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Author: Bill Ramey
Thursday, August 3, 2006

Sorry this is a week over do. But I’ve been a bit busy of late. Seems that there been this new movie announced called THE DARK KNIGHT and The Joker has been cast…

At any rate, I’m here with my review of BATMAN # 655, “Batman & Son, Part 1,“ written by Grant Morrison with art by Andy Kubert.

I’ve made no bones of late saying how much I’ve enjoyed both BATMAN and DETECTIVE since I started reading them regularly again. I’ve also stated how Batman seems to have “returned” to being the Batman I grew up with in the 70s comic books. He’s not unbalanced, psychotic, or weird, if you will. Now he’s certainly as focused as ever and the dark hasn’t vacated The Dark Knight. Shall I say that he’s a bit more, well, likable?

BATMAN #655 starts off with a bang. Literally. The Joker has poisoned Commissioner Gordon and kidnapped a bunch of disabled kids. How does The Batman save the day? He shoots The Joker point blank in the face.


Well, sort of. You’ll see when you read it.

With The Joker out of the way, The Batman has actually done what he set out to do at the beginning of his mission -- rid Gotham of crime. As a result, combined with the prodding of Alfred, The Batman decides to let ‘ol Bruce Wayne come out and play. Soon, Alfred and Bruce are in London for a benefit.

There he runs into Kirt Langstrom who exit’s the benefit like a, err, bat out of hell.

At the same time, we see that someone is watching Bruce and may have a wee bit of surprise for him (So yes, there‘s a cliffhanger).

The first part of the “Batman & Son” storyline was both exciting and a bit funny at times as well. The entire subplot of Bruce having to learn to be “Bruce” all over again is quite clever. Kurbert’s art, which sort of has a Jim Lee/HUSH feel to it, suit’s the story well.

Overall, the story is well written and fun to read. From Bruce, to Alfred, to Tim, and all aspects of the story combined, it simply says “Batman.”

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