myself 'The Broom' if I was tall and skinny. He should be the criminal genius he is; not a freak with green blood and bad teeth," says Jason Ruminski from Chicago, Illinois.

JETT SAYS: Jason, I like the idea of The Penguin showing up like that as well. In fact, I suggested the same thing in my last COLUMN. I had to laugh at your "The Broom" comment - funny. And Jason, you forgot about The Penguin's black goo oozing from his mouth, along with the green blood and bad teeth.

10. "Who do you think will be the villians in the begins sequel - obviously apart from The Joker," asks Robert Panners from London, UK

JETT SAYS: Robert, I can't say Two-Face because he is only going to be Harvey Dent - a good guy - for most of the movie. To be honest, I don't know. I'd like to see The Penguin like Jason suggested and I wouldn't mind seeing some of the second tier Bat-villians in cameos.

11. Albert Santos from Sydney, Australia wants to know, "...excluding yourself, if Nolan wasn't to come back, who'd you want to take over for the sequel? Secondly, what makes you so sure that the deleted scenes of Batman Forever could make the film any better? Sure, they could have helped make a mediocre film decent, but what if they acting in those vital scenes was reminiscent of Schwazenegger's Freeze?"

JETT SAYS: Well Albert, I think you realize that I was joking about directing, so I took your comment as one. As far as who would take over if Mr. Nolan declines to return, I truthfully have no idea. I'm sure that Warner Bros. has a shortlist of possible replacements, but I'm confident - as I'm sure they are as well - that Nolan is coming back. Maybe they would ask David Goyer, but for me name anyone would only be speculating.
As far as the scenes from FOREVER making it better, well I cant' say for sure, but those scenes didn't involve any villains, so the Arnold suggestion doesn't hold water. They were serious scenes that would have depicted why Bruce became Batman, why he was tortured with "repressed memories," and why he would be Batman "Forever."

12. James Armstrong from the wonderful city of Austin in the great state of Texas asks, "Why, oh why, did you think the Cowboys would go down against San Diego?"

JETT SAYS: James, there is no bigger a Cowboy fan than me. I was just trying to be a realist there. On the road vs. a 12-4 playoff team? Tough assignment. But make no mistake, I'm happy as hell! Great game.

13. Bilal Wajih Hussain from Pakistan suggests that THE WB should do a series like SMALLVILLE, but for Bruce Wayne.

JETT SAYS: Bilal, that was proposed several years ago right before SMALLVILLE hit the air. The people at Warner Bros. thought such a series would compromise a future Batman origin film. I'll pass along your thoughts, but I don't see such a series ever happening.

14. Bryan Prejean from Lafayette, Louisiana asks, "Jett, what did Katie Holmes look like in person?"

Say Bryan, have you ever been to the "City Bar" in Maurice, LA?

15. Chase Williams from New York City, NY says, "Jett, I want you to know that I think you are 100% correct in your opinion about BATMAN RETURNS. When I read your review/retrospective of it, I thought I could have written it myself. I just can't see what Batman fans see in that film."

JETT SAYS: Chase, thanks for sharing my opinion - and seeing the light. I have no problem with the people that love it - it is all based on one's tastes - but I've never liked the film either.

16. "You are a no-talent hack. I have no idea why Warner Brothers has anything to do with you or your site. BOF can go to hell." writes David Jones from St. Louis, Missouri.

JETT SAYS: Thanks and have a good day too, David!

17. Christopher Granato from Boston, Massachusetts says, "Your wife is a babe. You lucky bastard."

JETT SAYS: Well thanks there Chris - I guess. That's one of the reasons I married her. Plus she is a great person who puts up with my Batman and Dallas Cowboys obsessions. Now, hands off!

18. "There's a rumour going around that Denzel Washington might be the next Harvey Dent. Was wondering if that was true or if you know anything of it," asks Steve from the U.K.

JETT SAYS: Steve, I don't think that Denzel is a candidate. That rumor probably comes from Lee Bermejo's drawing for BOF of Two Face. He used Washington as the basis for Dent.

19. Bobby T. from London, U.K. writes, "All that whole op-ed piece was, was your way to get across to WB that you want to be involved in batman films, and not just write news and rumours about them. And you know they must check this site regularly. Its a dirty and shamefully underhanded trick."

JETT SAYS: Geez. Some people just don't get it, do they?

20. "I would love to know is who is your favourite choice to play the ultimate Batman villian?" So asks Bob R.

JETT SAYS: I'm sure you are asking me who I would like to see play The Joker. Well, I like Paul Bettany and Lachy Hulme myself. I really don't have a #1 fave.

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