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TDK-Coasters, JL Movie Details
Author: Jett
Thursday, September 27, 2007

2:22 PM TEXAS TIME: Six Flags will open three indoor, TDK-themed rollercoasters in 2008. "[The ride], according to Six Flags, will transform guests into citizens of Gotham City -- caught in the middle of a city under siege and torn apart by The Joker." CLICK HERE for more info. Thanks to "Metal Eyez" for the link.

12:52 PM TEXAS TIME: The basic skinny is out on the JL film -- who's in, who's the villain(s), etc. -- and you can read about it HERE...

Got a new "Bat-Poll" -- PLEASE VOTE. Thanks!

Accident on TDK Set
Author: Jett
Monday, September 24, 2007

9:06 AM TEXAS TIME: An accident has taken place on the set of TDK resulting in a death of a crew member. CLICK HERE for details.

Via Warner Bros.: "There was a fatal accident at a special effects facility for THE DARK KNIGHT. A technician on the film died when the truck he was in struck a tree following a test run. Warner Bros Pictures and the entire cast and crew of The Dark Knight are deeply saddened by this tragedy, and their hearts and prayers go out to the family and loved ones of the deceased."

From BATMAN ON FILM, my condolences to the family and the TDK cast and crew.

(I was informed by two members of the Chicago TDK crew that the victim did not work in Chi-Town.)

Cast Additions
Author: Jett
Monday, September 24, 2007

10:13 AM TEXAS TIME: BOF told you back on August 15th that Joshua Harto has a small role in TDK, now VARIETY has got around to reporting it. Included in their report is the casting of Beatrice Rosen in an unspecified role. Harto is playing is playing "Reese" per BOF sources.

Caine Talks Heath-Joker
Author: Jett
Sunday, September 23, 2007

6:29 AM TEXAS TIME: Seems that Sir Michael Caine has been talking "Heath-Joker" and you can find out what he had to say HERE.


Hong Kong Fears THE DARK KNIGHT!
Author: Jett
Friday, September 21, 2007

10:02 AM TEXAS TIME: Alright, more JUSTICE LEAGUE news -- like who will not be playing Superman. CLICK HERE for the skinny.

6:32 AM TEXAS TIME: Is Hong Kong afraid of THE DARK KNIGHT? CLICK HERE for the full story.

TDK's Sound Man a King
Author: Jett
Thursday, September 20, 2007

3:48 PM TEXAS TIME: Well, WB has finally made an announcement regarding JUSTICE LEAGUE in the trades. CLICK HERE for the full story (Make sure you cast your vote in the latest "Bat-Poll" HERE.)

6:29 AM TEXAS TIME: One last set of pics from the season premiere of THE BATMAN. CLICK HERE TO SEE 'EM.

Since DC/WB just released that SUPERMAN DOOMSDAY, how about A BATMAN PG-13 ANIMATED FILM?

1:23 PM TEXAS TIME: According to FILMSOUND DAILY, sound supervisor on TDK is RICHARD KING.

TDK U.S. Premiere in Chicago?
Author: Jett
Tuesday, September 18, 2007

5:11 PM TEXAS TIME: Remember BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN that damn near got made? Well, is this a project that director Wolfgang Petersen would still like to see to fruition? CLICK HERE to find out.

4:01 PM TEXAS TIME: Take this with a grain of salt, but it would certainly make sense. BOF has heard that the U.S. premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT will take place in Chicago next summer. Since A LOT of TDK was shot on location in Chi-Town, I certainly see this as a legit possibility. So, that's some potential good news for your Chi-Towners.

The premiere for BATMAN BEGINS was held in Los Angeles at Mann's Chinese Theater back in 2005, so I wouldn't rule out that locale.

Heath Talks "THE JOKER!" The JL Batman?
Author: Jett
Sunday, September 16, 2007

6:54 AM TEXAS TIME: Heath Ledger has finally spoken about playing The Joker in TDK! CLICK HERE for the full story.

