Author: Jett
Saturday, December 13, 2008

FROM DC COMICS: "Two issues of BATMAN in one month! Now that 'Batman R.I.P.' has concluded, the aftermath begins! If you thought mastermind writer Grant Morrison surprised you with "R.I.P.", just wait until you see what he has planned for this retrospective story. In his last hours, Alfred the Butler tells the life story of the Batman as you've never seen it before in this two-part adventure which bridges the gap between the events of "Batman R.I.P." and FINAL CRISIS. Learn the secrets of Batman's early years! Witness the nightmare of a Gotham City where Batman never existed!"

Sorry about the tardiness, but it’s a little busy around BOF central of late. Now on the my review of BATMAN #682...

This issue seems to have three objectives: One, it’s supposed to be an epilogue -- sorta -- to “R.I.P.;” it’s a bridge between the events of “R.I.P.” and FINAL CRISIS; and finally, it’s a retrospective of the different eras of The Batman’s career.

Frankly, if none of those things interest you, you’re probably not going to like this issue. In fact, I bet there were a lot of "What the hell was that?" statements made upon finishing #682.

If you’ve been reading BATMAN since Grant Morrison came on board, you’ll certainly be familiar with the way this issue’s “story” flows. Like the previous issues and storylines, there’s no linear narrative -- the story goes back and forth in time and is essentially a series of flashback. It begins with Bruce Wayne’s decision -- by fate of course -- to become “a bat.” It then continues to touch upon his early solo career as “The Bat-Man,” the years he partnered with the Dick Grayson Robin, and then proceeds to a crazy, unexpected finish to this issue (#682 is actually part one of two). During the course of the story, there’s this “anonymous” commentary (Alfred?) that leads the reader through the story.

I’m sure the only question that readers will have about this issue is whether or not there’s any conclusion to the events of BATMAN #681 and “R.I.P.”

Ha! What do you think?

And that’s the problem here for me -- this two part story appears to be totally unnecessary. There’s no conclusion to anything and comes off as just more of the same. I’ve got to wonder how long Morrison and DC can keep this up, you know what I’m sayin’? This build up to “something” with no conclusion is starting to get tired. How in the hell can anyone outside of the longtime Batman fan get on board with this monthly right now? Are all these obscure Batman references simply some sort of inside joke for Morrison that only he and a few Batman comic book gurus find funny?

I’ll admit that I’m hooked -- for now. But at some point, Morrison and DC needs to cut to the chase and give us a conclusion….

Or they may start losing even the most loyal of fans.

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