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BEGINS sequel to film outside UK?
Author: Jett
Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - 9:26 AM, 4:02 PM, 7:26 PM CENTRAL TIME: Today, a muse visited me regarding my "Bats/Supes" op-ed. I've altered in just a bit - FYI. And I've enjoyed all the email I've received in response. Just one thing guys - I DO love The S-Man. So no more, "Why do you HATE Superman?" emails, OK? How many of y'all saw SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE opening night? Yes, I know I'm old...

While doing my regular morning Bat-news search, I came across an interesting bit of information from the Bond website MI6. It seems that the new Bond flick, CASINO ROYALE, will only shoot for one week in the UK. The reason - the government's crackdown on abuse of the film tax credits. As a result, production in the UK has plummeted of late. What does this have to do with the BATMAN BEGINS sequel? Well, as you know, most of BEGINS was filmed in the UK. The report goes on to say, "UK officials have also expressed worries that the sequel to BATMAN BEGINS...will go [and film] abroad." As I reported to you all previously, Sir Michael Caine told us at the press junket that the BEGINS sets were left standing. BOF will keep our eyes on this situation...

There is a new "Bat-Poll" on the MAIN PAGE. Vote, if you haven't already. It is related to my recent NO BATS/SUPES FILM OP-ED...

Speaking of polls, the voters were split just about 50/50 whether or not the Rachel Dawes character should return in the sequel, with a slight edge in favor of her being in the next film. As I've said before, I'm pro-Rachel - even if the role needs to be recast for whatever reason.

Will the people dig BEGINS?
Author: Jett
Tuesday, November 29, 2005 - 9:53 AM CENTRAL TIME: FYI. BATMAN BEGINS is up for two "People's Choice Awards" - "Favorite Movie Drama" and "Favorite Movie." CLICK HERE to check out the nominees and vote for The Bat.

New op-ed, Hulme talks Joker?
Author: Jett
Monday, November 28, 2005 - 9:43 AM, 6:55 PM CENTRAL TIME: FYI: There are some possible SPOILERS in this report...

Got this in this evening from one of our longtime, trusted "insiders" regarding our earlier report:

"I read your report on Hulme per your request. From what I know, [about the BEGINS sequel], it seems that Mr. Hulme is being a bit coy I do believe."

Interesting. Can't wait to see how this eventually pans out...

Found a bit of sequel news over at COMICBOOKMOVIE.COM which seems to confirm info that BOF ran between October 10 thru 13 of this year. According to the report, The Joker "...won't be zany and clowny but rather, in keeping with the tone of director Chris Nolan's films, will be dark and frightening with a broad smile under his wide-brimmed hat." The story also says that The Penguin will appear as a "Russian arms dealer," although our source said the arms dealer was British, not Russian (Cobblepot Russian?). Now, this adds more legitimacy to our previous sequel plot report, or it's regurgitated info from BOF. Time will tell...

A new op-ed has been posted - finally. Hey, it was a holiday weekend! CLICK HERE to read...

I received a report from "down under" over the weekend from a chap who said that he worked on one of Lachy Hulme's recent flicks. Here's a bit of his report:

"[While on the set], my friend to asked him about being The Joker. 5 minutes later, my friend returns with an autograph, he told me that he asked Lachy if he was going to play The Joker in the BATMAN BEGINS sequel. Lachy laughs, and then replies 'What do you think?' My friend asks ,'Well are you?' Lachy says, 'I've been in talks, but the outlook is not good.'"

"About an hour later during the 15 minute break for cast and crew, my friend is again talking to Lachy outside the location set...I walk up to my friend, he speaks up and introduces me to to Lachy - stating that I'm huge Batman fan and that I think he should play the The Joker. Lachy smiles and laughs, and shakes my hand. I tell him he looks just like The Joker, and he says, 'That's what they keep telling me.' he had stated (after we asked) that he is going to LA after the next few weeks to talk Batman (or should I say Joker). I had asked him if he had seen any of the mock up pics that people have posted on the Net and he said, 'No, I'm afraid to!'

"I told him that some of the pics are really great and that people have gone to a lot of trouble doing them. I told him there are a lot of people who are really behind him getting this role. He said, 'Yeah, that's why I'm afraid to go onto these web sites because I would have to reply to all those people with thank you letters because they're the ones getting me this far. He then he got a phone call and had to leave."

Whew! OK, that's the story - allegedly - straight from Mr. Hulme's mouth. In talks, but it doesn't look good. Take it for what you will, and perhaps with a bit of salt.

Caine Talks Alfred
Author: Jett
Saturday, November 26, 2005 - 8:42 AM CENTRAL TIME: BOF'er "TermlnatriX" sent in a BEGINS sequel blurb from the recent edition of PREMIERE magazine:

Michael Caine is reprising his role as badass butler Alfred Pennyworth in BATMAN BEGINS sequel. "Michael Gough is friend of mine," says Caine, referring to the actor who last played Alfred, at the age of 79. "That'll be like me."

Not much, but at least it's a bit of Bat-news for us.

Happy Thanksgiving from BOF
Author: Jett
Wednesday, November 23, 2005 - 7:47 AM CENTRAL TIME: Just wanted to tell all of you celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow that I hope y'all have a great holiday...

If you haven't checked out the BATMAN BEGINS stuff by THE NOBLE COLLECTION, you should. Click on the link provided to check it out. And for you cynical folks, BOF is NOT an affiliate of that business...

I'm a bit intrigued by this upcoming comic book called "BATMAN: YEAR 100." CLICK HERE to check it out...

And finally, I'll be back this weekend to tell you why we should say no, No, NO to a BATMAN/SUPERMAN film. GO COWBOYS!

New Contest
Author: Jett
Tuesday, November 22, 2005 - 7:47 AM CENTRAL TIME: We've got a new contest starting in for the movie SYRIANA. CLICK HERE to enter...

There should never, ever be a "SUPERMAN/BATMAN" crossover film and I'll tell you exactly why in my new op-ed coming later this week. Be looking for it.

