Michael Uslan @ IU Talking TBWLB and TDK
Posted by: Jett
November 1, 2011
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If you are a longtime BOF’er, you know that the great Michael Uslan is one of my personal heroes. Thus, I always have time to give “The Boy Who Loved Batman” -- which would be MU -- some run on this site.

A couple of days ago, BOF’er “RRB” shot me an email letting me know that MU would be at his alma mater -- Indiana University -- to attend a screening of THE DARK KNIGHT, participate in a Q&A with the attendees, and do a meet/greet/book signing for his memoir, THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN. Here’s a few details from the event thanks to “RRB” …

* MU wouldn’t discuss the upcoming THE DARK KNIGHT RISES other than to say “I’m getting chills down my spine just thinking about it!” He also wouldn’t say anything about the future of Batman on film post-Nolan. This isn’t surprising because I asked him about it point blank and he shot me down as well! (You can read my most recent interview with Michael for TBWLB HERE.)

* MU was asked if he could comment on the status of the long-rumored/in-development SHAZAM!/Captain Marvel movie (Which I want to see dammit!). His response: “Nope.” As our guy RRB told me, take that for what you will.

* Even though we know that all that talk about playing The Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT made Heath Ledger mental was 100% total BS, this nonsense was brought up to MU yet again. Here’s what MU had to say about this poppycock…

“Don't believe anything you read about that. He was a consummate actor. More than that, a consummate gentleman.”


"RRB" continued with the following anecdote via MU…

[Mr. Uslan] then told a story about a day of shooting in Chicago on a hot, humid day. They were shooting the funeral procession scene in THE DARK KNIGHT and when they were done, Heath Ledger was absolutely soaked to the bone with sweat. Afterwards, Mr. Uslan introduced his wife to him -- and despite being hot, miserable, and drenched -- Heath spent about 20 minutes talking to her with his undivided attention and was a “total gentleman.” Mr. Uslan then told a story about his daughter getting into a food fight with Michael Keaton -- who was still in his Bat suit -- while visiting the set of BATMAN back in 1988.

* MU is now totally dedicated to seeing a film school added to IU.

* There’s a chance that THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN could ultimately be turned into a movie. (I’d LOVE to see that happen!)

If you are reading this, I’ve got to assume that you are a Batman fan. If you haven’t read Michael’s memoir yet (You can read my review of it HERE), you REALLY need to as it’s a must-read for not only Batman fans, but fans of comic books and the movies based on them.

MU is, without a doubt, “The Godfather of the Modern Comic Book Film.”

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