Author: Bill Ramey
Saturday, May 9, 2007

From DC COMICS: "Zatanna guest-stars in Part 1 of a 2-part tale of magic, murder and madness by Paul Dini! When her former assistant is killed in a dangerous trick gone wrong, the Maid of Magic turns to Batman to uncover the real circumstances behind the young woman's death, leading them to a confrontation with the mysterious illusionist Ivar Loxias — and an ultimately terrifying revelation."

DETECTIVE #833 is the first of a 2-parter guest-starring Zatanna. It is written by Paul Dini with pencils by Don Kramer and titled “TRUST.”

Oh yeah, it just may be the best damn story I’ve read since Dini’s run on DETECTIVE began.

The story goes as follows: There’s an accident on stage during a magician’s show in Gotham. A fire breaks out and one of the magician’s assistants is killed. Both Gordon and The Batman are leery of Ivar Loximas’ (the magician) claims that it was an, ahem, “accident.” The Dark Knight begins to investigate the death of this young girl which leads to Zatanna’s inclusion into the story. Seems the deceased once worked for her prior to joining up with this Loximas character. Also, we discover that Zantanna has a history with Loximas as well.

Through their “detective work” (This comic is titled DETECTIVE, right?) Batman and Zantanna conclude that Loximas is not as innocent as he claims he is and that the accident wasn’t one. In other words, the assistant was murdered. The two heroes decide to confront Loximas and that is how Part 1 of “TRUST” ends.

This IS one of those “sprint down to you comic book store and get this comic” comics (I think that makes sense). And one other thing, DO NOT take a peak at the end of the story, OK? There’s a big twist that you will not see coming and you are going to want to be surprised -- trust me!

“TRUST” also includes a small subplot dealing with The Batman and Zatanna’s damaged relationship and Dini does a fine job of weaving it into the overall storyline. We also discover that the two go way, WAY back.

Don Kramer’s art is OK+ as usual. I dig his Batman quite a bit and there is a very nice depiction of The Dark Knight on page 1. Other than that, OK+ as I said.

I loved this story and can’t wait to see how things play out as both Zatanna and Batman are in a, shall we say, “perilous” position as Part 1 concludes. And one last time, DO NOT flip to the back and spoil the twist, ‘cause it’s a good one!

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