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JL "Pushed Back" Again
Posted by: Jett
Thursday, February 14, 2008

6:51 AM TEXAS TIME: More on the status of JUSTICE LEAGUE -- CLICK HERE for the full story.

No Batman in JL? New Plot?
Posted by: Jett
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

10:00 AM TEXAS TIME: Could the JUSTICE LEAGUE film have been altered so that it doesn't include Batman and Superman? CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY.

Fichtner Talks TDK Role
Posted by: Jett
Tuesday, February 13, 2008

9:04 AM TEXAS TIME: IGN has an posted an interview with actor William Fichtner who has a cameo in THE DARK KNIGHT as Gotham National Bank's manager. If you've seen the TDK PROLOGUE, then you know who I'm talking about. Here's a blurb:

"I spoke to Chris and he told me about this opening scene in the film that they were going to shoot with IMAX cameras. He told me a little bit about it and what it was and I thought it was really cool. Especially with his visual sense, he's just such an interesting director and does really unbelievable things. [So] I thought, yeah, as long as it's kind of an uncredited thing, sure. It was really kind of one of those things, just sure, I'll be a small piece of this puzzle."

"I try not to get into too much of the thought process of the casting of something; it has to come to me as something that's cool. To be honest with you, to say yes to that small thing, to that little uncredited thing, it was really because of Chris Nolan doing it than anything else. I really, really dig this director. I met him a couple of times and I don't know him well, but I like him and he's best buddies with a friend of mine, so [I said] sure."

Click on the link provided for the full interview.

"Hidden" Tumbler Pics
Posted by: Jett
Sunday, February 10, 2008

8:52 AM TEXAS TIME: Our old friend, TDK scooper "A.P.," is back with a few "hidden" pictures of The Tumbler. CLICK HERE to give 'em a look...

Henchmen in clown masks. The Joker announcing his murderous intentions via the TV. THE DARK KNIGHT plot elements? Perhaps, but definitely part of the story of BATMAN: THE MAN WHO LAUGHS (click for Jett's review). I wonder if Nolan and company were influenced by it?

No TDK At Wondercon
Posted by: Jett
Saturday, February 9, 2008

7:37 AM TEXAS TIME: Comic-Con International has released its FULL SCHEDULE FOR WONDERCON 2008 and confirmed what I kinda already knew: No TDK presentation. Warner Bros. will be promoting the following two films: GET SMART and 10,000 BC.

(Before you flip out because TDK will not be at Wondercon, I'd suggest you remember what has happened recently.)

For a full rundown of the schedule, click on the link provided. And yes, BOF will be at Wondercon covering as much Batman-related stuff as I can.

Winston Ellis Talks TDK, Heath
TDK Marketing

Posted by: Jett
Friday, February 8, 2008

10:14 AM TEXAS TIME: 99MIXFM.COM has an interview with actor Winston Ellis -- who plays "Gambol's Bodyguard" in the film. Some may consider what he says "spoilerish," but "Why So Serious?" (Thanks to "Toronto Bat-Fan.")

9:08 AM TEXAS TIME: USATODAY.COM has a story about the marketing of TDK after Heath's death. Frankly, nothing new here that we already haven't heard. (Thanks to "Chris M.")

Batman Getting Blue-Rayed!
Posted by: Jett
Thursday, February 7, 2008

2:19 PM TEXAS TIME: WORLDSFINESTONLINE.COM has more info on the upcoming BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT animated DVD. Seems it will be packaged with the BATMAN BEGINS: LIMTED EDITION GIFT SET as well as being sold separtely. (Thanks to Cary Ashby!)

8:24 AM TEXAS TIME: Batman, on film, is getting Blue-Rayed. CLICK HERE for more. UPDATED at 10:30 AM, FYI.

Cause of Heath's Death Released
Posted by: Jett
Wednesday, February 6, 2008

9:38 AM TEXAS TIME: The NYC ME has released the cause of Heath Ledger's death. CLICK HERE for the full story. UPDATED: Heath's family responds to today's news.

TDK Trailer, Lego Style
A Little From Sir Michael

Posted by: Jett
Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10:05 PM TEXAS TIME: I thought we needed something to lighten the mood in Batman Nation. So, "let's put a smile on that face" by taking a look at the TDK TRAILER, LEGO STYLE...

