Segal Talks SHAZAM!
Author: Jett
Sunday, February 24, 2008

5:04 PM CENTRAL: During Wondercon this past Saturday in San Francisco, I had the chance to visit with GET SMART director Peter Segal about what just may be his next film: SHAZAM!.

“Now that the writer’s strike is over, we’ll be getting to work on SHAZAM!,” director Peter Segal told BOF. “John August is hard at work again on the screenplay.”

It was very evident that the director is passionate about the possibility of bringing the iconic Captain Marvel to the big screen. Here’s a few more tidbits that Mr. Segal revealed:

* He and his creative team envision Fawcett City as being a “west coast city.” So I’m thinking it’s going to have an LA vibe to it since Segal is from there.

* While intent on Capt. Marvel’s costume remaining “classic,” it will be updated a tad as well as allowing for the creative team to put their own stamp on it.

* Both Freddie (Capt. Marvel Jr.?) and Mary Marvel are in the mix.

* Mister "Tawky" Tawny the Talking Tiger? “Yep,” says Segal, “well, at least our version of him,” he said with a wink.

* SHAZAM! will definitely NOT be a comedy, campy, or “really light-hearted.” “We’re going about this seriously, but it will have some humor.”

* Segal and Dwayne Johnson, who co-stars in the director‘s GET SMART, have indeed spoken about The Rock playing Black Adam -- who looks to be the villain of the film.

* Segal said he’s looking for his own “Tom Hanks” to play the Captain. Someone who can be heroic, but still convey the fact that he’s really 13 years old. Should we be looking for someone who’s today’s Fred MacMurray? Creator C.C. Beck modeled Capt. Marvel on the actor and Segal said as much during the interview.

It certainly sounds as if Segal, writer John August and the rest of the team behind SHAZAM! are genuinely excited about the project and intend on developing it with a great deal of respect for the source material.

I get the feeling that “BIG in tights” is the goal and I mean that in a good way.

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