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Friday, July 4, 2008

FROM DC COMICS: "'Batman R.I.P.' — Part 4! Robin and Damian team up — yes, you read that right — to search for the missing Batman. Meanwhile, the Club of Villains — The Hunchback, Pierrot Lunaire, King Kraken, Charlie Caligula, Scorpiana and El Sombrero — rampage through Gotham City! This incredible fourth chapter of 'Batman R.I.P.' ends with the surprising return of a character you never thought!"

I’m starting to worry about DC Comics and the direction in which they are going.

Now I will admit that I only read Batman titles and only the “Big Two” -- BATMAN and DETECTIVE -- to be perfectly honest. Regardless, I do keep my eye on what is going in in the DC Universe and to be honest, I’m not liking what I’m seeing and reading.

All these damn “CRISIS” thingamajigs, crossovers, multi-title and multi-issue “Events” are starting to turn me off.

Honest to goodness, this is the sort crap that drove me away from comics in the mid 90s. I hope that “They” are listening. Regardless, I shall digress.

One of the bright spots though has been Batman. Since late 2005ish ‘til here recently, I haven’t had to buy every Bat-title that exists as the storylines haven’t crossed over to each comic book under the “Batman Family” umbrella. As a fan, if you wanted to read DETECTIVE and that comic only, you could without being left “out of the Bat-loop” if you will. And I’ve given major props to DC for that as well.

But -- it seems -- things they be a’changing.

Yes, I’m going to review BATMAN # 679, but indulge me here for a sec, will ‘ya?

I went a bought a few Bat-Family titles that I normally wouldn’t buy because they were under the banner of “BATMAN, R.I.P.” I gave DC the benefit of the doubt and figured that I needed to read ‘em to keep up with this crazy-ass Grant Morrison storyline. But you know what? After reading them…


Memo to DC COMICS: Stop it with damn “CRISIS” thingamajigs, crossovers, multi-title and multi-issue “Events.” Please! OK, on to my review of BATMAN #679...

I thought it was going to suck, but it didn’t.

GM (Grant Morrison) is writing some smart stuff here -- albeit NUTS! -- that is now starting to come together.

Batman is now “Batman” again thank God -- sorta. But should we be trusting the situation when Bat-Mite is the voice of sanity?

I’ll be talking spoilers from now on -- which I rarely do but must for this rundown -- so do what you’ve got to do, OK?

A big climax seems to be ahead.

Dick Grayson is fixin’ to get a lobotomy…

Thomas Wayne is still alive (maybe)…

Alfred might be Bruce’s real father…

Batman is Bruce Wayne-less (and pissed!)…

Jezebel Jet has been abducted…

Robin is out there alone.


Jim Gordon has now entered this madness -- literally -- by walking into the Club of Villains- occupied Wayne Manor.


If you’ve been enjoying “BATMAN, R.I.P.,” then I believe that you’ll certainly dig this issue as I feel it’s been the best so far. I never thought that GM could make the “Batman of Zur-en-arrh” make any sense in a modern Batman story, but he did it. It seems that this particular Batman is what you get -- according to The Batman himself -- “when you take Bruce Wayne out of the equation.”

What a great scene there concocted by Morrison! It’s what you get when you take Bruce Wayne out of the equation. Brilliant!

Oh yeah, The Joker is on his way back, painting his nails and awaiting The Dark Knight’s arrival.

Could this S.O.B. -- not this Black Mask or Doctor Hurt or Thomas Wayne (?) -- be behind if all?

We’ll see soon enough as there’s only two parts left!

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