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Author: Bill Ramey
Thursday, September 7, 2006

DETECTIVE has always been my favorite Batman title for a variety of reasons. For one, I like, well, the “detective” theme of the book. Batman is “The Darknight Detective," right?” I could give you a list here, but the main reason that I’ve always dug ‘tec is because it was the most “realistic” of the Batman titles. That title always seemed to be more of a hardcore police/detective/whodunit story, as opposed to some of the more fantastical tales you may see in other Bat-titles.

When I read the preview of DETECTIVE COMICS #823 and saw that Poison Ivy would be the featured villain, a “meh” popped up in my head. Y’all know me -- the more unrealistic the Batman villains become, the less I like them.

With that said, we’ve got Paul Dini writing DETECTIVE right now -- whom I consider a dude that really has his pulse on the world of The Bat. As a result, I decided I’d go in with an open mind (I don’t hate Ivy haters, chill).

This Bat-saga opens in Arkham with the world of vegetation seemingly rebelling against and attacking Dr. Pamela Isley, AKA the Bat-villain Poison Ivy. While this living plant is able to pull Ivy out of Arkham, it’s clear that this is certainly not of her doing. Hey, it’s kicking her ass!

Ivy is able to escape the clutches of said veggie-villain and make her way to Gotham PD headquarters. There, bloodied and beaten, she asks Gotham’s Finest for help.

Guys, who do you think the bigwigs at GPD calls in for help?

I’ve got to say that once again, I’ve enjoyed the heck out of another Bat-book. Dini has crafted yet another nice and tight detective story that includes the readers in the deduction process. I also was keen on Joe Benitez’s pencils combined with Victor Llamas’s inks. Unlike the last edition of BATMAN (#656), it’s a much darker presentation for The Dark Knight (I do not dig “Blue Batman“).

Simone Bianchi’s covers! What can I say other than it is marvelous -- although I got sort of George Clooney vibe as I looked at it.

Another cool part of this story that I believed worthy of mention was a short, but classic, exchange between The Batman and Bullock. Just read, and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

And for you BATMAN and BATMAN BEGINS fans, there’s a scene that’s evocative of those two great Bat-flicks. This time involving the aforementioned Ivy making the journey to The Batcave.

Hey, I’m not going to sit here and tell y’all this was my favorite comic I’ve read since I starting “comic booking” The Bat again. Yet despite my own reservations, I found myself thinking “Damn Good!” as I turned the last page. And thank goodness that ‘tec is running self-contained stories -- keep it up DC!

Oh, Ivy’s drawn especially hot too! Not that I care, since I'm married and my wife's smokin' and everything (Hey, I'm just covering my bases in case she's reading).

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