Author: Jett
Monday, October 6, 2008

FROM DC COMICS: "It's 'Batman R.I.P.' Part 5 – and this issue features two events so monumental that one comic can barely contain them! First, Batman faces off against The Club of Villains. Then, The Joker makes his stand, challenging the Dark Knight to the ultimate battle of wits. Will Batman survive either of these threats – or could this be the end of Gotham City's greatest hero?"

“Now do you get it?”

No, I don't get it – at least not yet. But I do know that I have been enjoying and continue to like Grant Morrison's run on BATMAN. I absolutely love the fact that every single thing that Morrison has done since he began writing this title has been part of “The Big Plan,” if you will. The Club of Villains, the “Replacement Batmen,” Bat-Mite, Talia and Damien, the Black Casebook, The Joker, The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, The Black Glove, and even this Jezabel Jet...

All. Part. Of. The Plan.

BATMAN #680 is by far the best Morrison-penned issue of BATMAN as well as the best part of his “BATMAN R.I.P.” Why? Well for one thing, it's all come together now – at least for the most part. Like Batman, we all wanted to know who the hell The Black Glove is and well, we find out. I've got to say that I was both surprised, but not surprised at the same time when The Black Glove was revealed. The question now is “why” and I'm sure we'll find that out in next issue – which just happens to be the last part of “R.I.P.”

But trust me, The Black Glove's identity is NOT the best thing of #680 -- nope, not at all. So you want to know what IS the best part of this issue?

The friggin' Joker.

The Joker -- and conjured up by Morrison – is one nasty, scary, BAD mofo. In fact, this entire episode is basically all about The Batman vs. The Joker. I'll go out on a limb say that while relatively short, this is one of the best comic book confrontations between these two characters period. Morrison just nails the Batman/Joker relationship here. It's scary. It's psychological. And it's damn good.

Now all is not tied up here with a pretty little bow, OK? Yes, we know who The Black Glove is, but there's still much to be revealed. Like...

Is Thomas Wayne still really still alive?

Is Alfred really Bruce's biological father?

How does Jim Gordon fit into all of this?

What happens with Talia and Damien?

And most importantly...

What the HELL is the ultimate fate of Batman?

Hopefully, we'll all finally “get it” next month as “BATMAN R.I.P.” finally comes to an end.

Or does it?

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