TDK news is pretty nonexistent right now, but HERE is a little interview Sir Michael Caine to tide you over. Caine again praises Heath Ledger's Joker by saying "Heath Ledger is going to surprise a lot of people as The Joker." You can click on the link to read the entire interview (Thanks to "Jabroni")...

I did an interview with ICSSCOTLAND.CO.UK early this morning which will be available to read soon. I believe the audio will be podcast as well.

Heath Video Update
Posted by: Jett
Friday, February 1, 2008

11:03 PM TEXAS TIME: If you haven’t noticed, I chose not to acknowledge ANY of the smut that’s been whispered about Heath Ledger ever since his untimely and tragic death...CLICK HERE to continue (UPDATED! 2/2/08)...

FYI: I've ARCHIVED Bat-Movie News from November and December of '07. If you want to check it out or missed something, CLICK HERE.

TDK Marketing, Ect. Update
Posted by: Jett
Thursday, January 31, 2008

6:15 PM TEXAS TIME: A few interesting tidbits of info has emerged about how the good folks at Warner Bros. will procede with TDK. CLICK HERE FOR MORE...

I've heard from a UK source that Warner Bros. is not allowing theaters/cinemas to give away any Heath-Joker one sheets as they plan to auction them off after the fact for charity. If that's the case, bravo Warner Bros.! That certainly would be a classy move...

Joker Viral Campagin Continuing?
Posted by: Jett
Wednesday, January 30, 2008

10:13 AM TEXAS TIME: So, will Warner Bros. promote THE DARK KNIGHT during this weekend's Super Bowl? Well, according to SPOTBOWL.COM, Warner has purshased one spot placement and for which film is unknown. I'd say no TDK commercial this year if I had to guess...

There's a new "Bat-Poll," so PLEASE VOTE. The results of the last one, "WB has placed 'JUSTICE LEAGUE' on "indefinite hold," were as follows:

* "Yes! Keep it shelved, please!" - 89%/1,191 votes
* "Damn! I really wanted to see it." - 11%/150 votes

So speaketh the BOF'ers...

I will be at WONDERCON in a few weeks out in San Francisco. No definite word whether or not TDK cast & crew will be there representing the film, although I'm hoping to find out soon. I know a lot of y'all have asked and need to book travel and lodging because you are going JUST for a TDK presentation. I'll post it on BOF as soon as I know.

7:49 AM TEXAS TIME: It looks as if the viral campaign for THE DARK KNIGHT revolving around The Joker may continue. Our friend “Vlkers54” -- the guy who received the “Chicago Joker Cake” -- emailed BOF overnight with the following...CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE.

Daniel Day-Lewis Honors Heath
Posted by: Jett
Monday, January 28, 2008

9:33 AM TEXAS TIME: Actor Daniel Day-Lewis honored Heath Ledger at the SAG Awards last night....CLICK HERE to continue reading -- NOW WITH VIDEO.

Mr. Nolan: "Charisma As Natural As Gravity"
Gary Oldman: "I'm Heartstruck"

Posted by: Jett
Sunday, January 27, 2008

1:53 PM TEXAS TIME: The Great Mr. Chris Nolan has written a very moving tribute to Heath Ledger which you can read at NEWSWEEK.COM. For the first time this week, something written about Heath made me smile.

Well done Chris, well done. I am VERY proud to have you in charge of Batman on film...

You can check out a couple of new images of Batman from TDK HERE.

8:38 AM TEXAS TIME: Gary Oldman say's he was "heartstruck" about the passing of Heath Ledger, describing him as a "sweet kid." Gary also dedicates the Anthony Hamilton song "Pass Me Over" to Heath (and can hear it over at YOUTUBE.COM). You can listen to Steve Jone's interview with Mr. Oldman HERE...

More on THE DARK KNIGHT's status after Heath's tragic passing from EW.COM...

If you missed me on NIGHTWATCH RADIO SHOW last week, you can download it HERE -- just do the "right click and save" thing. It was a blast! Thanks to Todd for having me on.

Was Heath Finished With TDK Post?
Posted by: Jett
Thursday, January 24, 2008

7:44 PM TEXAS TIME: BOF has been told by several legit insider friends that Mr. Ledger was completely done with TDK -- filming and post.