The Batman in Metropolis?!
Author: Jett
Saturday, November 19, 2005 - 12:47 PM CENTRAL TIME: Hey y'all, Jett coming to you from Interstate 45 halfway between Houston and Dallas. On my way to Big D for the Mavs game tonight and the Cowboys game tomorrow. Anyway, found an interesting report from a dude in the band "Luzer" who attended a Q&A-type program in Princeton, New Jersey featuring director Brian Singer at the Christopher Reeve Lecture Series. Now, we all know that Brian is helming SUPERMAN RETURNS, but he was asked about Big Blue eventually meeting The Dark Knight onscreen (CLICK HERE to read the full story):

"There is no truth to the rumor that there is a clause in Brandon Routh's contract to do a Superman/Batman crossover flick, only a standard Warner Brothers multi-picture deal.

I was later told that even though it most likely will never be seen in the movie, the set was so detailed that the Daily Planet newspapers were all filled with stories, including a 'Bat Creature' being spotted in Metropolis with a picture of a shadowy Batman jumping off of a building with Jimmy Olsen photo credits."

Now that is cool! I'd love to see the film throw The Bat a bone like that! And in turn, wouldn't it be cool for Clark Kent to show up in Gotham covering a story for the DAILY PLANET? (I've had several BOF'ers suggest that one) Anyway, I hope NOT to see a Bats/Supes film at any point in the future myself. Hang your hat on 'em Warners, but keep those guys separate.

About the guy from Krypton...
Author: Jett
Friday, November 18, 2005 - 9:41 AM CENTRAL TIME: What's up! As you know, BOF will be covering SUPERMAN RETURNS this summer (BOF's SUPERMAN RETURNS Page). Anyway, the teaser trailer is now available over at the OFFICIAL SITE. Some nice footage of Brandon Routh as The Man of Steel with the voice-over done by the late, great Marlon Brandon as Jor-El. I thought it was cool as hell. In fact, it sort of took me back to '78 and seeing SUPERMAN for the first time. I'm fired up for this film! Click on the link provided to check it out...

Got some cool stuff lined up for you all - interviews, contests, new op-ed articles (from various authors), mailbags, etc. So thanks again for your patronage and stay tuned...

One last thing. Speaking of contests, if you haven't entered the HARRY POTTER contest here on BOF, you have until sunday. Next week, we'll be have a new one for the film SYRIANA.

New Mailbag
Author: Jett
Thursday, November 17, 2005 - 12:00 PM CENTRAL TIME: A new MAILBAG has been posted. FYI...

Glad you all enjoyed the Uslan interview. Thanks for the emails...

If you are interested, John Glover who plays Lionel Luthor on SMALLVILLE, has his BATMAN AND ROBIN script up for auction - and it signed by Bob Kane himself. All proceeds from this item go to the Alzheimer's Association, Greater Maryland Chapter. CLICK HERE to check it out and bid if you are so inclined. Thanks to "Justin" from BLUETIGHTS.NET for the lead.

An Interview with Michael Uslan, Part IV
Author: Jett
Monday, November 14, 2005 - 3:00 PM CENTRAL TIME: The final installment of my interview with Michael Uslan can now be read by CLICKING HERE.

Katie Holmes to quit acting?
Author: Jett
Sunday, November 13, 2005 - 6:00 AM CENTRAL TIME: According to online reports (I found this story in THE DIGITAL SPY), Katie Holmes will stop acting now that she is to be a mom. Stay at home, etc. Hey, as a parent, I can certainly understand that. (I will say if this is indeed the case - this story did originate in a UK gossip newspaper - I would hope they would re-cast the role, and not dismiss the character from the sequel. I actually like the character of Rachel Dawes and hope that she is in the next film. Jennifer Connelly anyone? Anyway, enough of this editorial.)...

The final part of my interview with Michael Uslan will be posted early next week. Got all your emails - glad y'all have enjoyed the interview so for. So, be looking for Part IV!

Interview with Michael Uslan, Part III
Author: Jett
Friday, November 11, 2005 - 6:00 PM CENTRAL TIME: My respect for Michael Uslan keeps growing. And so should yours after you read PART 3 of my interview with him.

Review: BATMAN AND ROBIN (1949)
Author: Jett
Friday, November 11, 2005 - 6:42 AM, 11:53 AM CENTRAL TIME: Mark Reinhart's REVIEW OF BATMAN AND ROBIN (1949) is now up and ready to read. Click on the link provided to give it a look...

Tim Burton talks about the recent Bat-DVDs with the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES...

Part 3 of my interview with Michael Uslan is ready to go. Be looking for it!

An Interview with Michael Uslan - Part II
Author: Jett
Thursday, November 10, 2005 - 9:32 PM CENTRAL TIME: Part 2 of my interview with Mr. Michael Uslan can be read by CLICKING HERE. And tomorrow on BOF, Mark Reinhart's review of BATMAN AND ROBIN (1949)...

One thing regarding the articles, interviews, news, etc. that appear here on BOF. PLEASE include a link back to the source material if you use it - in particular on message boards. This is copyrighted material folks - simply copying and pasting an entire article is flat wrong; and illegal for that matter. Please show this site (and all others) and the authors who write for BOF that respect. Thanks!

Schreiber coy about Dent role?
Author: Jett
Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - 1:06 PM CENTRAL TIME: In a recent chat session on his WEBSITE, Liev Schreiber denied any knowledge of being up for the role of Harvey Dent in the BEGINS sequel. "Yes," said Schreiber when asked if he was interested in the role. "Write your congressmen now! Sounds like fun to me. Again, I seem to be the last one to hear because I know nothing about it." Don't read too much into his statement one way or the other - Mr. Schreiber couldn't say anything about it anyway. Thanks to all of you BOF'ers who sent in the lead...

Part 2 of my interview with Michael Uslan will be posted on tomorrow. Mark Reinhart's review of BATMAN AND ROBIN (1949) will be available to read Friday.

Michael Uslan Interview, Part I
Author: Jett
Tuesday, November 8, 2005 - 6:20 PM CENTRAL TIME: The first installment of my interviw with Mr. Michael Uslan can be read by CLICKING HERE.

DVD Review: BATMAN (1943)
Author: Jett
Monday, November 7, 2005 - 10:10 AM CENTRAL TIME: Hey ya'll, Jett here. Our old friend Mark S. Reinhart - author of the excellent THE BATMAN FILMOGRAPHY - is back. This time, Mr. Reinhart has contributed a REVIEW OF THE 1943 BATMAN SERIAL DVD. Mark is reviewing both of the 40s serials DVDs for BOF, and this is the first. Click on the link to check it out...


