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Author: Ryan Hoss
Thursday, August 17, 2006

If you thought Batman had it tough losing his parents and all, just look at Tim Drake. His mom died a long time ago. His best friend, Superboy, was killed. His girlfriend and occasional crime-fighting partner, Spoiler, was killed. Oh, and his father, Tim Drake was killed in the recent Identity Crisis storyline by Captain Boomerang.


Now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about ROBIN #153. I’ve enjoyed Beechen and Williams’ run thus far in the title. They began to plant seeds to future events early in their run and it seems that some of them have surfaced in this issue.

A couple of issues ago, the cops found one of the Joker’s former henchman that proclaimed a startling truth: apparently, the Joker forgot about one of his old diabolical plans to nuke Gotham City, and the bomb is set to explode within twenty-four hours!

So now, it’s up to Robin to track down the nuke and disarm it before the city blows up. Seems like a simple job for the Boy Wonder, right? Well, the son of his father’s killer, the new Captain Boomerang, finds Robin while he’s looking for the bomb. However, he’s not out for trouble, but rather wants to prove himself to Robin that he’s not like his father. Robin reluctantly lets Boomerang tag along.

What follows is a rather humorous romp through abandoned villain hideouts. They all have their dastardly clichés, such as a booby-trapped glass maze in the Glass Man’s hideout (a villain way back from WORLD’S FINEST #28 in 1947!), and flying X-shaped helicopters in Doctor Double X’s hideout (again, an old villain from 1958’s DETECTIVE COMICS #261).

Their search for the destructive device finally ends in one of the Ventriloquist’s hideouts, in which the duo must make their way through hundreds of Scarface backup dummies to get to the bomb. They defuse the bomb in time, but Robin is still uneasy about accepting Boomerang. Some interesting questions arise in the issue—someone moved the nuclear bomb from Joker’s hideout -- who and why are anyone’s guess.

This issue was a nice, fast-paced and action-packed romp through Gotham City. Beechen’s writing is excellent; it brings out the conflicted personalities and troubles of Tim Drake, and leaves you wondering what will be next. Williams’ art is also an asset to this run of Robin; he’s one of the first artists to tackle Robin’s new costume and surroundings, and adds a nice flair to Robin’s environment. I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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