There's a rumor going around that WB/DC has their eye on a certain actor to portray The Batman in this JUSTICE LEAGUE film. CLICK HERE to find out whom it is.

UK Nightclub Shoot Info
Author: Jett
Saturday, September 15, 2007

5:31 PM TEXAS TIME: *SJD = A Maroni "comàre." HQ? Fuggetaboutit!*

8:53 AM TEXAS TIME: As first reported by BOF's Paul J. Wares on the BOF MESSAGE BOARD on September 13th, TDK shot at the "Ministry of Sound" nightclub in London this past week. CLICK HERE for the full story.

Now this is FUNNY! CHECK OUT THIS BAT-PARODY "sung to the tune" of the '89 BATMAN theme.

I miss Chicago!
Author: Jett
Friday, September 14, 2007

1:33 PM TEXAS TIME: Man, aren't y'all missing that Chicago shoot already? Anyway, HERE IS A SHORT REPORT from a recent shoot at Pinewood Studios.

I'm wondering if the latest issue of BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL has anything to do with TDK? Hmmm.

Bale Interview
Author: Jett
Thursday, September 13, 2007

9:13 AM TEXAS TIME: The READING EVENING POST has a story featuring another cast member of TDK. Actor Winston Ellis is playing a character called "Gator." And PLEASE, no "Killer Croc!" emails. Click on the link provided for the full story. (Thanks to "Miranda Fox" for the heads up!)

4:30 AM TEXAS TIME: With Chicago filming over, TDK news has been reduced significantly. Don't y'all think it's 'bout time for something "official?" I do...WB? Anyway, I know that they did so some location filming in the London area this week and are filming at Pinewood today -- something to do with a "big crowd" from what I've heard.

Still doing press for his latest flick, 3:10 TO YUMA, Christian Bale sat down for an INTERVIEW WITH CNN. Thanks to "Victoria from San Antonio" for the link.

And if you didn't already know, the TDK teaser trailer is now up over at APPLE TRAILERS.

Dunn Talks TDK Role
Author: Jett
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2:25 PM TEXAS TIME: Sarah Jayne Dunn as finally commented a tad on her role in TDK and you can read about what she had to say HERE.

BATMAN '89 UK Documentary
Author: Jett
Monday, September 10, 2007

10:18 AM TEXAS TIME: No big TDK news today -- yet -- but I do have something cool that I thought I'd share. "Rich" sent me a link to the RARE 1989 BATMAN UK DOCUMENTARY.

News continues to trickle in about JUSTICE LEAGUE. HERE'S THE LATEST.

And finally, I've heard from several people that TDK is filming at PINEWOOD STUDIOS this week. What they're filming, I haven't a clue. BUT, they did film the BATCAVE SCENES there (at Shepperton) back in '04 for BATMAN BEGINS.

One more time -- TDK Pics from Chicago
Author: Jett
Saturday, September 8, 2007

10:04 AM TEXAS TIME: HERE are 5 more pics from the TDK shoot in Chicago -- 3 are of the "Hospital" stunt.

WB Hyping TDK, RACER Together & Bale loves Batman on film!
Author: Jett
Friday, September 7, 2007

6:31 PM TEXAS TIME: Not TDK, but new pics from this upcoming season of THE BATMAN -- and right when I'm still trippin' over all this JL stuff. I think they are mocking me! ;)

5:31 PM TEXAS TIME: Christian Bale doing press for 3:10 TO YUMA has given us a few TDK snippets here and there. And did y'all know that Mr. Bale LOVES BATMAN ON FILM?!

6:21 AM TEXAS TIME: Looks like Warner Bros. is and will be promoting THE DARK KNIGHT and SPEED RACER together quite often. These are their two big film releases next summer. Check out KUNGFURODEO.COM for the full story.