I want to thank Mr. Michael Uslan again for giving up his time to speak to me last Saturday. I found what he has to say facinating and could have talked to him for hours. Make sure to check out my upcoming multi-part interview with Mr. Uslan which is coming soon - you all are really going to enjoy it! (If you scroll down, you can click on the interview preview link) And thanks as well to F.J. DeSanto for his help in setting up the interview...

Our DC-ON-FILM sub-site has been updated.

Jett interviews Michael Uslan - Preview
Author: Jett
Saturday, November 5, 2005 - 5:12 PM CENTRAL TIME: I recently - like today - had the great honor of interviewing Mr. Michael Uslan. An introduction and preview of my upcoming interview installments can now be read by CLICKING HERE.

Caine talks Bat-sequel. Jackman as Dent?
Author: Jett
Friday, November 4, 2005 - 11:20 AM, 12:40 PM, 5:47 PM CENTRAL TIME: BOF'er "TermInatriX" says he just got his ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY in and it contained the following blurb by Sir Michael Caine:

"It's next year, I think, but [first] I'm doing a picture with Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan in January called THE PRESTIGE, which is a much smaller film. It's about a couple of homicidal magicians who are trying to kill each other."

Caine probably means that pre-production and perhaps filming will start next year, but it still looks to be a summer 2008 release. Caine is pretty forthcoming to say the least - just check out my INTERVIEW with him from the BEGINS press junket. Cool dude. And I REALLY want to see this THE PRESTIGE. (I'm just guessing here - I need to read the book - but do you like one of the magicians and hate the other? If you've read the book, shoot me an email and give me the skinny)...

Hugh Jackman will not be in the BEGINS sequel. Hi y'all, Jett here. I have had TONS of email the last couple of weeks asking me if I thought Christopher Nolan would cast Hugh Jackman as Harvey Dent in the next Bat-flick. Since Jackman has recently been cast to star with Christian Bale and Sir Michael Caine in Nolan's THE PRESTIGE, people are trying to put two and two together here. Hell, it even crossed my mind. So I asked one of our best "insiders" to get his take on it:

"I very much doubt it will happen. Jackman's got several projects in the works [WOLVERINE, IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW, and others - Jett] and I don't know if he would be available to shoot it in 2007. Plus, why would he get involved with another comic book franchise? Anyway, I'm still hearing it is [Liev] Schreiber's role if he wants it."

Hey, you never know, you know? Jackman wouldn't be a bad choice in my opinion. I guess we can put that one to rest - for a while at least...

Should or shouldn't Robin be in any of the BEGINS sequels? HERE IS A NEW OP-ED on just that subject.

Bale's Oscar collection BEGINS? BEGINS still tops the charts!
Author: Jett
Thursday, November 3, 2005 - 9:08 AM, 10:40 AM, 1:29 PM CENTRAL TIME: I found a blurb on MOVIEHOLE's mailbag had the following to say about how Lachy Hulme got into The Joker mix:

"An insider dropped us an email earlier this week and told us that Christopher Nolan’s actually the one that fancies [Lachy] Hulme for the Clown Prince of Crime. Anything could change between now and the first day of principal photography though."

This is exactly what our source - "Treatment Insider" - previously told BOF on October 15th: "Now as far as casting goes Paul Bettany is a serious contender for The Joker, but so is this Lachy Hulme fellow. From what I heard Nolan was the one who first expressed interest in Hulme." If these are two different sources - which I think they are - it makes both the Hulme and Bettany rumors that more legit...

REUTERS reports that BATMAN BEGINS is still kicking ass on the DVD charts:

"Three new releases all out on the same day couldn't bump 'Batman Begins' from the top of the preliminary national DVD sales chart for the week ending October 30."

BILLBOARD also lists BEGINS at the top of DVD sales and video rentals...

So, should Christian Bale get an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of The Dark Knight in BATMAN BEGINS? Well, I'm sure that many of us "Bat-Dorks" think he should - I mean, he was pretty damn good, right? Today, guest writer Matthew Anderson tells us why Mr. Bale should get some Oscar run. CLICK HERE to check it out...

Guys, I checked in with Warner Home Video and they told me that there are plenty of the BATMAN BEGINS DELUXE EDITION DVDs out there. If the stock is low at your local store, they tell me more are on the way. Of course, you can always get it right here through BOF...

I will be updating the links on the DC-ON-FILM section today - FYI.

BEGINS ends theater run
Author: Jett
Wednesday, November 2, 2005 - 6:25 AM, 10:08 AM CENTRAL TIME: MAILBAG 11 has been posted...

According to BOX OFFICE MOJO, BATMAN BEGINS has ended its theater run. Total domestic take stands at $205,343,774. The overseas box office still stands at $166,480,873 as of September 1, 2005. And now, on to the sequel...

According to MOVIEHOLE, rumored Joker candidate LACHY HULME has nabbed a role in the comedy BOYTOWN. The other rumored leading candidate, PAUL BETTANY, is currently filming THE DA VINCI CODE...

A new MAILBAG will be posted today - be looking for it.

Author: Jett
Monday, October 31, 2005 - 9:38 AM CENTRAL TIME: Hey y’all, Jett here. First of all, thanks to all of you who emailed me regarding the blurb I included last week about little Ryan Williams. You know, I don't know this boy, but his story really struck a chord with me - I've got three kids myself and my youngest is only a year and a half older than Ryan. I see that many of you responded and signed “Batman’s” guestbook. If you haven’t yet signed it, please do so…

Voters of TOTAL FILM magazine have voted BATMAN BEGINS as their FAVORITE FILM. Click on the link to read the article…

Coming up on BOF - a new MAILBAG, a new SCATTERSHOTS article, and a interview with someone that I’m sure you will definitely want to read. That interview - which I am conducting via phone this Saturday - should be posted within the next couple of weeks. BOF also has some op-eds in the works by various authors - including DVD reviews of the two 1940s serials by THE BATMAN FILMOGRAPHY author Mark S. Reinhart. And of course, we'll be bring you the latest and most reliable news on the BATMAN BEGINS sequel!

