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Keaton Talks "Batman"
Posted by: Jett
Monday, January 21, 2008

The fourth actor to portray Batman on film -- but the first "dark and serious" Caped Crusader -- recently spoke with MTV and talked a bit about Batman. Here's an excerpt:

MTV: I want to take you back to BATMAN for a second. I got a chance to talk to Jack Nicholson recently.

“That's fun if you can hang with that stream of consciousness. It's like reading [Bob] Dylan's book ‘Tarantula.’ I bought it, and by page 15 I go, ‘Did I just eat mescaline? This is unbelievable.’”

MTV: He told me he's furious that they didn't asked him to play The Joker again.

“No! Is he serious? I've got to call him up on that, give him a hard time.”

MTV: What's your take on the latest BATMAN?

“I've only seen a little piece [of the sequels and the reboot] here and there since I finished mine, not for any reason except that I didn't have any real interest. The reason they weren't interesting was the reason I didn't want to do them anymore. I read the script [for BATMAN FOEREVER]. I wasn't into it. But how I wanted to do the third one is what they did in [BATMAN BEGINS]. I read an article about how they were going about it and I said, ‘That's exactly what I thought should be done.’

[Christopher Nolan] is so good and [Christian Bale] is so good. I really would like to see [BATMAN BEGINS]. I'm sure it's good and I'm sure [THE DARK KNIGHT] is going to be better.”

MTV: Has a superhero film ever come calling with a villain role for you?

“No, but it would be fun. I don't think I'd take Jack's stance on it. I think it'd be fun because those are the roles where you get to chew it up. I'll always stand by the first [BATMAN]. Even for its imperfections, people will never know how hard that movie was to do. A lot of that still holds up.”

MTV: I skipped school at 13-years-old to see it on opening day.

[Shakes hands.] “Here's to truancy!”

If you Keaton fans are interested, THE NEW YORK TIMES has a new interview with MK.

SOURCE: MTV. (Thanks to "Jabroni")

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