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Author: Bill Ramey
Thursday, October 11, 2007

FROM DC COMICS: "The Joker has been born. Batman has crossed some lines. Now, see just how far the Dark Knight will go in order to bring down the new criminal insanity that's inspiring the denizens of Gotham City."

WARNING: This review of BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #11 contains info that some may consider a spoiler.
- “Jett”

The latest copy of BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL --issue #11 -- hit comic book stores last week and is titled, “Presenting, The Joker.” It is also Part 5 of the current storyline in which The Batman’s first encounter with The Clown Prince of Crime is chronicled (yet again).

Actually, during the course of this multi-issue story arc, we learned that The Dark Knight actually encountered a pre-Joker Joker. Seems that he was simply a depressed criminal sociopath who had somehow lost his way.

Um, OK. Anyway…

I have actually quite liked this particular take on the origin of The Joker, but found Part 5 of the tale to be its first real bump in the road.

So what’s the problem? I found the entire issue very cliché and contrived. For example, The Joker carries out his very first big “attack” on Gotham by sending a Joker Blimp over the city and blowing it up -- scattering shards of razor-sharp glad down on helpless Gothamites.

Alright, someone tell me how in the hell can a petty criminal -- who just now became The Joker -- have the time and money to obtain a purple and green blimp and fill it full of broken glass? Well, at least it wasn’t filled with Smilex.

Oh yeah, Harley Quinn shows up again in a cameo as we find out that her medical school tuition had been secretly and anonymously paid for. By whom I wonder? And on top of that, we’ve got that Bruce Wayne’s-girlfriend-near-death-with-Bruce-at-her-bed thing still going on. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been able to work up one once of care for that subplot.

See what I mean about the story being contrived?

Nevertheless, “Presenting: The Joker” proved to be nothing more than a setup for next month’s finale featuring The Joker vs. The Batman -- which is supposed to be the first real confrontation between the two P.A.B. (“Post Acid Bath,” FYI)

Here’s hoping that this issue was indeed just a single bump in the road and the second story arc of this title can finish on a positive note.

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