6:00 PM TEXAS TIME: I've got a "Heath-Joker Memorial T-Shirt" UPDATE for you all. And I'm still TAKING SUGGESTIONS from Bat-Fans worldwide about how we can honor Heath.

2:04 PM TEXAS TIME: Was Heath finished with his post work for TDK? A NEW REPORT SAYS NO. - UPDATED!

Posted by: Jett
Thursday, January 24, 2008

6:26 PM TEXAS TIME: First of all, WHYSOSERIOUS.COM now has a black ribbon for Heath.

That's damn classy. As is this tribute from WB as well (click to go to the website):

I have a little rundown on TDK MARKETING AND NOLAN-BAT #3.

10:16 AM TEXAS TIME: HERE is today's rundown of the sad "HEATH LEDGER SITUATION" done "Scattershots" style...

I mentioned this in today's Heath update, but I figure I should say something here. There's been talk amongst various websites to try to get fans to wear a "Heath-Joker" shirt when they first go see TDK this summer. I'd like to offer a "Heath Joker Tribute Shirt" for purchase here on BOF with all proceeds going to charity (If anyone knows if Heath had a favorite charity or perhaps a foundation, LET ME KNOW. Anyway...

I'd like to get my friends at Warner Bros. involved if they'd be so inclined, so we wouldn't have to worry about any copyright violations and whatnot.

If you have an idea or want to help out, please, SHOOT ME AN EMAIL.

Posted by: Jett
Wednesday, January 23, 2008

5:41 PM TEXAS TIME: Let me say this to all of you BOF'ers: Here's my response to all your "How does this affect TDK?" and/or "What about the third film?" questions/emails right now. This is the deal, TDK will continue through post as planned -- HL was finished totally. The film itself will be a HUGE memorial to Heath and it's something that ALL involved -- the filmmakers and the fans -- should and will be proud of.

In regards to a third film, let's let that one ride for right now...

If you missed me last night on NIGHTWATCH, you can download it HERE -- just do the "right click and save" thing. Todd told me that the show was HUGE last night and "Thank You" to all the BOF'ers who listened and emailed in -- hope I represented y'all well...

Speaking of fan email, I just wanted you all to know that I have read every single email that I've received over the last 24+ hours and tried to answer as many as possible -- although responding to all of them is going to be impossible. But THANK YOU for writing in and I'll pass along all your messages to "Them" when I get the chance.

2:01 PM TEXAS TIME: My friend Clint from MOVIEHOLE.NET penned a nice article in remembrance of Heath, so click on the link provided and give it a read...

Also from MOVIEHOLE, a quick blurb from Christian Bale on Ledger from their TDK set visit:

"The Joker. How do you deal with somebody who has no code? No sense of any decency or morals? He does what he wants to do....Heath's an incredible actor and he's brought a very, very scary Joker to life.

It's shocking. He'll shock you. Heath will shock you."

10:08 AM TEXAS TIME: The autopsy performed on Heath Ledger in NYC was inconclusive, and a cause-of-death determination will take about 10 days....CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE.

Heath Ledger Passes Away In NYC
Posted by: Jett
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

10:59 PM TEXAS TIME: I don't mean to pile on, but I thought I should link to VARIETY.COM's article on Heath's passing. Boy, today's been a kick in the nads, hasn't it?

7:33 PM TEXAS TIME: Our old friend and fellow Bat-Fan/BOF'er Kris Tapley's article on the passing of Heath found on VARIETY.COM.

7:01 PM TEXAS TIME: HEATH LEDGER, 1979-2008 by Jett.

5:52 PM TEXAS TIME: Alan Horn, President and COO of Warner Bros. and Jeff Robinov, President, Warner Bros. Pictures Group have issued the following statement:

"The studio is stunned and devastated by this tragic news. The entertainment community has lost an enormous talent. Heath was a brilliant actor and an exceptional person. Our hearts go out to his family and friends."

4:04 PM TEXAS TIME: It absolutely sickens me to say this, but Heath Ledger has died. CLICK HERE for more.

On behalf of me and my family -- and all the BOF'ers out there who emailed in -- our condolences go out to Heath's family, friends, and the entire cast and crew of THE DARK KNIGHT. BOF'ers SEND THEIR CONDOLENCES.

