Sorry, This Ain't Marvel or STAR WARS: 2017 and the DCEU
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @SHEWRICK)
Date: March 21, 2017

Over this past weekend, Bill "Jett" Ramey and I visited the home of BOF’s WONDER WOMAN watching party – the Cinemark West Plano (22 miles north of downtown Dallas) – simply to survey the land and a have a cold beer, dammit.

After all, this is our first BOF watching party outside of the Houston area (we are determined to put these on the road – LA, New York, Minneapolis?) and so I wanted to make 100% sure that Jett was cool with the venue…and he was!

While we were there, something jumped out at me....there were no posters for JUSTICE LEAGUE and it was in the middle of spring break.

Why is this significant? Well, obviously Warner Bros. will start promoting JUSTICE LEAGUE at some point. One might say (and hundreds of folks did on Twitter!) that there is no poster for THOR, STAR WARS, etc. out right now either. Others also pointed out that Warner Bros. is wanting to concentrate on WONDER WOMAN for now, and will deal with JUSTICE LEAGUE later. (I think they can – and should – be promoted in tandem. But I digress.)

After we posted our video on Twitter expressing our concern about the lack of anything JUSTICE LEAGUE, it dawned on me: there were not any posters for WONDER WOMAN either – and that film comes out in less than 3 months!

In regards to the new THOR film, it is part of a beloved and well-established film franchise.

The DCEU is NOT either of those things.

Now, I understand that you can point out that THOR – as a solo entity has not been all that well received. BUT, I would say it has fared far better with critics and audiences than the DCEU films have at this point. The original THOR received a 77%/76% “Fresh” from critics and audiences respectively, while THE DARK WORLD got nabbed a 66%/76% in turn.

Folks, both BATMAN v SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD would KILL for those numbers!

More importantly, Thor is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and there is nothing but good will towards those with both critics and the mainstream audience.

Now, it is my belief that 2018 will be a new beginning for the DCEU as it looks like directors will have more creative control. And we know this due to all the inner workings on AQUAMAN and THE BATMAN with their directors, James Wan and Matt Reeves, respectfully.

It is now making rounds on the web that Joe Manganiello is uncertain if he will still play Deathstroke in THE BATMAN. If you remember, Ben Affleck (when he was still the supposed director) – just a few short months ago – released test footage of the actor in full Deathstroke gear. Now, they are possibly retracting that character from the film?

Why is that?!

It’s very likely that the new script might not include the character of Deathstroke. We’ll see, eventually, once Reeves goes to work on the film later this year.

So, where do we stand, right now, in 2017?

Both WONDER WOMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE are coming out no matter what and both will be viewed as part of the “Zack Snyder Era.” History will judge them – and that era of DC on film cinema – accordingly.

Personally, it is my hope that the changes to the DCEU makes going forward will give their DC characters a platform where future directors are empowered to deliver their own vision and can take DC on film in an exciting new direction.

(If it were up to me, WB would go with solo, standalone DC films and ditch the “expanded universe” continuity nonsense.)

Lots of questions will be answered here pretty quickly about WONDER WOMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, and the future of the DCEU. When the critic’s review embargo for both WW and JL is lifted will be telling.

But in the meantime, why didn’t I see anything for WONDER WOMAN (sans a trailer) in a MAJOR theater in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? And couldn’t we have at least a poster for JUSTICE LEAGUE in a theater instead merely online at this point?

Warner Bros. needs to express full confidence in these films, right?

This isn’t the MCU and it’s certainly not STAR WARS!

It’s a battered and much maligned franchise that I believe, in my heart of hearts, CAN be turned around.

The cast is wonderful and they are portraying some of the most iconic and greatest fictional characters ever created!

So, let’s not handle these next two DCEU 1.0 films incorrectly marketing-wise, OK?

OF COURSE they will be marketed by WB!

OF COURSE there will be more posters and trailers! BUT…

The DCEU is totally behind the 8-ball in regards to good will from the mainstream audience.

WONDER WOMAN is one thing. It appears the marketing push is coming. But, I STAND BY my take that it was FOOLISH not have something reminding people that JUSTICE LEAGUE is coming in 8 months during such a theater-active period in the U.S. as Spring Break! They should’ve got the ball rolling!

In the end, I just want them both to be good.

Yes, 2018 is going to usher in a brand NEW era of bad-assness for the DCEU. But, let’s go out with a bang in 2017, shall we?

May the force be with us. - Rick Shew

Rick Shew is a lifelong Batman fanatic and co-host of the BATMAN-ON-FILM.COM PODCAST.

His love for Batman traces back to the ripe age of 5 when he became obsessed with the 1960’s TV show and later a diehard Batman bomic book reader (THE KILLING JOKE remains his all time favorite).

As an actor, Rick has appeared in numerous films, local & national commercials and over a dozen theatrical productions. However, his favorite gig of all time was playing Superman, alongside Batman, Batgirl, The Green Lantern & Wonder Woman in the "DC Comics Live" show at Six Flags San Antonio, TX.

Although Rick attended The University of North Texas, he is a diehard Texas Longhorns football fan. He is a HUGE fan of THE Dallas Cowboys as well.

Other likes include cooking, reading and hosting his left leaning political page LeftShewPolitics.

Rick resides in Dallas with his 3 beautiful women (his wife and their 2 daughters), his kitty cat and his dog, Cooper.

Follow Rick on Twitter @SHEWRICK.

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