Bale talks TDK, jokes about Crowe...again
Author: Jett
Thursday, September 6, 2007

9:09 AM TEXAS TIME: Christian Bale has again talked about THE DARK KNIGHT while doing press for 3:10 TO YUMA. CLICK HERE for the story.


TDK Apparel
Author: Jett
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

9:09 AM TEXAS TIME: KUNGFURODEO.COM has a couple of shot of some TDK apparel from the MAGIC Apparel Show in Las Vegas.

"Miranda Fox" returns and points to THIS STORY in which "Miss Dunn confirmed she is due to film a part in the new BATMAN film next week, but has been sworn to secrecy about her role." Seems that she is going to talk more about it in next Tuesday's DAILY POST (9/11).

December 2009?
Author: Jett
Tuesday, September 4, 2007

3:47 PM TEXAS TIME: CINEMABLEND.COM says that while Two Face will be the main baddie in BATMAN 3 (SHADOW OF THE BAT?), The Joker will return and Catwoman will make her first appearance in a Bat-film since 1992 (Catwoman? Makes sense, and I've heard that as well). Click on the link provided for the full story.

3:04 PM TEXAS TIME: BOF got word over the weekend from "Anonymous by Choice" -- who is actually a good friend of this site -- that Warner Bros. could already be eyeing a release date for BATMAN 3. Now -- and I have said this in a long while -- take this info with a grain of salt as our scooper said this could "...well be crew/set gossip." Anyway, according to our source's source, WB may be targeting Winter 2009 for B3, making it a Holiday release. Personally, I can't see another Nolan-helmed Bat-flick -- that's if Mr. Nolan decides to do a third tour of Gotham -- until Summer 2011.

"Dear, Warner Bros., About That JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie...."

TDK Cast Additions, JL Casting Begins
Author: Jett
Sunday, September 2, 2007

3:33 PM TEXAS TIME: My friend "A.P." has requested that I add something to his goodbye, and I HAVE DONE SO.

3:11 PM TEXAS TIME: It looks like casting for JUSTICE LEAGUE has begun and yes, I'm about to have an episode. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

9:22 AM TEXAS TIME: BOF has some casting updates which you can read HERE.

With the TDK filming in Chicago coming to an end, I'm slowly getting caught up on my comic book reviews. So, here's my review of BATMAN #668. I should now be back on schedule.

Click for the Warner Bros. Online

Author: Jett
Saturday, September 1, 2007

9:18 PM TEXAS TIME: Sadly, A.P. SAYS GOODBYE! From Jett to A.P., THANKS!

6:02 AM TEXAS TIME: "Megan" sent BOF serveral pics of the AUGUST 31st SHOOT (Link fixed!) -- 3 of which you can check out via the link provided.

And making one of his last appearances, "A.P." returns with ANOTHER TDK SET REPORT.

Bale. Lamborghini. Chicago Streets.
Author: Jett
Thursday, August 30, 2007

6:02 AM TEXAS TIME: "A.P." is back with what will probably be one of last reports. CLICK HERE TO READ.

Big-Ass Chi-Town Explosion!
Author: Jett
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

3:53 PM TEXAS TIME: CLICK HERE to check out some pics of the "Big Bang" sent to BOF by MY FOX CHICAGO!

3:15 PM TEXAS TIME: They did it! Blew up the Former Brach's Candy Factory in Chicago! BOF will have more later, but for now, check out MYFOXCHICAGO for details.

10:58 AM TEXAS TIME: There are some more rumors regarding the inclusion of Batman in the JUSTICE LEAGUE film. CLICK HERE to read about it.

6:10 AM TEXAS TIME: MYFOXCHICAGO.COM sent me word overnight that they will have live coverage of today's BIG TDK STUNT IN CHICAGO! Looks like it will take place either today or tomorrow sometime between 11AM and 1PM. According to "A.P.," it may take place Thursday (8/30) rather than today -- but that's not set in stone. From A.P.:

Polk commandeers a School Bus and goes back inside. Explosions collapse the Hospital & The Joker never breaks stride!