Keaton Talks Batman
Toy Company Teams with THE DARK KNIGHT

Posted by: Jett
Monday, January 21, 2008

6:59 PM TEXAS TIME: Hey BOF'ers, I'll be a guest on the NIGHTWATCH radio show tomorrow at (January 22nd) 9 PM CENTRAL to talk about THE DARK KNIGHT and all things Batman. You'll be able to stream the show and listen at NIGHTWATCHRADIO.COM -- just click "Listen Live."

3:44 PM TEXAS TIME: The fourth actor to portray Batman on film -- but the first "dark and serious" Caped Crusader -- recently spoke with MTV and talked a bit about Batman. Here's an excerpt of their chat with Michael Keaton....CLICK HERE for the full story.

12:10 PM TEXAS TIME: ONE STOP TOY COMPANY is teaming with Warner Bros. to produce TDK toys and novelties. Here's their press release:

One Stop Toy Co., Inc. (OST), a leading manufacturer of licensed toys across multiple distribution channels, today announced an exciting new line of inflatable toys and novelties inspired by The Dark Knight film from Warner Bros. Pictures. Through a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Comics, One Stop Toy will introduce a new line of toys and novelties consisting of inflatable bop bags, mallets, gliders and paddle balls. One Stop Toy has also obtained rights to manufacture toys for The Batman animated series.

"The addition of Batman is a natural fit to our growing line of Super Heroes, and we’re excited to work with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to offer options to our customers," said Evan Kaltman, President of One Stop Toy Company. "Younger audiences are opting for The Batman animated series line, while teens on up are ordering our items from The Dark Knight line."

Shelving JL = The Right Move, For Right Now
Posted by: Jett
Thursday, January 17, 2008

12:36 PM TEXAS TIME: "So Warner Bros. has made a decision on JUSTICE LEAGUE and the verdict was to put it on, ahem, 'indefinite hold.' And we all know that in most cases, 'Indefinite hold' = 'Dead as a doornail'"...CLICK HERE TO READ THE OP-ED.

Looks like Bat-Fans are certainly down with Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker based on what they've seen so far. According to a recent "Bat-Poll," 94% (1,948 votes) gave "The Heath-Joker" a thumbs-up, while only 6% (123 votes) gave it a thumbs-down. Make sure to vote on BOF's new, JUSTICE LEAGUE-related poll HERE.

No JL Batman on film?
Posted by: Jett
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

7:08 PM TEXAS TIME: Looks like Christian Bale is going to be the only Batman on film -- at least for a while....CLICK HERE to continue. (FYI: This story was updated at 8:04 PM. - Jett)

Nolan Talks
Posted by: Jett
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

10:41 AM TEXAS TIME: The great Chris Nolan comments on the plot of THE DARK KNIGHT, the title, and The Joker. Here you go...CLICK HERE for the full story.

TDK Toys
Viral marketing to begin again?

Posted by: Jett
Monday, January 14, 2008

6:23 PM TEXAS TIME: ENTERTAINMENT EARTH has various TDK toys and action figures available for pre-order, FYI. Looks like they'll be hitting store shelves in May.

12:44 PM TEXAS TIME: It looks as if the TDK viral campaign may be about to get going again. "Vlkers5" -- who received the Chicago cake from The Joker -- got the following text message from The Ace of Knaves: "You still out there clown? Reply and let me know." Our guy is going to keep us informed, but be looking for some new viral stunts.

UPDATE: A new text from "The Joker": ""It makes me smile to see you're one of the serious ones, clown. Now...time to be patient. I'll be in touch...."

Since JUSTICE LEAGUE features a live-action Batman (or will if it is finally greenlighted), you may want to CHECK OUT THE LATEST. Something big may be happening tomorrow.

Nolan On TDK...A Little
Posted by: Jett
Friday, January 11, 2008

3:51 PM TEXAS TIME: In a recent newspaper article, dirctor Chris Nolan talked a bit about The Joker and Harvey Dent...CLICK HERE for the full story...

BOF MAILBAG #33 has been posted.

Posted by: Jett
Thursday, January 10, 2008

11:18 AM TEXAS TIME: The novelization of BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT is not available for pre-order for those interested. Several BOF'ers sent me an image of what looks to be its cover:

No pre-order or date available yet for the DVD...

