Author: Jett
Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FROM DC COMICS: "Continuing 'Batman R.I.P,' the epic story that will change the legend of The Dark Knight forever! As the life of Bruce Wayne takes an interesting turn with Jezebel Jet, the life of Batman falls into the ultimate downward spiral."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jett returns to his normal duties of reviewing BATMAN...6 days late.

“Nothing will ever be the same.”

That’s what they’ve been saying, right, about “BATMAN R.I.P.?”

And after reading BATMAN #677, I’m beginning to think they were right…


It’s going to be hard to review this particular comic book without divulging into serious spoiler territory. And since I hate spoilers, all I’m going to say about Grant Morrison’s story in this one is that it’s really damn crazy and really damn good. Hell, I don’t know that I’ve enjoyed reading a Batman monthly as much as I have since Morrison took over the flagship Batman comic book -- and I’ve always been a “DETECTIVE Man” myself.

I think that Grant is jacking with us -- wanting Batman fans to think that he’s going to F-up the world of Batman just to F with the fans - ala Daniel Waters and his turn on the "sequel" to BATMAN '89 (with the director's blessing). But I digress.

There’s no doubt that Morrison and the fine folks running the show at DC respect the Batman mythos and history, no doubt at all.

Regardless, I do think they are throwing a monkey wrench -- ON PURPOSE -- into the inner workings of the Batman machine. You know...What the hell! Let’s DO shake things up for ‘ol Mr. Wayne and 'eff the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

When it comes to Batman, there’s only one absolute: Bruce Wayne IS The Batman. And when you keep that in mind, all's good.

The bottom line question that we’re dealing with now is whether or not Batman -- make that Bruce Wayne -- is crazy. Look, we all know that Bruce has got a few screws loose, right? But for the most part, dude’s got it together. But now, Morrison is hinting that Bruce has finally gone over the edge and is a damn psycho. All those bizzare, divergent storylines we’ve been reading since Morrison took over, they are all part of this mix.

I certainly don’t want to give too much away here, but you know that saying that WE are our own worst enemy? Well just keep that adage in mind, trust me.

I’ve also got to say that if Morrison ends up going where he seems to be going, it’s going to rock the mythos of The Dark Knight harder than anything I’ve witnessed in my (nearly) four decades of reading Batman comics. And it’s some serious, SERIOUS stuff here as Morrison looks to be messing with the very event that triggered the creation of The Batman.

This Jezebel Jett -- errr “Jet" ( A very obvious nod to me, right? ;) ) We all thought Bruce’s romance with this chick was no big deal, true? Now we know it’s definitely not that as Bruce seems to totally dig Jet more than anyone we’ve seen in a long, LONG time. Morrison is bringing Bruce’s relationship with her into uncharted waters as Jezebel isn’t too keen on “The Batman.”

Where this goes from here is anyone’s guess -- including the possibility that ‘ol Jez is “all part of the PLAN.”

One final word on the storyline and then I’ll move on. This issue sets up numerous potential plot twists. I’ve got to think that things aren’t as obvious as Morrison is making things seem to be, right? Whatever the case my be, I can’t wait to find out. Now moving on…

…to Tony Daniel.

I’m telling y’all right now that this dude is on his way to becoming one of the great Batman artists of all time -- if he isn’t there already. I love, Love, LOVE his rendering of The Batman! Let me say that his depiction of The Batcave in #677 was, well, badass. Trust me, you are going to absolutely dig the stuff that Daniel has on display in Bruce Wayne’s subterranean headquarters.

I’m pretty sure that once we’re all said and done with “BATMAN R.I.P.,” Bruce Wayne will not be dead and will still the man wearing the cape and cowl. BUT…

“Nothing will ever be the same.”

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