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Heath Wasn't Finished With TDK Post?
Posted by: Jett
Friday, January 25, 2008

According to E! reporter Ted Casablanca, Heath Ledger had not done any looping for TDK:

“Loads of folks have been wondering if Ledger had done any looping for his [TDK] scenes, which he’d finished filming, of course. I've been given the answer on just how many looping sessions (a most essential postproduction process almost always required of actors in a flick) Heath had completed: zero. It’s an enormous problem for Warners to finagle -- not to mention the entire marketing scheme, which had been centered around Ledger as The Joker.”

Casablanca also quotes a WB insider who says “Someone will have to dub his voice. It’s the only way.”

We’ve previously heard that Heath was completely done with all his work required for his turn as The Joker in TDK.

So what’s the deal?

Since I don’t know for sure, I won’t speculate at this time. But if this is true, Warner Bros. will have no other choice but to hire an actor to do the looping that is required.

UPDATED: I quickly received several emails from individuals that are, let's say, "in the know," and they all call BS on Casablanca's report. All pointed out the crisp audio in the TDK PROLOGUE and the first trailer from Heath without at least some looping sessions.

Also, I had heard previously that Heath was done with post, so take that for what you will.

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