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Author: Jett, Founder of BOF
Posted: Tuesday, March 4, 2008

From DC COMICS: "The Dynamic Duo: yellow-bellied? Green Lantern tries to convince Batman and Robin to fall in line, but the pair takes him to school…in color theory!"

ALL-STAR BATMAN & ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER is a funny comic book. And I don’t mean “HA HA” funny either.

Well, in the case of this issue, there were some "HA HA" funny moments to tell you the truth. At any rate...

It’s hard to gauge exactly where writer Frank Miller is headed with this title. It’s also hard to determine how serious Mr. Miller is taking ASB&R as well.

Sometimes, it appears as if Miller is simply parodying his own “Crazy A-Hole Batman” past. Other times, it actually looks as if FM has a specific destination in mind for Batman and Robin; like he knows exactly where he plans to take this story before his run is through. (Of course, when that will actually be is anyone’s guess as slow as this inaugural Miller/Lee story arc has gone.)

In issue #9, Miller and Lee treat us to a rather humorous confrontation between Green Lantern Hal Jordan and The Dynamic Duo. If you ever pondered what Batman would look like in an all-yellow Bat-Suit, this issue answers that question.

And I've got to say, seeing Batman sipping on a glass of lemonade while "visiting" with GL was brilliant!

Anyway, it seems as if the ‘ol Justice League has dispatched Hal to try to talk some sense into The Dark Knight. It appears that his rather, ahem, “aggressive” way of dealing with criminals has these other heroes a little on edge. Maybe the government might move to shut ’em all down because of the “Batman Way,” if you will.

However, the humor lasts only so long as before things get deadly serious -- and I mean that literally. As one would expect, Dick Grayson has yet to get over the violent murder of his parents. Apparently this young man has A LOT of bottled-up anger that he’s yet to deal with and it ALL comes exploding out in ASB&R #9.

Let’s just say that the Green Lantern is very lucky that Batman is an expert at emergency, life-saving first aid.

This issue’s story ends with Miller finally showing that The Batman does have some compassion and isn’t a complete and total A-Hole. As I said previously, Grayson’s yet to completely deal with the loss of his family, so The Batman takes Robin to a very special locale so he can finally face his tragedy, let loose all that pent-up rage, and grieve.

As far as the artwork, it’s Jim Lee, so you know what you’re going to get. I will say that it appears that Lee is getting away from delivering a series of splash pages in each issue.

Where ALL-STAR BATMAN & ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER, goes from here is anyone’s guess. Robin is now Robin and Batman’s still a prick -- although it seems as if that worm is starting to turn


I believe that issue #9 is the halfway point of the Miller/Lee run (DC is releasing issue #1-9 as “Volume 1” of ASB&R in trade paperback form Summer 2008, FYI) and it does seem as if things are a-changing for The Dynamic Duo, relationship-wise.

As far as where Miller and Lee are going with their story, do you think we’ll find out before 2012?

I may have to take the over on that one.

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