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Posted by: Jett
Saturday, February 23, 2008

11:33 AM PACIFIC: I had the great privledge to chat with DC Comics head honcho Dan DiDio, where I had the chance to ask him about Batman on film and whether or not DC is really planning on killing off Bruce Wayne. Enjoy!

BOF: I just saw THE NEW FRONTIER last week. What’s your take on it?

DD: I haven’t seen it yet (laughs)! I think it’s an incredible achievement on Darwyn’s part. It really captured the times -- like the space race and the Silver Age of heroes. It [THE NEW FRONTIER comic book] was one of my favorite things we did."

BOF: Are you anxious to see more of these “more mature,” PG-13 animated films based on DC characters?

DD: I wouldn’t say “more mature” -- they reflect what we’re putting out in the comics today. I think we have a real strong fan base at this time, and I thinnk people are liking what we’re doing. So, I think that what we’re doing [in the comics] is being reflected on these films. I think there’s a good synergy between the comic books and these DVD movies and they are really getting people excited."

BOF: THE DARK KNIGHT is coming out this summer. So, are you fired up to see it?

DD: “I haven’t seen anything on it so far. But from what I’ve seen, it looks simply spectacular, just spectacular. I get to be as much of a fan as anyone else on this one! I’m just excited like you and all the fans for [THE DARK KNIGHT]. Bill, from what I’ve heard, what I’ve seen -- the trailer, the PROLOGUE, everything -- it’s just going to be spectacular.”

BOF: As the editor of DC, are you happy with the latest incarnations of DC on film -- like SUPERMAN RETURNS, BATMAN BEGINS, etc.?

DD: “Well, I focus on the publishing side, so like I said, I get to be a fan when it comes to these things just like everyone else. But yeah, I thought both of those were really well done and I think the live-action [incarnations of DC characters] have a bright future ahead.”

BOF: So on to Batman in comics, what’s your general thoughts about Batman right now?

DD: “Well, things are looking good for Batman right now. He’s probably our most popular character and he’s featured in a lot of our books."

BOF: One last one and I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you this: Are y’all really planning on killing off Bruce Wayne?!

DD:(Laughs) Uh…it’s..uh...going to be a big year for Batman in general! We’re starting a storyline titled “Batman, R.I.P.” that Grant Morrison’s writing and Tony Daniel [doing the artwork]. Uh, you’re going to see some great stuff there. We’ve got Paul Dini on DETECTIVE with Dustin Nguyen -- couldn’t look any better or read any better than that. I think Batman’s really hitting his stride right now and we’ve got great plans for him in ’08 and on into ’09. So -- not avoiding your question or anything -- but we got people talking!"

Many thanks to David, Fletcher, and of course, Dan for the interview.

And one last thing y'all: If you DO kill off Bruce, be prepared for the rath of Bat-Fans world-wide! ;)

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