Be on the lookout either today or most likely tomorrow for this stunt!

Also from A.P.:

Wednesday August 29, 2007

Wayne trails the Police Van while talking to Alfred.
Wayne puts the Lamborghini between the Police Van and the Pick-up.
Wayne names the officers he recognized.
The Lamborghini gets closer to the Police Van.

Video of TDK stunts!
Author: Jett
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

6:14 PM TEXAS TIME: A couple of days ago, "A.P." told us about the "Sausage-Link Stunt" and a practice run of a stunt to be performed later in Hong Kong. You can check video of both out HERE.

Sadly, the Chicago shoot is almost done, as they will be wrapping in just a few days. Then it's back to the UK for a bit and then TDK finishes up filming in Hong Kong later this fall. But remember, something big -- and I mean BIG -- is talking place tomorrow!

It's a wrap -- almost!
Author: Jett
Monday, August 27, 2007

8:15 PM TEXAS TIME: The "'A.P.' Report" has again been updated this PM, FYI. Also, looks like A HOSPITAL SET is being constructed:

Click to enlarge!

8:35 AM TEXAS TIME: "A.P." sent in another report from Chicago which you can read HERE.

The Chicago shoot is coming to a close and I believe that the wrap party is tonight. There's a big-ass shoot on the 29th involving a "hospital," a few other things, and then it's off to the UK.

Big Happenings in Chicago!
Author: Jett
Sunday, August 26, 2007

8:35 AM TEXAS TIME: "A.P." sent in another report from Chicago which you can read HERE.

They must have shot something REALLY big yesterday in Chicago -- VERY spoilerish stuff. It involved hundreds of extras, Gordon, The Joker and his goons, the Mayor, Commissioner Loeb, Harvey Dent, and others! Also, it was very "BATMAN #1", if you will...

The Joker from 'BATMAN

Thanks to "Nick M. from Philly" and "Melrose Park Patti" from sending in reports.

WB hell-bent on live-action JUSTICE LEAGUE?
Author: Jett
Saturday, August 25, 2007

1:56 PM TEXAS TIME: Jean Pierre Goy -- the man who rides The Batpod in TDK -- talks about, well, RIDING THE BATPOD IN TDK. Thanks to "December Darkly" for the link!

10:28 AM TEXAS TIME: "Melrose Park Patti" and "Anonymous" sent in a report and pics from yestday's (8/24) shoot. CLICK HERE to read.

7:46 AM TEXAS TIME: I was just about ready to get behind this JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, BUT.... CLICK HERE for the full story.

I "HEART" Christian Bale
Author: Jett
Friday, August 24, 2007

8:33 PM TEXAS TIME:I L-O-V-E Christian Bale -- in a very "manly/brother/kindred spirt" kind of way, of course. Not only does he not want any part of a live-action JUSTICE LEAGUE film (Click HERE for video proof), he doesn't want Robin hanging with him in any future Bat-Films (Click HERE for video proof too!). Check out this comment from Mr. Bale regarding his Batman in a JL film:

"We’ve done something very good with our Batman, so I would not do anything that wasn’t in keeping with what we were doing,” Bale explained. Reminded that “Justice League."

“No, that’d [a live-action JL film] be a whole different world. And if it wasn’t part of [our] world, then it wouldn’t work.”

Right on brother, right ON!

"Powers That Be," listen to this man. And ME for cripe's sakes! ;) You got a WINNER with the BATMAN BEGINS universe of films -- just stay the course (But that CGI JL film would be badass -- DO IT!).

7:45 PM TEXAS TIME: "The Librarian" has returned with 3 pics and a short shoot report from Chicago. And you can read it by CLICKING HERE.

New BOF addition: A short history of the BATMAN ONSTAR COMMERCIALS.

Author: Jett
Thursday, August 23, 2007

10:33 PM TEXAS TIME: "A.P." is back with ANOTHER SHOOT REPORT. Get 'em while you can as the Chi-Town shoot is almost done!

