1) No bad language. This site has members of all ages, and we want things to remain respectful and intelligent. Profanity is not necessary and should not be used. If you use asterisks to "censor" profanity, only the first letter of the word should be used, followed by the appropriate number of asterisks. However, we strongly encourage you to find other ways of expressing yourself whenever possible.

2) No "nonsense posts" and threads. Don't waste the site's bandwidth in attempts to be obtuse, ironic, irreverent, etc just for the sake of being obtuse, ironic, irreverent, etc. Please help BOF remain a place for intelligent, informed, thoughtful discourse and analysis. In an age of blogging and twitter etc, there seems to be a tendency of some people to post random obscure remarks, but BOF isn't here for people to play. It's here for discussing Batman on film (or in comics, or in animation, etc.), not for attempts to get attention or act silly all the time. Of course humor is allowed and encouraged, but that's different from being nonsensical with ulterior motives.

3) Personal attacks, insults, and other such 'e-thug' mentality is not allowed on BOF. Such posts will result in an instant ban. BOF has zero tolerance for back-and-forth attacks on other posters. Intelligent disagreements are of course allowed, but should never descend into accusations, rudeness, or other such personalized remarks toward one another. If someone else makes a remark to you that you feel is insulting, DO NOT RESPOND ON THE THREAD at all -- instead, send a personal message to one of the site moderators or administrators, and then let THEM handle the situation. And obviously, do not insert yourself into arguments and insults between other people at all, either. If you respond, you have become part of the problem and will be subject to the same zero-tolerance as the other person/people involved. The purpose of this rule is to make sure everyone can come here and discuss and debate without fear of hostility, insults, and other such behavior that so degrades the quality of discussions on other boards and sites on the internet. BOF has high standards, and everyone is expected to help ensure the site lives up to those standards.

4) BOF DOES NOT allow blatant posting of spoilers. Yes, there is a spoiler forum, for discussing spoilerish information that has leaked or that others have not heard about, but whenever discussing such information you MUST black-out the information or hide it in the text with the spoiler option provided by yuku posting. Posting of ANY leaked images will result in an immediate ban. Posting of links or directions for other people to find leaked images will result in an immediate ban. Posting of links or directions for other people to find pirated images, videos, etc will result in an immediate ban. And posting of requests for help finding leaked or pirated images, videos, etc will result in an immediate ban. Even unconfirmed spoiler information must be treated as a spoiler. DO NOT include ANY spoiler information in the titles of threads on any forums, including the spoiler forum. You are asked to use a lot of discretion in posting and discussing spoilers.

5) BOF does not allow hotlinking of images. This refers to linking to an image hosted on another site. Besides the fact that it is stealing the bandwidth from the other site as well as potential intellectual property theft, it also happens to make BOF load slower. However, free image hosting sites like PhotoBucket are not actually hotlinking (although the term is inaccurately applied to them sometimes), and are designed to allow you to host images and link to them without stealing bandwidth and without slowing the loading of pages like BOF where you post the images. But your Yuku account actually does allow you transfer all of your images from PhotoBucket and other free image hosts over to your yuku account for fast, easy posting of images, so members are encouraged to do so.

6) Other general behavior you should keep in mind: Don't be overly sensitive, take things personally when they are not directed at you personally, or react in a knee-jerk fashion to opinions you simply disagree with; don't consistently be a "nay-sayer" just to play devil's advocate all the time, which is different than having a genuine difference of opinion; don't engage in behavior and remarks that, while not technically personal or rude etc, are still clearly designed to jab at other posters and that instigate arguments. Most of this is common sense stuff, and most members should take a moment to think about what they are posting before finalizing a post, to make sure you aren't intentionally or unintentionally violating the BOF rules.

7) The reason for most of the BOF rules about prohibited behavior is an attempt to ensure BOF remains a high-quality site for discussion and interaction, in contrast to the vast majority of other similar boards and forums online. There are millions of places without rules, and anyone who feels too constricted by BOF's attempts to encourage informed, intelligent, respectful discussion of a more serious nature should seek out another forum in which they are free to post anything and everything they want (understanding that everyone else on those forums will be doing the same thing). BOF is not -- and will not be -- defined by the forums, and it will not be allowed to fall into that trap in the future either. BOF has quality news, reviews, a store, and many other aspects that are the bulk of what BOF is really all about. These rules are designed to ensure the boards do not detract from the rest of the high-quality content on BOF, and that the boards meet those same high standards. In addition, members are reminded that BOF has a very good reputation with Warner Bros. and with the makers of the current BATMAN film franchise, and BOF will do whatever is necessary to ensure that this remains true as long as the site exists. Warner Bros. pays attention to the fans, and BOF has become the best source of feedback about the Batman films. That is a very important role, for the franchise and for the fans, and BOF expects all members to understand and respect these facts.

8) If you have ANY questions, complaints, etc about the rules at BOF, or if you have questions, comments, complaints, etc about the enforcement of these rules (concerning yourself or concerning something you see happening on the boards), send a personal message to a site moderator or administrator, DO NOT post such questions, complaints, etc on the BOF boards. Such posts on the boards will be removed, and a one-time warning will be sent to you via PM. After that, a zero-tolerance policy is in effect and any additional violations of this rule will result in an instant ban. The purpose of this rule is to ensure the boards remain a place for discussions about Batman On Film, rather than a self-referential discussion.

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