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Author: Bill Ramey
Friday, February 2, 2007

"The electrifying conclusion of comics legend Matt Wagner's re-imagination of the classic Golden Age Dark Knight adventure! It's a showdown of shadows when the Batman duels Gotham's most deadly creature of the night — The Mad Monk."

This was the most anxious I have been for the release of a comic book in a long, long while.

The anticipation I had for each issue of this story had me reminiscing about the early ‘90s when I was enthralled with each installment of the whole “KNIGHTFALL” storyline.

And what comic book am I referring to? Well, that would be Part 6 of BATMAN AND THE MAD MONK.

In each of the previous issues, writer and artist Matt Wagner slowly crafted a story that would lead to a fantastic finale.

I was not disappointed -- and if you have been following this story, you won't be either!

All of the subplots were nicely tied up by Mr. Wagner, such as:

What happens with Bruce and Julie’s relationship?

What's the result of Mr. Madison’s bizzare obsession with and fear of The Batman?

But most importantly, the key question of BATMM is answered:

Is the friggin’ Monk a real vampire or not, and is this really an encounter by The Batman with the supernatural?

Plus, there is some cool foreshadowing of things to come in The Batman’s world.

When we left off in Part 5, Julie found herself in dire straits as she was about to be sacrificed at the hands of The Monk and his crazy-ass followers. Hoping he would not be too late to save the girl, an injured Batman plans to invade the castle and take down The Monk once and for all.

The Dark Knight’s entrance into the Castle a grand one, as he uses The Batmobile and some of his famous “toys” to surprise and terrify the members of The Brotherhood. As the cult members scatter, The Batman and The Monk square off in a battle that ultimately ends on top of the castle’s roof.

This is one of the better Batman stories I have read in quite some time. Matt Wagner has an excellent grasp on the character of Batman, his history, and the Batman mythos. Also. BATMAN AND THE MAD MONK ties in nicely to other stories that are set in the early years of The Batman’s career; such as YEAR ONE, THE LONG HALLOWEEN, and DARK VICTORY.

If you haven’t read any of BATMAN AND THE MAD MONK yet, you really missed out on one hell of a Batman tale. My suggestion is to hold off and buy the TPB when it’s released in a couple of months. Also, BATMM‘s predecessor, BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN, is a must-read too.

Let me say this: I’m pretty particular when it comes to Batman. While I don’t want the “same ‘ol, some ‘ol,” I don’t like it when writers -- who obviously don’t know "Batman" -- write a Batman story. More times than not, it comes off as stunt writing just to be “different,” if you will.

Call that petty if you want, but that’s just the way I feel. I want the people who are chosen to write Batman stories to know and care for the character.

With that said, here’s hoping that Matt Wagner returns to Gotham very soon!


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