7:40 PM TEXAS TIME: My good friend and scooper "Scarecrow 360" was kind enough to send us a few pics -- which you can check out HERE!

No Bale-Batman in JL & JL to be CGI?!
Author: Jett
Wednesday, August 22, 2007


7:22 PM TEXAS TIME: All I can say is, HARVEY DENT FOR GOTHAM D.A.! (Thanks to "A.P."):

4:45 PM TEXAS TIME: Now this I CAN live with -- in fact I'd absolutely love it!

According to my friends at IESB.NET this JL film may end up being animated -- well "CGI/Motion Capture." Here's more (Check out the BEOWULF TRAILER to get an idea):

"We have just received an interesting email that indicates the Justice League of America film might be headed to the world of Motion Capture...This would put our League of Superheroes in a world much like Paramount’s BEOWULF or Cameron's AVATAR, where they could hire any actor they wanted and tweak and change them accordingly."

Three words: Please. Be. True. (*Puts the online petition "on hold" for now*)

6:12 AM TEXAS TIME: I swear, I'm going to have an episode over all of this. My man Clint over at MOVIEHOLE.NET shot me an email overnight as he has a scoop in regards to JUSTICE LEAGUE:

"I was speaking to a pal at Warner Bros. this morning who let slip that the 'Justice League' movie is just as full-steam ahead as the rumours suggest it is. It will definitely be up next year."

"We have been informed by another source at Warner Bros that it will be an all-new cast and that Bale and Routh will NOT be back (that DOESN'T mean Bale and Routh won't be reprising their roles in solo adventures."

On one hand, I'm glad that Bale isn't doing it and that we'll see him back as Batman in a third, Nolan-directed solo flick. On the other hand, I wish like hell that they would wait until after the Nolan series is done -- and there will be at least one more after TDK.

Anyway, BOF WILL COVER THIS FILM since Batman will be in it (*sigh*) -- and BOF does support all DC-based movies.

Bale: "Don't F*** Up Batman!" (OK, he really didn't say it THAT way!)
Author: Jett
Tuesday, August 21, 2007

9:30 PM TEXAS TIME: "Bat-Ror" and "MaddHarliquinn" sent BOF some MORE TDK PICS FROM CHICAGO. Among them is a shot of the "GCN Studios."

6:23 PM TEXAS TIME: Hershey Foods will be teaming up with Warner Bros. on THE DARK KNIGHT. There will be TDK-themed "Reese's Pieces" and "Kit Kat" (click to enlarge):

Prizes included are a Ducati motorcycle, media wall, and replica movie props.

5:37 PM TEXAS TIME: New from “A.P.”: A boat scene on the “Wayne Yacht” is on the agenda this week. Also, a big parade, car chase, rappelling from a building, parachute jump (not in Chicago), the “Wayne Helicopter,” and Dobermans.

4:15 PM TEXAS TIME: OK, Bale didn't really say that, but he might as well have. Don't believe what you have heard about Christian Bale being "receptive" to playing Batman in a JUSTICE LEAGUE film. I have personally been around Mr. Bale on several occastion when has been asked about it and not once has he come across as keen for doing a team-up film.

So, while doing press for his upcoming 3:10 TO YUMA (which I'm dying to see), Bale has finally said publicly what many Bat-Fans are saying to Warner Bros.: "Please wait -- the time ain't right for Batman in a JUSTICE LEAGUE film!" From CHUD.COM:

When asked at...if he had been asked to play Batman in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, he just shook his head. I can’t tell you if he was saying he wasn’t going to be in the film or if he was sick of hearing about it –- a little of both, I’d say.

Bale then said something that echoes what many fans have been saying (and I’m forced to paraphrase, since I’m still at the roundtables and can’t listen to the tape): He wishes they would wait to make a Justice League film until after he and Christopher Nolan finished their own trilogy.

