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A couple of days ago, I removed a piece of news that I had posted about THE DARK KNIGHT and some of the film’s plot details. What ended up on BOF was a tremendously edited version of what I had originally received by BOF's source known as “The Goon.” Not only was it edited, but A LOT of what this insider told me was not included in this particular report.

Upon further review, I came to the conclusion that I had violated my own policy in regards to spoilers. BOF‘s stance is that we do not post major plot points or twists that could potentially ruin -- or at least lessen -- one’s experience of watching a Batman film for the first time. Also, we believe that doing that is disrespectful towards all those involved in making these Batman movies.

BATMAN ON FILM is not a “scoop site” nor is it a “spoiler site.” Many websites are and that is their prerogative. They also couldn’t care less about the Batman character and the manner in which he is portrayed on the big screen. BOF, on the other hand, does care and cares deeply. BOF is all about promoting and lobbying for the quality presentation of the Batman character -- be it on film, in comics, in video games, etc.

If your primary concern when it comes to Batman on film is knowing every single detail of a Bat-film before you even see it, then frankly, BOF is not going to be your cup of tea.

While BOF does include information on the site that one may consider to be a “spoiler,” I personally regretted posting this information about THE DARK KNIGHT. My apologies go out to:

* Those avoiding spoilers and may have read it unintentionally…

* The cast and crew of THE DARK KNIGHT

* Those who enjoy reading the spoilers and were upset that I took said story down. Perhaps you were misled about what BOF "IS."

Frankly, there is a right way and wrong way of doing things when you run this sort of website. I'm of the opinion that revealing detailed spoilers -- plot points and twists specifically -- is not the right way to do things. Not that I'm saying that those site that do are "bad guys" -- it's simply the BOF way.

I thought I owed everyone an explanation, so here it is. I hope that this sheds some light on the situation and why I did what I did. I’m not asking everyone to agree, but I hope you can at least understand why and respect the way BOF operates.

To all those new to BOF, I suggest you read the BOF 101.

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