A Note From Jett
Author: Jett
Friday, October 28, 2005 - 9:03 AM CENTRAL TIME: If you want to help RYAN WILLIAMS - the little Bat-fan I told you all about yesterday - you can make contributions to his fund:

First Liberty National Bank Dayton Financial Center
P.O. Box 2109
Dayton, TX 77535

This is a message I received from his aunt:

"Little Ryan is a true Batman lover. If someone forgets and addresses him by Ryan he is sure to correct them immediately (sometimes politely and sometimes not so politely) - you gotta love 'em. It is neat to know that there are Batman lovers everywhere of all ages even those as young as 3. Ryan just turned 3 on September 30th and went into the hospital 4 days later. We are hoping that his belief in being Batman will only bring him extra super power to overcome everything he is having to battle. His parents are wonderful and very creative. They have turned his I.V. pole into his Bat-Pole in order for him to remember he must keep it by his side at all times. He is beginning to lose his hair now so they will be forced to shave his beautiful blonde hair this week. Ryan told them he liked his hair and didn't want to shave it but they explained that his Batman mask would fit better and they would paint the Batman symbol on the back of his head."

You can visit HIS WEBSITE via the links I provided and send "Batman" a get well message.

BEGINS DVD sales/rentals off the hook!
Author: Jett
Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 1:07 PM CENTRAL TIME: OK BOF'ers - AND WARNER BROS. - can you help me with THIS? This came my way today and I know y'all care like I do. We can always help a fellow Bat-fan. And for you cynical sorts, this was unsolicited. Thanks...

According to REUTERS, the BATMAN BEGINS - as predicted here at BOF - is doing well in both sales and rentals. "[BATMAN BEGINS] ranks as the top-selling DVD so far this fourth quarter. Industry sources peg its sales at nearly 4 million copies in the week ended October 23. [It] also scored an easy victory, generating an estimated $11.36 million in rental revenue for the week." The sequel is going to be off the hook I tell ya...

FYI. The location of an ad on this page was incorrect earlier and has now been fixed. Sorry if there was any confusion...

Hey, I get no kickback on this stuff, so don't be thinking like that (not that I mind kickbacks). Anyway BOF'ers, enter the HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE CONTEST that you will find here on BOF. You may win something! And please, only ONE entry per person. Gracias, amigos...

HERE is another nice review of the BATMAN BEGINS DVD from my friends at MOVIE MAN'S GUIDE TO THE MOVIES.

Nolan status update
Author: Jett
Tuesday, October 25, 2005 - 6:40 AM, 6:28 PM CENTRAL TIME: An old source of BOF - who presented us with (among other things) THE VERY FIRST REVIEW of BATMAN BEGINS to hit the Net - is back with some follow-up info. This insider is the one who told me to tell y'all that expect news regarding the sequel to hit around the time of the DVD releases. And low and behold, that's just what happened. He was also the first to tell us that filming might take place on 2 and 3 back-to-back. Anyway, here's what he had to say today:

"I've been reading your site and it looks like most of the stuff I told you about is finally coming out. I should tell you that when I said there would be an offical annoucement I meant Warnre Bros. would start getting the rumor mill working around the release of the DVD. That is the way these press guys work now."

He went on to say that nothing will be decided regarding the sequel without Nolan, and he's concentrating on THE PRESTIGE right now. The actor's names that have been mentioned for villains are simply candidates right now. Casting will probably take place sometime next year after TP...

Speaking of Nolan and the sequel, Nolan did just that in EMPIRE ONLINE (Thanks to all you BOF'ers who sent in the lead!):

Jeff Robinov at Warners was quoted as saying that you tell him what the sequel is going to be. Is that the case?
"Well, he’s very polite to put it that way! I have marched into his office and I have told him what David Goyer and I think the story is, and they seem to like it a lot. I think the success of BATMAN BEGINS, in my terms, in it being a film that I wanted it to be, is very much due to a collaboration with the studio. It wasn’t really one or the other telling the other what it should be, so I think he’s poking fun!"

And it continues. It should be a fun 2 and a half years...

"Treatment Insider" is back with some clarification for us. He tells BOF that:

- Nolan is committed to one more film, but would like to make 3 total as the story from 2 continues into 3.

- Nolan may flesh out the script on his own (if Goyer's other projects are too time consuming), or he may bring in another writer to work with him on it.

- Shooting back-to-back has been discussed, but no "OK" on that from Nolan. We should hear more one way or another once THE PRESTIGE is in the can.

Cast scuttlebut and release date?
Author: Jett Monday, October 24, 2005 - 6:31 PM CENTRAL TIME: This in today from a source that has provided BOF with some spot-on info before. He warns that this is only "industry rumor" at this time, but hey, it's a bit of news! Here you go:

"Got a rumored release date for you: Friday, June 20, 2008. Since it [BATMAN BEGINS - Jett] did well opening on a Wednesday, June 18, 2008 is a possibility as well.

Another thing I've heard is that whomever is cast as Dent and The Joker, will sign on for two pictures. There's still some talk of 'Batman 2/3' filming together, so this would make sense. Or, it could mean that there are plans to bring those two characters back with some sort of 'cliffhanger" at the end of this next film."

Now, it wouldn't take The World's Greatest Detective to deduce most of this - BATMAN films have historically been released in June. And we know of the rumors about Dent and The Joker being in both 2 and 3. But as I said, the guy's a good source and doesn't blow smoke up you know where. I wonder if Warner Bros. would consider - if they did film them at the same time - a November/December release for 2, and then follow it up a year and a half later with a June release for 3? Nevermind - BATMAN's a summer tentpole.

BATMAN BEGINS DVD Sales Kicking Ass!
Author: Jett
Saturday, October 22, 2005 - 9:40 AM, 2:06 PM CENTRAL TIME: Well, it looks like the BEGINS DVD (which you can purchase here at BOF) is doing good business, according to VIDEOBUSINESS.COM. "Debuting Oct. 18 from Warner Home Video, BATMAN BEGINS swooped off retail and rental shelves in its first several days of release. Warner declined to provide sales figures, but many retailers said activity beat their expectations."

I figured it was going to do really well. I'm sure there are many people going through various stores, seeing the display and think, "I heard this movie was really good," and they buy it. The sequel will be off the hook, just watch...

Matt from Pittsburgh sent in this report:

I'm an employee at a Circuit City in Pittsburgh, and indeed, sales for the DVD are crushing expectations. We're just about out of our supply, and our managers have even liked the movie so much that we've moved it from a display elsewhere in the store to the brand new Sony XBR LCD display that you see as soon as you walk in the door. Their exact words: 'People want to see it, so we're going to make sure they see it as soon as they enter our store.' Needless to say, I sprang the idea upon them, but hey, I'm just doing my part. For over a year I've been hyping my fellow employees up about the film, and I have to tell you, it's a pure thrill to see how much they really did enjoy it, even the harshest of skeptics."

