Recap: SDCC '08 (Part 1)
Author: Chris Clow
Monday, August 4, 2008

EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to family obligations and the fact that I did A LOT of traveling for BOF this Summer, I did not attend Comic Con International out in San Diego for the first time in years. However…

BOF contributor Chris Clow did attend and has a series of recaps for our reading pleasure! - Jett

Comic-Con International 2008 in San Diego, California was my first experience at the Mecca of comic conventions, and for the most part, it was a damn awesome experience. Before I get into my recap I'd just like to thank a few people.

First and foremost, Bill Ramey, who made it possible for me to get into the press roundtable sessions for the new WATCHMEN movie and give direct questions to the cast playing these iconic roles. Without my association to BOF and Jett, this wouldn't have been possible.

Second, I have to give a big thanks to Neal Bailey, a colleague of mine over at the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE who helped me out immensely with this experience and made sure I knew when I had to be in line and where I was going. It was also just awesome hanging out with him. Thanks Neal!

I also want to give a special thank you to comic book personalities Greg Rucka, Geoff Johns, Brad Meltzer, Grant Morrison, Judd Winick, J.G. Jones, Marc Guggenheim, Ed Brubaker, and Dan DiDio for their courteousness when dealing with me and so many other fans. When you admire someone's work as I have these folks, it's always disheartening when they deal with fans in a rude or belligerent manner. The names I listed were courteous, happy, and great people to just talk with. This is a huge help during a big event such as Comic-Con, and is greatly appreciated by the fans who wait in line for (sometimes) hours just to speak with you for a couple of short minutes.

Now, for those of you that have never been to Comic Con International, it's much bigger than you think. Yes, I know you've seen pictures and I know people have told you this, but just erase your expectations and multiply them by a factor of five, and you'll only be slightly under prepared for your first time walking into the San Diego Convention Center at the end of July.

The first thing I tried to do as a member of BOF was gauge the reaction to THE DARK KNIGHT by some of the DC Comics staff and writers. The first man I got to speak to was DC's President and publisher, Paul Levitz.

BOF: Paul, other than more exposure to the brand, what does the success of THE DARK KNIGHT do for DC Comics, Batman's home?

PAUL LEVITZ: “Well, you circulate and sell more books. That's what something like this usually does.”

I thought this was an interesting claim, so I asked a couple other personalities what they thought. Greg Rucka said, “Basically, all it does is show people who these characters really are.”

I think I liked Grant Morrison's answer the best: “It doesn't do anything!” I asked him to elaborate a little bit, and he said, “The mediums are too different. All it really does is give people a good movie going experience and they come out of it enjoying the story. As the writer of Batman, I don't really see it doing anything for the books.”

NEXT: TDK, WATCHMEN, and Batman in comics!

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