So that’s the latest word –- it’s quite possible that my information that Bale had a crossover in his contract is either wrong or he’s just bucking against it, but at any rate, he’s not going to be wildly happy should a Justice League movie hit theater before Batman Threepeats.

Damn straight Bale!

I'm so against this, I can't put it into words. Oh yeah, I I GUESS I CAN! Thanks to "John Bierly" for the link...

More from Bale via IESB.NET:

Q: Are you doing JUSTICE LEAGUE after TDK?

Bale: No

IESB: Have you been approached for JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Bale: No

IESB: How would you feel about the studio recasting Batman for JUSTICE LEAGUE?

Bale: It’d be better if it doesn’t tread on the toes of what we’re doing, though I feel that it would be better if it comes out after BATMAN 3.

And he's damn right: JUST WAIT. Or make the first one without Batman. I will raise HELL if they make this film and include Batman -- especially a non-Bale Batman...

One last thing, it looks as if the actor playing "Engel" -- which BOF first brought to you yesterday -- may have been revealed on several other websites. I won't reveal it, but I'm sure you can find it rather quickly.

JL Film on Fast-Track?
Author: Jett
Monday, August 20, 2007

6:20 PM TEXAS TIME: If this goes down the way rumor has it, it certain does have something to do with "Batman on film." CLICK HERE (FYI: link corrected) for the recent rumor on the JUSTICE LEAGUE film.

"A.P." shot me an email that a character called "Engel" will appear in TDK. UPDATE: It seems that this "Engel" is a TV new reporter/anchor guy.

Finally, on behalf of the fans, how about releasing the footage from Wizard World Chicago online at some point? Just asking. :)

8/17 Shoot Report
Author: Jett
Sunday, August 19, 2007

2:53 PM TEXAS TIME: OK, this may be nothing, but earlier today, I got an email that was nothing but coordinates: 40° 45 23.72, 73° 59 10.54. So I checked, and this is Times Square in New York City. I then got several other emails saying that there could be something from the viral marketing campaign happening in Times Square. Honestly, I know nothing, so don’t go hauling your ass to TS because of this info. Consider it a “heads up” and if something happens, let BOF know! (UPDATE: Looks like this is nothing, FYI. But with that viral campaign, you never know what could happen...and when!)

12:14 PM TEXAS TIME: "A.P." is back with A NEW TDK SHOOT UPDATE -- and it comes with a picture.

Also, a couple of comic book reviews: BATMAN #667 and BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL #8.

8/17 Shoot Report
Author: Jett
Saturday, August 18, 2007

12:14 PM TEXAS TIME: "B.B." has returned and contributed A COUPLE OF PICS from the 8/17/07 shoot. FYI: Some could consider one of the pics a little spoilerish, but I don't. Just a heads up -- because at BOF, we CARE! ;)

9:34 AM TEXAS TIME: "Melrose Park Patti" provided BOF with a TDK SHOOT REPORT FROM 8/17/07. And I've again updated "4 2007 MUST-DO'S". Finally, for the many who asked, the comic book reviews ARE coming this weekend! :)

Yes, I KNOW about those pics!
Author: Jett
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

6:15 AM TEXAS TIME: BOF has been well aware of the new TDK pics that made their way online -- and into my inbox -- since early yesterday afternoon. While "real," BOF considers them to be "bootleg" due to an unauthorized leak. Consequently, these pics will not be posted on this site. Nonetheless, I'm sure many of you have seen them and I've noticed that many websites put 'em up as fast as possible -- Whatever.

I have been asked via email if these are images from the footage shown at Wizard World last weekend? No, they are not. While some of the pics are scenes that were shown in the footage, they DO NOT do the footage justice -- period. I wouldn't be making assumptions about TDK based on those pics -- one way or the other.

TDK Merchandise Reveals Plot Details?
Author: Jett
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

6:34 AM TEXAS TIME: "Wild Bat" sent in THIS REPORT providing a few fairly spoilerless details about the plot of TDK. It pretty much confirms some things we already knew.