To borrow a phrase from the great coach Jimmy Johnson (and fellow Texan), "How 'bout that BATMAN BEGINS!"


New Mailbag
Author: Jett
Friday, October 21, 2005 - 5:00 PM CENTRAL TIME: A new MAILBAG has been posted - #10...

What the hey - Mr. David S. Goyer and Mr. Christopher Nolan, I'd love to hear from y'all. Another public shoutout - you never know when they will work ;) ...

Tim Burton is back with THE CORPSE BRIDE and is doing press. Check out an interview with him at MSNBC.COM in which he talks a lot about his BATMAN. And he HASN'T seen BEGINS yet - and his reason makes perfect sense. Thanks to all that sent in the lead! Late.

Nolan talks Batman and sequel
Author: Jett
Thursday, October 20, 2005 - 6:25 PM CENTRAL TIME: BOX OFFICE MOJO has a cool and interesting interview with director Chris Nolan. Click on the link provided to read. Here's a bit regarding the sequel:

"I can't talk about it. These are very early days. I'm going to do THE PRESTIGE first—about a couple of magicians who become involved in sabotaging each other acts, set in turn of the century London—and then we'll be looking at doing a BATMAN picture."

"Batman is positive, but I believe that, in the first couple of years, he's going to find an increasingly negative response from society, because the truth is that, when you have a powerful, negative city like Gotham, it didn't become corrupt by accident, and those entrenched people are going to respond very vigorously."

Thanks to ALL of you who sent in the lead!

Bat-Poll results, a new poll, and more
Author: Jett
Wednesday, October 19, 2005 - 7:47 AM, 4:30 PM CENTRAL TIME: Thanks for all the response regarding the DVDs! I read all of yall's email and enjoyed them quite a bit. I too went to several places where you could buy it, and it was damn near gone from the shelves! As I've said several times, the sequel will be HUGE - off the hook huge! - Just make sure it is good WB, Mr. Nolan, Goyer (and ALL that are involved). Anyway...

I took the day off since I did hit the big "Four-Ohhhh" today. That's why I had the time to surf around the Net and read all the email. Seems that everyone is giving a "thumb's up" to the BEGINS and the SE Bat-DVDs...

I've got an interview set up that will be posted sometime in November that you all are going to absolutely dig. Be on the lookout...

Here are the results to our last poll question, "Which rumored title do you like best?" Here's the breakdown:

BATMAN ATTACKS (51 votes - 3%)
BATMAN CONTINUES (218 votes - 11%)
BATMAN STRIKES (249 votes - 12%)
BATMAN ESCALATION (326 votes - 16%)
THE DARK KNIGHT (891 votes - 44%)

About 300 votes (15%) wanted something else as the title. How about opening with the swarming bats again, fade to black, and then simply have "Part II" onscreen as the film begins...

The BATMAN BEGINS DVD contest has ended. Thanks for entering. Winners will be contacted via email by Warner Bros. Look for our next contest coming soon.

Jett's analysis of the Bat-DVDs
Author: Jett
Tuesday, October 18, 2005 - 8:29 PM CENTRAL TIME: I've put together a quick analysis of the SE Bat-DVDs. CLICK HERE to give it a read...

So, are y'all digging those DVDs? I love 'em and I'D LIKE TO HEAR what you all think...

So, did you check out USA TODAY, uh, today? Recognize anything - or anyone - in a certain article? Pretty cool...

Mr. Michael Uslan - I'd love to hear from you. So consider this a very public shout out...

A cool article regarding the BATMAN BEGINS DVD release from my friends over at IGN FILMFORCE with Chris Nolan. Here's what he had to say about the sequel:

"I can't really talk about it other than to say that we are talking about doing a sequel right now," he says. "David [Goyer] and I have been talking about where we're taking the characters. ... We know what we're doing and we're pretty excited about it, but it's still very early. I'm actually making another film first that I'm just in preproduction on, so it's a bit of a ways off."

It's good to be a Bat-fan. Thanks again for the support guys (and gals). Late...

Oh, one last thing: Tim Burton, "Thank You." You got the ball rolling.

B&R SE DVD Review
Author: Jett
Monday, October 17, 2005 - 11:59 PM CENTRAL TIME: Sorry about the time I'm posting this, but I was at the Astros/Cardinal NLCS game tonight (And what a kick in the crotch! One friggin' out - that's all was left!) and I also got back late from Dallas (16, NY Giants 13) Sunday evening...

Paul J. Wares is back with a new op-ed and a great idea. CLICK HERE to check it out...

My review of the BATMAN AND ROBIN SE DVD is posted. CLICK HERE to read...

Check out USA TODAY's story on the BATMAN BEGINS DVD release...

And finally, tomorrow (which I think is actually NOW), look for a follow-up to my four SE Bat-DVD reviews.

More possible sequel news
Author: Jett
Saturday, October 15, 2005 - 9:11 AM, 2:52 PM CENTRAL TIME: Make sure you check out USA TODAY next Tuesday. A feature regarding the DVD release of BEGINS will be posted. And you may even "see" some people there you are familiar with...

CLICK HERE and check out the song "Bruce Wayne" by Daniel Link, which was actually pitched to Warner Bros. Thought y'all may like it...

"Treatment Insider" is back with some additional sequel news:

- Nolan is signed for two more Bat-films and the sequel has been given the greenlight. The very first stages of pre-production have started. No official annoucement yet.

- Filming may begin in the Spring of '07.

- "Now as far as casting goes Paul Bettany is a serious contender for The Joker, but so is this Lachy Hulme fellow. From what I heard Nolan was the one who first expressed interest in Hulme."

- Nolan may work on the sequel as a side project while filming THE PRESTIGE.

I have received several emails asking "How can all of this you are reporting be going on, when there's no script, Nolan hasn't signed on, etc." From what I've been told, Goyer did an 80 some-odd page script treatment. Plus, Nolan and Goyer allegedly knew where they wanted to go with the next two films since they were putting BEGINS together. And as Jeff Robinov said, Nolan was meeting with Warner Bros. "to tell them what the next BATMAN will be." How is he going to do this, if there's no story, scripment, casting ideas, etc.? Robinov more or less said that Nolan's back, even though there has yet to be an "official" announcement.

