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Author: Bill "Jett" Ramey
Sunday, July 9, 2006
Story Arc: "Face The Face"
Story Title: "Face The Face," Part 7 of 8
Writer: James Robinson
Art by: Leonard Kirk and Andy Clarke
Cover Artist: Simone Bianchi

This whole “Face to Face” storyline has been excellent so far, and DETECTIVE #820 didn’t disappoint.

At the end of part 6, Harvey had finally succumbed to Two Face’s relentless insistence that they become one again; or two actually.

As we pick up the story in part 7, we find The Batman and Robin in the midst of taking down The Scarecrow. Of course, both had got of whiff of Dr. Crane’s gas, so not only were they battling Crane, they were also battling some of their own personal demons. All the while, The Batman is in radio contact with Commissioner Gordon and informing him who was not responsible for the murders of several Gotham super villains.

After dispatching The Scarecrow, The Dynamic Duo take off in The Batmobile headed for Gotham PD headquarters. On the way, The Dark Knight finally tells Robin of his plan for Tim Drake (not Robin) concerning his future. I’ve pretty much figured out what it is, but The Batman tells Robin, “Perhaps it would be best to wait until we’re done with Harvey Dent.”

Once at Gordon’s office, The Batman meets up with the young police officer Harper and apologizes for his act on the rooftop during part 1. Gordon then tells Batman and Robin that they need not look for Harvey anymore, and directs him to a news report on the television.

According to the report, “someone” has returned.

Again, some great stuff here and the artwork remains top notch as well. This whole storyline has sort of a “THE LONG HALLOWEEN” vibe to it in regards of Harvey. Remember how you knew something was going to happen, but yet you still were rooting for it not to occur? Some thing during “Face to Face.”

I also must say again that I like this “new” Batman, even though I missed the whole “A-hole Batman” period. He’s basically like I remember growing up reading the comics in the 70s.

Can’t wait to get part 8 and see how this all ends.

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