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JUSTICE LEAGUE Back On For 2009?
Posted by: Jett
Wednesday, February 27, 2008, 6:36 AM CENTRAL

It's on, then off. Etc., etc.

Now I guess it's back on.

VARIETY is now reporting that Warner Bros. has again started prepping JUSTICE LEAGUE for a Summer '09 release. Here's an excerpt from their report:

"Now that the writers strike has been resolved, Warner Bros. is pushing ahead with its plans to make "'ustice League' in time for a 2009 debut. Warners tried to get 'Justice League' into production earlier, but put it on indefinite hold in January, allowing the cast options to expire. At the time, the studio said it didn't want to move ahead until the scribes had another shot at the script. Scribes Kieran and Michele Mulroney are busy polishing up the script, which is expected back at the studio in several weeks, and the cast has been advised to keep training for their superhero roles. Director George Miller is in pre-production in Australia."

More on JUSTICE LEAGUE as it develops.

JETT’S TAKE: It looks to me that my friends at Warner Bros. intend to go through with this abomination despite the fact that the cast is second-rate and fandom couldn’t care less about it overall.

On the other hand, who knows what the hell is really going on?!

Here’s a rundown of the facts and rumors we’ve heard over the last month, give or take:

* Warner Bros. shuts down JL due to the WGA strike, worries about the cast, and a variety of other reasons (like the core fan base had little or no interest in this movie). The cast’s options are allowed to expire and the crew is free to find work elsewhere.

* A casting company in Australia sends out a casting call for JL that says that Batman and Superman are not part of the (potentially revamped?) film.

* Director George Miller says that JL’s status is “precarious” at best and that Warner Bros. is looking to shoot the film now in Canada.

* While at Wondercon this past weekend (February 22-24) in San Francisco, everyone I talked to that would be “in the know” claimed that JL was dead -- just like the rumors have suggested ever since the studio pulled the plug in mid January.

All of this is on the heals of news that Warner Bros. is now taking pitches from “A-list writers” for a sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS while continuing development on solo films starring The Flash and Green Lantern. What’s bizarre is that those latter two projects have nothing to do with the JUSTICE LEAGUE film. For example, the Green Lantern in JL is John Stewart while the GL in the solo flick is Hal Jordan.

So how is JL supposed to be a “springboard” for future solo films of these characters, when they are already developing them and they are different versions of said superheroes?

Sorry, but I smell BS.

What I figure is happening is that WB is having the writers do a “polish,” turn it into the studio, then they’ll see where they stand.

All the while, director George Miller is still in “pre-production” Down-Under (allegedly) while the cast has been told to “keep working out” in preparation for filming.

So, does this “polish” include removing Batman and Superman from the film so not to interfere with a third Nolan BATMAN and a SUPERMAN RETURNS sequel? Why the hell would members of the cast and crew -- who were let go an month ago -- still be working on this film when they are not under contract and not getting paid?

Whatever the case is, let me remind my friends in Burbank that a JUSTICE LEAGUE film -- right now -- is a big, BIG gamble. Your core fan base has little interest in this film -- especially with that cast that was put together. They’d much rather see GREEN LANTERN or THE FLASH as opposed to this.

Do you really want to jack with the solo BATMAN series right now? THE DARK KNIGHT is going to be HUGE and fans will be clamoring for second Chris Nolan-directed Bat-sequel. Is JL worth risking that? Don’t you worry about “Batman Overkill” by having another live-action movie version of Batman in the midst of the series started by BATMAN BEGINS?

Oh well, perhaps anti-JL talk is just flat-out futile. Here’s hoping the right decision is ultimately made.

Of course the right decision is to simply wait, but methinks someone’s got JL ants in their pants.

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