Author: Bill Ramey
Sunday, March 2, 2008

FROM DC COMICS: "More secrets of Batman are revealed! Batman finds himself in a torture chamber facing the last and deadliest of the three Batman replacements…and finally learns the tragic story of how they came to be! With a shocking appearance by Bat-Mite, this tale leads to more revelations about the young Batman's participation in a bizarre isolation experiment as we learn how the terrifying consequences of his actions will alter The Dark Knight's life in the months to come."

Man, this was one good comic book!

Ever since Grant Morrison took over head writing chores on BATMAN, you really never knew what you were going to get. Things seemed to be haphazard, hodgepodge, and void of any continuity. I’ll admit that on more than on occasion, I found myself thinking (or actually saying out loud) “WTF was that all about?!” after reading one of Morrison’s Bat-tales.

Then after a while, it looked as if all was coming together.

It’s like Mr. Morrison has always has always had “The Big Bat-Picture” in mind despite how jumbled things have appeared to be.

Ya think? Anyway…

In BATMAN #674, GM has really outdone himself ’cause this was one of the best individual comic book stories that I’ve read in a while. At once, Morrison brings closure to one particular storyline -- the whole three fake ex-cop Batmen deal (In a VERY kickass manner I must say) -- while opening up a whole new can of worms for The Dark Knight.

If you like “Detective Batman” and “Badass Batman,” you’ll find him in this issue.

And Bat-Mite. He’s back too.

What is this “can of worms” I mentioned previously pray tell? Well, the upcoming “Batman, R.I.P.” storyline that I’m sure you’ve been hearing about. It seems that ‘ol Bruce might soon be facing his ultimate adversary. At least that’s what is hinted at the end of B674.

Of course, when it comes to trying to predict -- much less assume -- what this Morrison cat’s got in store for The Batman, I’d be better off going to Vegas and betting the house on one hand of blackjack.

One last thing, I can’t say enough about Tony Daniel and this artwork on this title. It is -- for lack of a better word -- flat badass. Love, love, LOVE his rendering of Batman.

If it’s true that both Morrison and Daniel stay on this title for a good long while as indicated, they may be mentioned in the same breath as “O’Neal and Adams” when it’s all said and done.

So now it’s off to “Batman, R.I.P.” and wondering if DC is really planning to do what is rumored (*wink*) and piss off every Batman fan in the world.

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