More bad new for the JUSTICE LEAGUE film? COULD BE.

Is JL Going Bye Bye?
Posted by: Jett
Tuesday, January 8, 2008

11:02 AM TEXAS TIME: The word on the street is that things aren't looking good for the "in development" JUSTICE LEAGUE film. Really? I could have told you that as soon as I broke the news that Armie Hammer had been cast as Batman. Anyway, CLICK HERE for the full report.

Posted by: Jett
Monday, January 7, 2008

2:59 PM TEXAS TIME: FYI: The great Denny O'Neil is writing the novelization of THE DARK KNIGHT. (Thanks to BOF contributor "Lawrence B." for reminding me.)

9:00 AM TEXAS TIME: As we all know already (well, most of you I assume), Warner Bros./DC Comics is releasing another “DC Universe” DVD that will star Batman, titled BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT...CLICK HERE for the full story.

2008 "TDK Like To See's"
Posted by: Jett
Sunday, January 6, 2008

2:40 PM TEXAS TIME: Maggie Gyllenhaal has talked a bit about TDK and the role her role of Rachel Dawes...CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY.

6:50 AM TEXAS TIME: Last year, I wrote a couple of articles about what to expect and what I considered “TDK Must-Do’s” in 2007...so, let’s take a look at 2008’s “Must Do’s” -- or maybe “Like To See’s” would be a better term....CLICK HERE for the full article..

Since news is slow, so CHECK THIS OUT -- especially if you're a fan of Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS and not one of Joel Schumacher. ;)

BOF: 10 Years
Posted by: Jett
Friday, January 4, 2008

8:02 PM TEXAS TIME: With the plethora of TDK info of late (I'm again kidding), I forgot to mention something here that I'm rather proud of...

...2008 marks the 10 Year Anniversary of BOF. And yes, I AM tremendously full of pride about that fact. I want to thank ALL of you for making BOF what it is today -- even you haters out there (hehehehehe, Y'ALL)!

In all seriousness, not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that “JettD60’s BATMAN 5 Page” would ever amount to a hill of beans. But I guess it has; if that’s the case, I do hope to give all of us fans of this great character a voice in the direction of, well, Batman on film.

So a very big THANK YOU to all of you who have supported BOF for the last decade. - "Jett"

2007 in Review, Part 1
Hamill Talks TDK Joker

Posted by: Jett
Thursday, January 3, 2008

11:04 AM TEXAS TIME: Happy New Year to everyone! Here's hoping you all have a great 2008. Let's get on with it...

VARIETY's deputy editor Anne Thompson met up with Chris Nolan "...at a Christmas party in the Hollywood Hills" a couple of weeks ago and reported the following about THE DARK KNIGHT:

* "He [Nolan] was enthused about shooting entire sections of the movie in IMAX -- entirely his idea."

* "While the trailer makes the movie look pixel-big, the pic is character-driven PG, Nolan said. That way The Joker has to be really scary without resorting to real violence."

* "The trailer is focused on creepy Heath Ledger as The Joker, not on district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), who is also a key player in the movie. There are plenty of intimate scenes of people talking, as well as a few big-scale set pieces."

* "Warners is so happy with [THE DARK KNIGHT] that their fondest hope is that Nolan will return to do another Batman."

Funny, Warner Bros. and I have the same "fondest hope." Chris, you have come back and finish this thing up with a third film, OK? Warners, lock 'im up NOW. Thanks to BOF contributor Cary Ashby for sending in the link.

9:01 AM TEXAS TIME: It certainly seems that everyone -- well, most everyone -- is anxiously awaiting to see Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. In fact a former Joker is on board with the "Heath-Joker," and that would be one Mr. Mark Hamill. Here's a bit of what he had to say to MTV.COM:

"For all those fans that dreamed of an adult approach to the material, BATMAN BEGINS got nearly everything right. I have no doubt this one will be just as good or better."

"The balls-out debauched psycho approach seems like a great way of reinventing everyone’s favorite scary (and scar-y) clown. [I] can’t wait to see it."

I must admit that I concur with Mark Hamill. Click on the link provided for the full story, and thanks to all the BOF'ers who sent the link...

Part 1 of BOF's "Bat-Year In Review" has been posted and it focuses on the production of THE DARK KNIGHT. CLICK HERE to read it.

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