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Book Review:

Author: Bill Ramey
Saturday, February 10, 2007

Here's a shocker: I like Batman.

I like Batman being ďBatman,Ē you know what I mean? I donít like it when Batman is ďjacked with,Ē if you will. Consequently, I wasnít a big fan of many of the ELSEWORLD stories that involved my favorite comic book superhero.

Now there are some that I really liked, such as BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT. That one, which is actually the first of DCís ELSEWORLD tales, was pretty damn good. However, I canít say that about the 1994 book, BATMAN: IN DARKEST KNIGHT.

Hereís the deal: Bruce Wayne becomes Green Lantern instead of The Batman.

Thatís it folks, thanks for reading!

Well, Iím kidding about this review coming to an end, but really, thatís all you need to know. But since Iím a nice guy, I shall continue.

IN DARKEST KNIGHT (written by Mike Barr with art by Jerry Bingham) is sort of like BATMAN: YEAR ONE -- in fact, it actually begins just like that classic Batman story with the bleeding Bruce Wayne sitting in Wayne Manor asking for a sign on what he should become ďto make them afraid.Ē Then out of the blue it happens! No bat flying through the window this time, but a Green Lantern arrives and tells Wayne that he has been ďchosen.Ē

Chosen for what? Well, if you know Green Lantern, Bruce Wayne has been selected to become a member of the Green Lantern Corps serve as the Green Lantern of Earth. Wayne is sworn to uphold order and protect the innocent. He's also obliged to the guardians of Oa, something that doesnít sit too well with the strong-willed Dark Knight.

From that point on, the story becomes an amalgamation of the Batman and GL mythos, but it leans way to the latter. Sure itís set in Gotham City (for the most part) and youíve got Alfred and Jim Gordon, but it is really a GL story at the core.

Look, I certainly donít dislike GL, but Iím a Batman fan, OK? Seeing Bruce in a GL costume -- one that sports a goofy blue and green cowl and Batman-like cape -- just wasnít my thing.

In addition, it simply got way too strange for my tastes with a Sinestro Joker (The villain) and the inclusion of Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash GLís!

No, Iím not kidding.

For me, IN DARKEST KNIGHT has a clever premise and starts out OK, but fizzles out rather quickly. If you are a Batman fan, skip it -- unless you collect or just like the Batman ELSEWORLDS. I do believe that fans of the Green Lantern mythos will enjoy it much more.

A NOTE FROM JETT: IN DARKEST KNIGHT is out of print and rather hard to find.

Bill Ramey, AKA "Jett," is the founder and editor in chief of

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