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Author: Bill Ramey
Saturday, April 14, 2007

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: "As if keeping the streets of Gotham City safe from crazies like The Joker, The Penguin and Scarface weren't enough, now The Batman has women problems! Best friends Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley are spirited teens, passionate about their campaign of eco-terrorisms against the city's corporate offenders. But when a strike against a chemical plant goes bad, their lives change forever and Gotham gains two more players in the showdown of good and evil! Barbara aka Batgirl becomes The Batman's feisty sidekick while Pamela aka Poison Ivy becomes the newest thorn in The Batman's side. With all 13 Season Three episodes, this 2-disc DVD collection delivers The Batman style with a jolt of girl power!"

THE REVIEW: I know this is redundant, but I’ve got this love-hate thing going on with THE BATMAN. I love it because it’s Batman, the animation is excellent, and there have been some really strong episodes during its run. On the other hand, the fact that it often goes “kiddie” drives me up the wall!

In Season 3 of THE BATMAN, the kiddie factor is kicked up a notch with the inclusion of a Batman sidekick. No, not Robin -- he doesn’t show up until season 4 -- but Batgirl, who makes her way onto the show and into the crime fighting life of The Batman.

Even though I don’t like Batman with partners, season three of THE BATMAN opens strong with the 2-part episode titled “Batgirl Begins.” As I said, I prefer the solo Batman, but this episode was well-written and entertaining.

Two other episodes caught my eye: “A Dark Knight to Remember,” which features an amnesiac Batman; and in “Gotham’s Ultimate Criminal Mastermind,” The Batman takes on a computer programmed the characteristics of the minds of Gotham's greatest criminals. Other that the episodes mentioned, the remainder are rather forgettable -- OK to watch, but they certainly don’t stick with you.

On the whole, THE BATMAN, THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON is a mixed bag. Those who hate the show aren’t going to be swayed by this season’s episodes, while hose who love it are going to buy it regardless. Then there are those like me that are sort of in the middle when it comes to THE BATMAN. To this group I say rent a copy and give it a once-over before adding to your Batman DVD collection. On the otherhand, it's cheap enough that you won't pay that much more buying it than you would with a rental.

THE EXTRAS: Unlike season two's worthless episode recap label as “bonus features,” season three includes interviews with cast and crew in which they provide their thoughts behind the season. We hear from the usual suspects (Capizzi, Matsuda, et al), but it was nice to see and hear from Danielle Judovits talk a bit about her role as THE BATMAN‘s version of Batgirl.

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