Author: Matt Grazel
July 13, 2014

SYNOPSIS: Dick Grayson. Former sidekick. Former Super Hero. Former dead man. And now…agent of Spyral?!

A thrilling new chapter of Dick Grayson’s life begins in this new, ongoing series. It’s a super-spy thriller that will shock you and prove one thing: You might think you know Nightwing – but you don’t know Dick.

Grayson #1 is the beginning of a new journey for Dick Grayson after what transpired with the character in the Forever Evil mini-series. Dick Grayson’s identity as Nightwing was revealed in addition to his apparent death.

Bruce Wayne proposed that Dick remain deceased and infiltrate the organization known as Spyral, which is targeting superheroes. Dick agreed with Bruce and became an agent for Spyral.

Writer Tim Seeley and Tom King, who is co-writing the plot, have established Dick as a character who has blended in well with his current agenda. Dick, or “Agent 37” as he is referred to during missions and evaluations, is still learning how to become a spy who does not make mistakes but he is successful at improvising during high-risk situations that quickly arise.

Seeley and King’s first issue of the title is a fresh take on the character and the writers remain faithful to the history of Dick Grayson. In this issue, Seeley and King utilize Dick’s acrobatic skills that have been synonymous with the character since Dick grew up as a member of The Flying Graysons in the circus.

Mikel Janin’s artwork along with the combination of Jeromy Cox’s colors makes Grayson #1 an appealing issue to look at. The illustrations of the panels in which Dick displays his acrobatic talents to get on top of a moving train car as well as exiting the same train car with the human target are amazing to look at.

GRAYSON #1 Cover

Dick is clearly the right individual for this mission that Bruce assigned him to. Dick has confidence in his abilities, which he needs to have in the position he is in as not only an agent of Spyral but as a mole for Bruce. Bruce and Dick stay in contact with the use of a receiver that is located in the back of an alarm clock that interestingly has the word Robin written on it. Dick also refers to Bruce as “Mr. Malone,” an acknowledgment to Bruce’s undercover name, Matches Malone. Dick also calls himself Bird-Watcher.

Interesting parts of the story are what will happen between Dick and Helena Bertinelli as they continue to work together. Mister Minos, their boss, is a mysterious character as well because he has a secret agenda.

Grayson is a title that has a lot of potential after it’s debut issue and it is going to be a comic book that will be engaging for readers because of the basis of the story. – Matt Grazel


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