Author: Matt Grazel
January 11, 2014

SYNOPSIS: DC Entertainment presents this mega-sized issue featuring an all-star roster of Batman creators past and present!

Don’t miss a modern-day retelling of The Dark Knight’s origin by the incredible team of writer Brad Meltzer and artist Bryan Hitch! Plus, all-new stories by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy, Peter J. Tomasi and Guillem March, Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen, Gregg Hurwitz and Neal Adams, new art by legendary Batman writer/artist Frank Miller and more!

Also in this issue, John Layman and Jason Fabok kick off the new storyline “GOTHTOPIA!” It’s a bright, shiny, happy place where dreams come long as you don’t look at things too closely.

Detective Comics #27 celebrates the 75th anniversary of a superhero that first appeared in 1939 in issue #27 of Detective Comics (Vol. 1). 75 years after the character’s initial appearance in comics, Batman has become one of the most popular superheroes.

“The Case of the Chemical Syndicat”e written by Brad Meltzer with art by Bryan Hitch is based on the issue of Detective Comics #27 written in 1939. Meltzer delves into the psyche of Bruce Wayne throughout the issue. Batman explains why he has chosen the path of being the protector of Gotham City.

Writer Gregg Hurwitz and artist Neal Adams contribution to the issue is titled “Old School.” Hurwitz and Adams’ story is similar to the tones of the older Batman and Robin comics as well as the 1960’s Batman television series. The Penguin, the Scarecrow and the Joker are featured.

“Better Days,” by writer Peter J. Tomasi and artist Ian Bertram, celebrates Bruce Wayne’s 75th birthday. However, Bruce does not let his age prevent him from fighting crime as Batman. Damian Wayne, Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson and Tim Drake tell Bruce that criminals believe they encountered Batman. Bruce denies any involvement and smiles.

In “Hero,” by writer and artist Francesco Francavilla, Batman saves Jim Gordon’s wife and James Gordon Jr. after they are involved in a car accident in the rain and protects them when the car explodes.

DETECTIVE COMICS cover #27 by Jim Lee

The Phantom Stranger guest stars in “The Sacrifice” by writer Mike Barr and artist Guillem March. The Phantom Stranger shows Batman what would have happened had his parents survived the mugging in Crime Alley. Bruce Wayne had a normal life but Gotham City is in chaos without Batman. Bruce learns that a sacrifice is necessary sometimes.

In part one of “Gothtopia,” by writer John Layman and artist Jason Fabok, Gotham City is presented as an environment that has always been safe. Batman teams with Selina Kyle, who is known as Catbird. However, Bruce is puzzled as to why suicides in Gotham are very high. Batman attempts to explain to Catbird that this reality is a hallucination. Bruce is admitted to the Crane Rehabilitation Center and realizes Dr. Jonathan Crane is responsible for Gothtopia.

In “Twenty-Seven,” by writer Scott Snyder and artist Sean Murphy, a story is told by an older Bruce Wayne to a younger version of himself of how the first Batman decided to ensure the legend of Batman would carry on. The Batman in his prime is in year 200 of the Batman. The older Bruce Wayne explains that each Batman has twenty-seven years to defend Gotham.

There are several characterizations of Batman in this issue of Detective Comics. Each story defines what makes Batman who he is and why the character is synonymous with being a legend. - Matt Grazel


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