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Author: Bill Ramey
Monday, June 18, 2007

FROM DC COMICS: "The final chapter of the inaugural arc, 'Rules of Engagement,' pits the newly augmented Batman against Lex Luthor's burgeoning LexCorp in a battle drawing the boundary lines for Gotham City."

(Sorry this is a tad late. A little thing called THE DARK KNIGHT kept me a little busier than usualy last week! - "Jett")

Here is my review of BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #6:

Thank goodness that storyline is OVER!

I really don’t have much else to say to be honest. The storyline in question -- “Rules of Engagement” -- started off nicely and proceeded to go straight down the crapper. As I said, thankfully it’s over and a new multi-issue story arch will commence next month.

If you are not reading BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL yet, well, you haven’t missed anything. The stories of BC are set in the early years of The Batman’s career, and “Rules of Engagement” was the tale of The Dark Knight’s first encounter with Lex Luthor. Well, as the story turned out, that wasn’t necessarily the case. Talk about stupid plot twists!

Issue #6 brought everything we've been reading in the first 5 issues to a close. The whole deal with Lex, the O.R.G.R.E, etc., all wrapped up. Look, it’s not like I was expecting something as good as YEAR ONE, THE LONG HALLOWEEN, or BATMAN AND THE MAD MONK (all set in the early years of Batman’s career as well) quality-wise here, OK? But something better than this. Something not as “big” if you will. “Rules of Engagement” was just too “busy “for my liking. Fighting robots, the Batwing, the Batcycle -- just too much too soon for a young Batman in my opinion.

I’m going to chalk up this inaugural story arch as a fluke and give this title another chance. Perhaps the end of “Rules of Engagement” also will bring about a close the crappiness of this title.

The next storyline that will be another 6-parter that features The Joker before he was “The Joker.” It is being written by Michael Green of TV’s HEROES with artwork handled by Denys Cowan. Sadly, this has the potential to suck written all over it with this Joker before “The Joker” angle.

Here's hoping like hell that I’m wrong.

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