Author: Bill Ramey
Saturday, January 12, 2008

FROM DC COMICS: "The Gotham Police HQ is taken over by the mysterious Third Batman who begins to kill cops, working his way towards Jim Gordon as he tells his tale and waits for his prize: the life of the Dark Knight, in exchange for the lives of the precinct cops. What dark secret from Batman's past lies behind the creation of the Impostor Batmen? Guest starring Bat-Mite!"

Let me preface this review of BATMAN #672 by saying that I pretty much skipped that whole “The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul” storyline/crossover.

Why you ask?

I absolutely despise multi-title and multi-issue crossovers. It was this sort of crap that drove me away from comics back in the late 90s. I much prefer it when there is no crossing over between titles and writers and artists stay within continuity, but are pretty much left alone to do their own thing with Batman.

If someone just wants to read, say, BATMAN and BATMAN only, OK? Why in the hell should they be forced to buy KILLER CROC so that can get resolution to a storyline?

OK, there’s no such title as KILLER CROC, but you get my point. Anyway…

I was glad to see that things were somewhat back to normal when I went down to my local comic book shop and picked up BATMAN #672. None of that damn Ra’s Al Ghul resurrection crap, just more of Grant Morrison’s crazy-ass run on BATMAN.

Case in point, we are treated to Bat-Mite in this issue. And yes, you heard me right…

…BAT-STINKING-MITE! But it’s not what your thinking.

I think.

So anyway, the whole fake Batman storyline continues as the third phony “Batman” shows up at Gotham PD Headquarters. Who's he after? Chief O’Hara of course!

Yes, yes, I’m kidding -- but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit with this Morrison cat being the "chief" (hehehe!) scribe of this title.

The third fake Batman was once a Gotham cop -- as were the others. The question is what the heck did the real Dark Knight do to these guys to make them flip out this way? That’s who they blame for what ails them -- The Batman -- and that’s why they are raising hell and doing what they are doing.

I’ve long maintained that Grant Morrison is looking at the big picture. While all these tangents he sends us readers on are maddening, don’t you think that at some point it’s all going to come together?

Fake bad Batmen…Cut-smile Joker…Nanda Parbat…Damien Wayne…Talia...The Batmen of all nations...etc., etc.

Don’t you think?

Also, it seems that one Mr. Bruce Wayne is lovin' it up with this Jezebel Jet character (which is certainly a nod to moi, right?) across the globe. According to Wayne himself, she’s smart, she cares about people, and they make each other laugh.

Cue the violins.

I guess 'ol Bruce is having a hell of a time, and he should! TMZ's in Gotham, no doubt. Anyway...

Is this part of Morrison’s grand plan as well? If so, will he provide 'ol BW with happiness or another tragedy?

I betcha that Vicki Vale and several other Gothamites of the female persuasion are hoping for the latter.

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