Author: Bill Ramey
Sunday, April 27, 2008

FROM DC COMICS: "Ra's al Ghul successfully resurrected. The impostor Batmen running rampant through Gotham City. The cold, harsh reality of heart-breaking death. Batman has confronted all of these obstacles as the stalwart hero he is…but will the Bat be ready for the devastating crossroads ahead?"

I just got through reading BATMAN #675 by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel.

“Wow.” Great story. (Even Talia and Damien are in the mix!)

Great artwork. (Never has Bruce Wayne casting a Batman shadow been better.)

Great “cliffhanger.” (Trust me, it is.)

As I’m sure all of y’all are well aware, all the talk of late has been about the upcoming “Batman, R.I.P.” six-part storyline that will commence next month.

Is Grant Morrison killing off Batman?

Is Bruce retiring?

Is DC selling Batman to Marvel?

OK, I made up that last one, but you know what I’m getting at right? Regardless, this damn issue -- which sort of serves as a bridge between all of Morrison’s previous storylines into “Batman, R.I.P.” -- is dadgum badass!

It’s hard for me to review it without giving away spoilers, so I’ll make this short and sweet.

Bruce Wayne and that Jezebel Jet are having dinner. We know that Bruce digs her A LOT (I wonder what Zatanna and Paul Dini think about that?!). BUT, she’s getting a tad antsy as women tend to do (No offense to my BOF‘ers of the fairer sex!) when they don’t know where a relationship is “going.”

"What do Talia and Jezabel Jet have that I DON'T?"

So, she gives him the whole, “What are we DOING here” thing that chicks tend to do when they think they are digging a dude more than he’s digging them.

You know what I’m sayin’ here brother? Of course you do! Hell, we’ve all been there -- male or female not withstanding.

However, none of us of the male persuasion have dedicated our lives to eradicate crime in our hometown.

None dress up like a giant bat and kick the living crap out of drug dealers, muggers, rapists, wise guys and, of course, supervillains every single damn night.

If we did, it would probably be sorta hard to maintain a relationship, don’t you think?

The conundrum here is that despite Bruce’s flippant attitude and his patterned “Playboy Bruce Wayne” persona, he’s falling for this chick.

Is this what “Batman, R.I.P.” is all about?

Can Bruce Wayne be happy? And if so, can The Batman still exist?

I’ll say it again, is THIS what “Batman, R.I.P.” is all about?

That question my friends, is fixin’ to be answered.

I think.

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