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THE BATMAN, Season 2

Author: Bill Ramey
Saturday, September 16, 2006

I found a big package on my front doorstep the other day and found THE BATMAN: SEASON 2 DVD inside. It was there for me to watch and review, so that’s what I did -- I watched all episodes (in a relatively short time) and knocked out my review (which you are reading now).

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I sort of like THE BATMAN. It’s no BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES or anything, but it’s not bad -- except for its version of The Joker. Maybe one of the reasons I enjoy watching it is due to the fact that my sons like it and I like watching it with them. Nonetheless, when it’s on, I tune in and check it out.

Season 2 is better than Season 1 -- not saying it’s a masterpiece or anything. There are still too many episodes with The Joker and The Penguin, but there are definitely some quality episodes to be found -- and the good ones are better than anything found during Season 1.

Much of the season finds The Batman and Detective Yin in an uneasy “partnership” after Yin’s former partner, and Bruce Wayne’s good friend, Ethan Bennett, became Clayface (this occurred in the Season 1 finale). The Batman himself is constantly squaring off against his rogue’s gallery. There are some who are making a return appearance on the show, as well as a few new ones; namely The Riddler and Killer Croc.

The Riddler is clearly the best villain of Season 2 and perhaps the best villain of the series period -- even though he’s got a weird sort of design (but that’s a good think actually). And as luck would have it, The Riddler shows up in two episodes that are also the best of the season.

Overall, I’d describe Season 2 a “mixed bag” if you will. There are a lot of “meh” episodes and miscasting (Mitch Pileggi as Jim Gordon doesn’t work for me), but the best episodes are the best the series has yet to offer.

When it comes to “bonus stuff,” there really isn’t any. All we get in terms of extras is a clip show featuring clips from Season 1, with a few from Season 2 stuck in at the end. Not even worth watching to be frank. I hope in the future that there are some interviews with the cast and crew giving us a look at what goes on behind the scenes, etc. Maybe next time.

I will give a thumbs up to sound and video transfer -- both were very good and will not disappoint. But the show is practically brand new, so it’s sort of what one would expect anyway.

All in all, I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying “Go get this NOW” to you, my dear readers. If you are a Batman fan who collects all that is Bat, you probably want to pick it up. However, my suggestion is to rent it, check it out, and then decide whether or not it’s worth adding to your Bat-collection.


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