It's happening as we speak - so sit back for the next two-plus years and enjoy!

Will Keaton be The Joker?
Author: Jett
Friday, October 14, 2005 - 6:19 AM, 5:00 PM CENTRAL TIME: I was going to post my last SE Bat-DVD review this evening, but I got one from Kris Tapley that's so good, it was worth pre-empting my own. CLICK HERE to read what he has to say about the BATMAN BEGINS sequel and the rumors about it...

But I did whip up an op-ed telling y'all just what I think about Michael Keaton "possibly" playing The Joker. CLICK HERE to check it out...

I posed that question yesterday to someone I know who is an, ahem, "industry insider." Here's how he responded, "Considered? Perhaps. Will he be cast in the role? Absolutely not." There you have it...

My review of the BATMAN AND ROBIN SE DVD will be posted tonight...

Some of you -based on your emails - misunderstood what our source "Treatment Insider" told us about the look of The Joker. He - the Joker character - will not be wearing white makeup. The actor playing him will obviously, so he can look like a guy with bleach-white skin...

Isn't all this sequel talk great? Just like the "good 'ol days." Late.

More sequel news?
Author: Jett
Thursday, October 13, 2005 - 6:19 AM, 9:00 PM CENTRAL TIME: A new MAILBAG (#9) has been posted and is ready to read. Thanks for sending me your questions and comments...

According to AMAZON.COM, the BATMAN BEGINSDELUXE EDITION DVD is their #1 selling DVD...

A big chunk of news has been ARCHIVED...


Hey y'all, Jett here. Man, the news is really starting to roll in regarding BATMAN 2 (That's how we'll refer to it until we actually know the title). Due to our "no-spoiler" policy, I'm being very careful right now with what's printed here on BOF - and I'm sure you all understand. With that said, I've got some more info in from our source "Treatment Insider." Here goes (SPOILERS - mouse-over to read):

- "Linus Roache is most certainly back seeing as how there may be some flashbacks showing Thomas Waynes' ties to 'Ambiguous Mob Boss,' and a scene showing the relationship The Waynes' had with the late parents of 'The heir.'"

- "The Joker will be the central villain, although he isn't directly connected to the other 'villain plots.'"

- "The other major villain, 'The heir,' will be more a villain to Wayne himself than Batman - causing a rather interesting sitiuation where Bruce will find all his identities under assult."

- Loeb and Flass will return. The latter is no longer a member of the GPD.

- "In light of Nolan's ambiguous comment about Robin. I know for a fact that [currently, Robin is NOT in the mix]."

- "Let me clarify what I said about The Joker's apperence. As far as his physical apperence goes, it seems pretty faitful to the comics - although it's never really explained why he will look the way he does. So no make up or permanent smiles on his face. As far as his costume, by 'exact translation' I mean the kind of translation that has been seen in 'The Animated Series or Burton's 'Batman.'
I never said anything saying that we might not see The Joker in purple at some point."

I'll say all of this sounds very good! Stay tuned to BOF for the latest B2 news!

Nolan talks and more sequel news
Author: Jett
Wednesday, October 12, 2005 - 6:37 AM, 9:08 PM CENTRAL TIME: My review of the BATMAN FOREVER SE DVD is now posted and ready to read by CLICKING HERE...

Nolan talks again. Check out IGN FILMFORCE...

Remember when I told you all that there could be a release of sequel news around the time the BEGINS DVD hits the shelves? Well, that certainly looks to be the case - although I'm not sure an "official" annoucement is going to happen. But look at all the news that has broken of late and the DVD's release is less than a week away...

My friends at DARK HORIZONS have a sequel update that certainly jives with what BOF has been telling you all. Garth's scooper has Paul Bettany the fave to nab the role of The Joker, while Liev Schreiber is said to damn near wrapped up the role of Harvey Dent (BOF broke both of those casting stories). Click on the link provided for more...

ABOUT.COM has an exclusive interview with director Chris Nolan. Here's a bit:

So, are you doing BATMAN CONTINUES?
"Well, it certainly won’t be called that. That’s the title most commonly thrown at me. Actually, I have been talking to the studio and to David Goyer about directions for a sequel because we’re certainly very excited still about the world we were able to dive into and the characters we were able to put on screen. It’s a pretty interesting bunch of people and an interesting place, so we’re definitely talking about places we would take it."

Two villians, or just The Joker?
"I wouldn’t want to talk about any specifics per se. All I can really say is it’s a film we’re talking about doing."

Will WB make the same mistakes with this series that they did with the last one?
"Well, to me it’s more about the filmmakers and their collaboration with the studio. I don’t think you can necessarily lay all the blame at the feet of the studio or all the blame at the feet of the filmmakers. With franchise properties, with the idea of sequels, as I see it, the only reason to do a sequel is to do something better than the film you’ve made before. That’s the reason you have to be doing it, with that kind of intention. That’s the only way in which I would enter into the process."

Can Robin be used without dumbing down the thing?
"Possibly, but I can’t really talk about specifics."

Can the guy say "I'm doing the sequel" any clearer? And Chris, do you realize what sort of internet bomb you just dropped with that Robin "no comment?" The fanboys will be tripping...

I got three "names" for you. They could be considered spoilers, so scroll over them if you want to read:

Salvatore Maroni. Roman Sionis. Oswald "The Penguin" Cobblepot.

Looks like things are really getting going with the sequel. Should be a fun two or three years...

My review of the BATMAN FOREVER SE DVD will be posted tonight. Late.

Nolan meets with WB, an early look at BATMAN 2? - Part 2, and much more!
Author: Jett
Tuesday, October 11, 2005 - 6:37 AM, 7:30 PM, 9:13 PM CENTRAL TIME: I had a longtime source get back with me today. I asked him to "analyze" this recent information and here is what he had to say:

"Bill, remember I told you several times that is was simply a matter of time before Nolan “officially” signs on for the sequel? Well, it certainly looks like it is headed that way rather quickly. If [Jeff] Robinov is telling ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ that Nolan is coming in to tell them about the next BATMAN, he’s probably already signed on the dotted line. There has never been an question in Hollywood that Nolan wouldn’t be back.

