My Thoughts on the SDCC '17 JL Trailer
Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey (@BATMANONFILM)
Date: July 22, 2017

So, where in the hell do I begin?

Today, the fine folks at Warner Bros. held their annual presentation at Comic Con International San Diego in the vast confines of Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center. Yours truly was not there because, admittedly, I do not like attending this event any longer as it’s a total cluster f**k – inside AND outside the convention center. (I am going next year as I promised several people that I would fo sho grace them with my presence in 2018.) ANYWAY…

So, what did I think of the new JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer/sneak peek? I’ll put it this way y’all: Based on what I know about this film (which would be a lot), it’s EXACTLY what I expected it to be and it was ABSOLUTELY made for its target audience.

In regards to Ben Affleck’s comments today where he proclaimed he still planned to play Batman in Matt Reeves’ Bat-Film. Y'all, what else was the man going to say?!

Folks, right now, it’s nothing but PR from both Affleck and WB and I didn’t expect him/WB to say otherwise. I know what I’ve heard about this “situation” for the last six months-plus, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire – and this smoke has been smoking for quite some time. And frankly, none of us will know for sure until after JUSTICE LEAGUE anyway.

Regardless, I'm a HUGE fan of Ben Affleck and nothing would make me happier if he stays on as Batman in the "Flashpoint/DCEU2.0."

(One thing...You know A LOT of these fan-BOIZ who are flippin' out online over the recent Affleck report, threw a F'n fit online when he was originally cast as Batman. Yes, I'm calling ALL of you out.)

But, lest we forget…

Um, yeah. Moving on…

So, The Flash’s movie has now become “Flashpoint.”

Let’s be real, OK? That means they are TOTALLY soft-rebooting the DCEU post-JL. (And it gives WB, Mr. Affleck and Mr. Reeves a total out without having to do prequels.)

And you know what? As absurd as this premise sounds, I think it can work. And, surprisingly, I’m all for it.

Stay tuned for the next BOF podcast. - Bill "Jett" Ramey

JUSTICE LEAGUE hits theaters on November 17, 2017. CLICK HERE for all of BOF's JUSTICE LEAGUE coverage.

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