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Author: Bill Ramey
Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Join Matt Wagner as he revisits the early career of the young Batman in another adventure inspired by DC's Golden Age in this blood-curdling sequel to BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN!

The Dark Knight is learning that there are more twisted faces of evil than those worn by the street criminals and mobsters of Gotham. Now, Batman must counter sinister machinations and new dimensions of wickedness as he confronts the hooded menace of the Mad Monk!

Issue #4 of BATMAN AND THE MAD MONK was frustrating! And that’s mean that as a compliment.

When we left off in issue #3, Bruce had discovered something shocking about his girlfried Julie Madison: she possessed two small puncture wounds on her neck.

Unlike The Batman, we the readers know that the Monk is using Julie to gain control of her father’s assets. However, something tells me that he’s up to more with Julie than that. Does he fancy Julie to be his “woman?” And if so, how will this Dala react, as she clearly thinks she’s the Monk’s main squeeze.

At any rate, The Batman comes to the conclusion that his new adversary may be something supernatural. “Obviously, this is not a word nor a concept, nor a deduction to which I come lightly,” says Bruce. “It is only my fear for Julie and her safety that drives me to such fantastic speculation.” As a result, he readies himself to take on a vampire.

In the midst of this the main story, you have the continuation of two subplots. One involves Julie’s father and his increasing paranoia over The Batman, and Gordon questioning himself about “the company I’ve been keeping.”

The Batman tracks Julie -- who has been summoned by the Monk for another “session” -- to his hideout. Seems that the guy has been using a place called the “old Rallstone Castle” has his headquarters. And this location just happens to be close to Wayne Manor, as The Batman references it as “my neighbor.”

Needless to say, The Batman enters the castle where he has to take on a small pack of timber wolves who are obviously there for protection against intruders. However, I’m sure that intruders such as The Batman were not expected.

And the story ends with another cliffhanger as The Batman finds himself in a tight spot -- a really tight spot if you will.

This reader continues to question whether or not this Monk is really a vampire. OK, he bites people in the neck and sucks all their blood out, but other than that, that’s the only “vampire activity” we witness. I’ve got to wonder if this dude simply has his followers hoodwinked into believing his “eternal life” drivel.

On the other hand, perhaps it’s not drivel after all.

Anyway, we’re going to find out soon as we’re down to the last two issues and I’m certainly ready to see how this thing ends!

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