As far as your latest update, I see that you didn’t totally vouch for that source. But if I had to guess from afar, it sounds legit. I find it VERY interesting that you run that leaked plot news and at the same time, it is basically announced by Warner Bros. that Nolan is directing the next film (wink-wink). A coincidence? Hmmmm.

And you can bet your ass that Nolan isn’t pitching a idea for Warner to OK - he’s telling them exactly what the film is going to be about. That man is gold to them right now.

Keep up the great work you do - and never underestimate the important role BOF plays in the Bat-franchise.


I'm going to throw this out there as who I think the possible villains are: "ambiguous mob boss," Rupert Thorne (?); Salvatore Maroni (?). "an industrial heir," Roman Sionis. "British arms dealer," Oswald "The Penguin" Cobblepot. What do y'all think...

Fresh off the heels of our possible BATMAN 2 plot details news, Warner Bros. bigwig Jeff Robinov was quoted in today’s HOLLYWOOD REPORTER saying that director Christopher Nolan “…is going to come in and tell us what the next 'Batman' will be today.” And you all were worried that Nolan wasn’t going to return. But damn! I guess that means I’m out as a potential director…

My review of the BATMAN RETURNS SE DVD can be read by CLICKING HERE...

OK, here's a bit more regarding what we may see in the BEGINS sequel:

"I won't reveal all the villains, but I'll leave a few hints that the avid comic fan should be able to decipher. One will be an ambiguous mob boss with ties to the late Dr. Thomas Wayne. Another will be an industrial heir not unlike Bruce Wayne - in fact it could be said that he is a dark mirror of Bruce. Over the course of the story, he will be forced to present a new 'face.' And then we have a small, almost cameo type [appearence by a] villain who is considered a 'classic rouge' as a British arms dealer. It may sound a bit crowded, but it all fits together, makes sense, and works much like a comic story arc."

Sarah Essen - a former GPD cop with "ties" to Gordon - now work for the ATF.

"As for the villains plot, the mob boss and the heir get involved with a major arms deal with the 'British Guy,' while Batman and his allies attempt to foil it. [As a result,] they uncover more of the corruption plauging Gotham. Unfortunatly for both sides, nobody knew there was a Joker in the deck who complicates matters."

Again, take this with a grain of salt, but interesting nonetheless...

My BATMAN RETURNS SE DVD review will be posted this PM.

An early look at BATMAN 2?
Author: Jett
Monday, October 10, 2005 - 8:49 AM CENTRAL TIME: Hey y'all, Jett here, coming to you today from Dallas (33, Philadelphia 10 - hehehehe). Anyway, an "industry insider" sent us some info about what we might expect in the upcoming sequel. He warns us to take this with a qrain of salt, so, uh, get out the shaker:

"All the major characters from the first film aside from the villains are back."

"Two additions to the cast of 'good guys:' Harvey Dent and Sarah Essen."

"[The] Joker will be in this film, although he will be just one of several major villains."

"The Joker. I won't spoil things for you but those expecting an exact translation of [the Character] from the comics, in terms of costume, you will be disappointed. However, let may say that this Joker will be the 'The Joker;' the way character is written is very faithful to [how] he is in the comics and I can see why WB is not interested in actors like Crispin Glover or Johnny Depp."

Now there's a bit more, but I'll hold off on it right now. Is this source legit? Don't know for sure - so all of you should keep that in mind (When I tell you to set it in stone, set it in stone). But I'll say this: a lot of what he told me jives with what I've heard. So, the guy's legit, a good guesser, or Ms. Cleo...

A request to Warner Bros. from the "guys overseas." I've been asked to relay the message that the troops in the Middle East would love to see BATMAN BEGINS over there - in particular Camp Jersey, Kuwait. Guys, consider the message relayed. Hope it helps...

The next 3 SE Bat-DVD reviews will be posted this week. Be on the look-out for 'em - and a new MAILBAG as well. And a new SCATTERSHOTS is in the works too. Late.

Author: Jett
Saturday, October 8, 2005 - 8:26 PM CENTRAL TIME: MY REVIEW of the BATMAN SE DVD is posted and ready to read.

Author: Jett
Friday, October 7, 2005 - 7:49 PM CENTRAL TIME: OK, they are in! I'm in the process of watching all the new Bat-DVDs in detail as we speak. I'm going to review them one by one, starting with BATMAN - hopefully as early as tomorrow. I'll say this, they are good! Very much worth having in your Bat-collection. So my friends, stay tuned!

Script Review - BATMAN: YEAR ONE
Author: Jett
Thursday, October 6, 2005 - 8:52 PM CENTRAL TIME: Here's some more "filler" for you BOF'ers. My script review of the Aronofsky/Miller BATMAN: YEAR ONE IS NOW AVAILABLE TO READ. Click on the link provided and give it a look if you are so inclined...

A "Best Picture" nod for BEGINS? The betters out there certainly don't think so. CLICK HERE to see how the Oscar line stands.

BOF update and vote for BEGINS
Author: Jett
Wednesday, October 5, 2005 - 6:04 AM 7:12 PM CENTRAL TIME: MAILBAG 8 has now been posted - day earlier than intended...

I've reviewed the Aronofsky/Miller YEAR ONE script. It's ready to go and I'll have it posted by this Friday...

Hey all, Jett here with a update on what's going on here at BOF. My BEGINS DELUXE DVD REVIEW (click on the link to read) has been posted - check it out if you haven't already...

If you haven't noticed, BOF plans to cover two upcoming comic book based films - V FOR VENDETTA and SUPERMAN RETURNS. In fact, we will have individual pages for each (The one for SUPERMAN RETURNS - "SUPERMAN-ON-FILM" - has recently went live here at BOF - SUPERMAN-ON-FILM.INFO). What we plan on doing is having junket interviews, stories, and a review of each...

During 2006, look for more from both BOF and ON-FILM.NET...

A new MAILBAG will be posted tomorrow...

And finally, VOTE FOR BATMAN BEGINS! (Thanks to "Dave.")

Author: Jett
Tuesday, October 4, 2005 - 6:18 AM CENTRAL TIME: MY REVIEW of the BATMAN BEGINS DELUXE EDITION DVD has been posted. Click on the link provided to read.

