Best Comic Book/Superhero Movie Scene/Segment?
Posted by: Bill "Jett" Ramey (Follow @BATMANONFILM)
Date: July 1, 2017

Below you’ll find the initial list of nominees (taken from Twitter and the BOF Facebook Fan Page) for the best scene or segment in a comic book/superhero film – live-action only.

You may nominate other scenes or segments not already listed in the comments section below. Also, pick your top EIGHT and list them – in no particular order – in the comments as well.

It would be best if you would not comment on any individual scene/segment – just nominate and/or list your top 8.

Also, please share this page with your friends on social media as we want as many people participating as possible. Thanks! - "Jett"

1. “Batman rescues Vicki Vale from The Joker in the museum” - BATMAN ‘89
2. “Wonder Woman saves Batman from Doomsday” - BATMAN v SUPERMAN
3. “You got me?! Who’s got you?!” - SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE
4. “The docks/Batman’s first appearance” - BATMAN BEGINS
5. “Batman interrogates The Joker” - THE DARK KNIGHT
6. “No man’s land” - WONDER WOMAN
7. “Bruce escapes the pit” - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
8. “Superman’s first flight” - MAN OF STEEL
9. “Batsignal/Brooding Bruce Wayne” - BATMAN RETURNS
10. “Swear to me!” - BATMAN BEGINS
11. “Aunt May/there’s a hero in all of us” - SPIDER-MAN 2
12. “Bruce Wayne running into Metropolis destruction” - BATMAN v SUPERMAN
13. “Elevated train fight” - SPIDER-MAN 2
14. “Gordon’s speech/end of TDK” - THE DARK KNIGHT
15. “Joker card/end of BEGINS” - BATMAN BEGINS
16 “Bruce in the café’/end of RISES - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
17. “The Joker turns Harvey/hospital bed scene” - THE DARK KNIGHT
18. “Captain Rogers crashes the plane into the ice” - CAPTAIN AMERICA
19. “Batman in Hong Kong/Lau” - THE DARK KNIGHT
20. “Batman vs. Superman” - BATMAN v SUPERMAN
21. “Bruce vs. Ra’s in Wayne Manor” - BATMAN BEGINS
22. “Tumbler/GPD chase scene” - BATMAN BEGINS
23. “Back up” - BATMAN BEGINS
24. “Iron Man’s first flight/new suit” - IRON MAN
25. “Bane breaks Batman” - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES
26. “Batman’s first appearance/I’m Batman!” - BATMAN ‘89
27. "Elijah reveals himself to David as the terrorist/Mr. Glass" - UNBREAKABLE
28. "Bats swarm/surround Bruce" - BATMAN BEGINS
29. "Jet plane rescue" - SUPERMAN RETURNS
30. "The Hulk vs. Hulk dogs" - HULK
31. "Death of Uncle Ben/confronting murderer" - SPIDER-MAN
32. "Gen. Zod, care to step outside?" - SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE
33. "Warehouse scene/Batman saves Martha Kent" - BATMAN v SUPERMAN
34. "Descend into Mystery/Batman & Vicki" - BATMAN '89
35. "Airport battle" - CAP AM: CIVIL WAR
36. "Iron Man rescues village" - IRON MAN
37. "Deadpool's 12 bullet countdown" - DEADPOOL
38. "Zorro and Elena's duel" - MASK OF ZORRO
38. "Opening credits/montage" - WATCHMEN

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