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Author: "Jett"
Monday, June 25, 2007, 11:00 AM CENTRAL TIME

A few months ago, Warner Bros. commissioned a JUSTICE LEAGUE script for a potential live-action film.

Around the same time, BOF heard -- as did a few other sites -- that the studio was considering this JL film in place of a sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS (allegedly titled THE MAN OF STEEL).

We also heard that since the BATMAN franchise had been revitalized with BATMAN BEGINS with its sequel -- THE DARK KNIGHT -- currently filming, Batman wouldn’t be included in the initial JL film.

Well, VARIETY is reporting that the JL script was well received by the folks in power in Burbank and JL “before” THE MAN OF STEEL could be a real possibility.

So, it’s time to remind the good people at Warner Bros. who make all the big decisions that now IS NOT the time to include The Batman in a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie.

If you HAVE to have one of “The Big DC Three” in it, make it Superman. As much as I love Batman, Superman IS the flagship character of the DC Universe and it makes more sense to include Clark Kent in such a film. Personally, I want to see THE MAN OF STEEL made as I thoroughly enjoyed SUPERMAN RETURNS (Yes, I did dig that film! I grew up in the 70s, so give me an F'n break!). However, it seems that I’m in the minority on that one in the world of comic book geek fandom.

Wonder Woman? I do see the problems that surround superhero flick with female character in the lead. With that said I’d absolutely LOVE to see that World War II-era WW script get the green light and make it to the big screen.

The Batman? No, no, no, no, NO(!) to that character being included in said JL movie. I don’t want THE greatest comic book superhero EVER included for both personal, creative, and business reasons. Hell, to be frank, Batman is the ONE DC character that can, without a doubt, maintain a solo movie franchise for years and years -- as long as the franchise is done properly (and THAT my friends, is what BOF is all about! How many times have I said that BOF is NOT a damn "scoop site?!").

I know that many fanboys think it’d be “Kew-well, dood!” to include Batman in a JL film. Sorry -- and I mean this with no disrespect (really) -- but that’s nothing but fanboyish knee-jerk reaction rather than looking at the thing logically. Also, from my POV, more Batman fans are against including Mr. Wayne in this film than those who are for it -- I got the emails to back it up.

Here's a newsflash: the mainstream audience doesn't give a flip if Batman is in a JL film or not!

Anyway, this is about to get interesting. To have either THE MAN OF STEEL or JUSTICE LEAGUE read to go for Summer 2009, they’ll need to go into pre-production very soon and be filming by early 2008 -- and that’s less than a year folks.

Whatever happens, all Bat-fans can take joy in the fact that there IS another Bat-film coming in 2008 and most likely a third in 2011 to finish up the story started by Chris Nolan in BATMAN BEGINS.

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