Potential titles follow-up
Author: Jett
Monday, October 3, 2005 - 6:34 AM, 7:20 PM CENTRAL TIME: My review of the BATMAN BEGINS DELUXE EDITION DVD will be posted first thing in the AM...

I'm no Barnaby Jones or Frank Cannon, but I did a little checking and no domains of the titles that have been rumored of late have not been secured by Warner Bros. In the past, Warner Bros. usually registers any potential BATMAN movie title years in advance. I'm just putting 2 and 2 together here - maybe I'm getting 5. But I think it adds up to 4.

Two new op-ed articles and Batman vs. Wolverine!
Author: Jett
Saturday, October 1, 2005 - 7:42 AM, 4:41 PM CENTRAL TIME: Several emails I received today prompted a short op-ed. CLICK HERE to read. Warning - it may piss off some of you...

BOF contributor Cary Ashby returns with a NEW OP-ED and ranks "The Bat-Men." Give it a read...

THE PRESTIGE will be Christopher Nolan's next film - and guess who is starring in it? Yep, BATMAN BEGINS' Christian Bale. Hugh Jackman is also in negotiations for the other lead role. CLICK HERE to read more. It is expected that Mr. Nolan would do one, perhaps two films before turning his attention to the BEGINS sequel. Nolan is also developing THE EXEC for Warner Bros. If you are interested in reading the novel on which the film is based, CLICK HERE.

Look for my review of the Deluxe Edition BATMAN BEGINS DVD on Tuesday.

Another sequel "title" for the rumor mill
Author: Jett
Thursday, Septmeber 29, 2005 - 6:34 AM, 9:16 PM CENTRAL TIME: A new MAILBAG is available to read - that's #7 now. After this one, I'm slowing down a bit on 'em. Make sure you read this morning's info regarding the MAILBAG...

So, who is going to be Gotham's D.A.? Here's what y'all had to say:

183 votes (6%) wanted someone that that SOB Jett didn't list
184 votes (6%) - Denzel Washington
252 votes (9%) - Johnny Depp
324 votes (11%) - Ray Liotta
381 votes (13%) - Clive Owen
592 votes (21%) - Guy Pearce
810 votes (28%) - Liev Schreiber

So, I guess Mr. Schreiber is the fave here at BOF. I've had several people suggest Joaquin Phoenix, and I have to admit that he might work. I should have included Jude Law as an option, as I think he wouldn't be a poor choice. Liev? Kinda my fave right now...

OK, this guy warns us to to "take this with a grain of salt," so let's do that, OK? This guy is legit and was correct with some info he sent me over a year ago. Here goes:

"“Hi Jett. This is XXXXX checking in again. If you remember, I emailed you a year a so ago when BATMAN BEGINS was still filming. I have worked as a key grip for several years now (as I told you before), including many projects on the Warner Bros. lot. Anyway, the reason I’m writing is that I’ve got a family member and many friends who are ‘in the business’ as well, and I may have a potential sequel title for you. If true, it sort of makes sense, as Gordon alludes to it at the end of the movie when he‘s talking to Batman on the rooftop. Let me preface by telling you and your readers to take this with a grain of salt, but there is some rumblings that the sequel could be titled BATMAN ESCALATION. I’ll also tell you that we’ve heard BATMAN ATTACKS as well, but not BATMAN STRIKES as you reported earlier. Great site - keep up the good work!”

"Ecscalation." BATMAN ESCALATION. It would make sense in terms of Gordon's comment to The Batman at the end of BEGINS, certainly. I'll admit it isn't bad. We'll see...

A NOTE ABOUT THE MAILBAG: Due to the volume of email we've received, please do not expect a personal reply. Also - and please take note here - only ONE question/commment per month will be accepted per person. Also, read through the mailbag and don't ask a question that has already been answered. Thanks for your cooperation.

Sequel title, BOF BEGINS DVD review updates
Author: Jett
Wednesday, Septmeber 28, 2005 - 5:54 PM CENTRAL TIME: Make sure to enter the BATMAN BEGINS DVD SWEEPSTAKES that we are running in partnership with Warner Bros. Click on the link provided to enter...

Got the following in today from a longtime BOF "industry insider" regarding the sequel title:

"Just an FYI for you and your readers. I too have heard the title BATMAN ATTACKS, but not the other one you mentioned yesterday [BATMAN STRIKES]. Now just because I've heard this, it doesn't much of anything. However, it wouldn't surprise me if a title (or a few choices) has already been settled upon. We know that [Christopher] Nolan and [David] Goyer knew all along that BATMAN BEGINS was the title they would use. If they already know where they are heading with the upcoming sequel, they may well know what the title will be too - though I'm not saying that 'Attacks' is definately it at all.
Hell of a job with the site by the way."

Of the two mentioned yesterday, I'd prefer ATTACKS over STRIKES - but that's just me. I'd be willing to bet that many "titles" will be rumored over the next year or two. We could even have a "THE INTIMIDATION GAME" situation again...

You will be able to read my review of the BATMAN BEGINS DELUXE EDITION on Tuesday, October 4, 2005. The exact date of my reviews of the BATMAN SPECIAL EDTIONS are TBD.

The title MAY be...
Author: Jett
Tuesday, Septmeber 27, 2005 - 5:24 AM CENTRAL TIME: ...BATMAN STRIKES. Or BATMAN ATTACKS. These are two possible titles for the sequel that I've heard from more than one source. Now, these are possibilites and that should be kept in mind at this time. Not too bad IMO...

So just how far along is the sequel? I posed that question to a longtime, trusted "insider." Here's what he had to say:

"This film is further along than people think. Hell, you've got actors (and their agents) scrambling to get a role in the sequel - it's going to be huge! Just look at all the talk about casting The Joker already. There are a lot of actors that covet that role.

From what I've heard, Nolan [director Christopher] and Goyer [screenwriter David] knew what they wanted to do in the sequel before BATMAN BEGINS was filmed. I know that Nolan hasn't signed on, yet, but that is just a matter of time. This is why you are hearing about cast candidates and possible screentests. Things are lined up so that when that [Nolan returning - Jett] does happen, they'll be ready to roll.

There is no doubt that they have their ducks in a row."

I've got to agree with this source on this one, based on everthing I've heard so far. It seems that once Mr. Nolan says "Let's go" officially, they'll be able to hit the ground running. Can't wait...

As you can see, I've had some time on my hands. MAILBAG 6 has now been posted.

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