TDK Chicago Shoot Update
Author: Jett
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8:04 PM TEXAS TIME: 3 Chi-Town insiders emailed BOF saying that Joshua Harto has a small part in TDK. Also, today's earlier report has been updated on more time.

10:49 AM TEXAS TIME: Today's earlier story has been updated. FYI: The new material includes very edited and black-out spoilers.

6:00 AM TEXAS TIME: It's been slow this week since the big panel and footage last weekend. Anyway, I have a TDK CHICAGO SHOOT UPDATE that has a few details thanks to "The Librarian," "Chicago Extra," and "A.P."

An new, old TDK Casting Update
Author: Jett
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

1:27 PM TEXAS TIME: CNN.COM is just now reporting that Sen. Patrick Leahy is making a cameo in TDK. "The senator [said] he can't reveal the exact details of his role in the upcoming movie, but he did say he has landed a scene with its two stars, Christian Bale and Heath Ledger," the report says. A BOF scooper told me a while back that the senator's scene takes place at the "Wayne Penthouse."

The report also mentioned that Sen. Leahy had a cameo in BATMAN AND ROBIN back in '97. BOF sends it condolences to Senator Leahy for having to do that.

TDK Panel Recap
Author: Jett
Sunday, August 12, 2007

1:41 PM TEXAS TIME: Hey guys, Jett here back in hot as hell Texas! Man, that panel yesterday was AWESOME! And the footage, BADASS! I’ve updated my WIZARD WORLD TDK PANEL REPORT, so give it a look if you get a chance. Props to Chris Nolan and EVERYONE involved with this film -- trust me, it's going to blow everybody away.

Special thanks from me to Drew from Wizard, “Very Nice Person” for the invite and pass, and the guys at DC COMICS. Also thanks to Paul from STAR! who was kind enough to ask for an interview which well be included in an upcoming installment of "BEHIND THE MOVIES" about, obviously, Batman.

Finally, a shout-out to all the BOF'ers I met. I can't name everyone here, but I wanted you all to know I enjoyed meeting all of you!

TDK Panel
Author: Jett
Saturday, August 11, 2007

8:41 PM CHICAGO TIME: The panel was cool -- no damn exclusives or press afterwards (Boooo!). Just joking. Anyway, HERE IS MY QUICK RUNDOWN of the events that took place at the panel.

11:55 AM CHICAGO TIME: Since the TDK panel is being held at 6PM and not 2, I'll have my report up ASAP once it ends this evening. I don't know if they are doing any press afterwards, but I'll ask...

Man, everyone -- even press -- had to stand in line to get the panel wristband at the DC booth this AM. And the line was long as hell! I talked to "Spiral" afterwards and he told me that people were milling around waiting at the crack of dawn! And get this, people are already waiting in line to enter the ballroom for the damn panel! This is a huge deal, no doubt! And everyone got a cool T-shirt too!

Also, a quick shout-out to all the BOF'ers who said hi to me yesterday and today. I enjoy meeting all of you, so if you see me, come say hi -- I'll have my TDK T-shirt on (me and several hundred others)!

Author: Jett
Friday, August 10, 2007

7:48 PM CHICAGO TIME: 6PM tomorrow boys and girls, FYI.

1:55 PM CHICAGO TIME: No news today (yet), but I AM IN CHICAGO to cover the mythological, whispered about, and so far very elusive TDK panel at WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO. Make sure to visit this site tomorrow after 2PM-ish, FYI.

Weekend Shoot Info
Author: Jett
Thursday, August 9, 2007

2:46 PM TEXAS TIME: "A.P." is back with a non-spoiler report of WHAT'S GOING ON IN CHICAGO THIS WEEKEND.

FYI: I/BOF will be at WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO this coming weekend to cover the "alleged" ;) TDK panel on Saturday. Look for BOF's reports on said panel to begin around 2PM-ish on August 11th.

1st Teaser at the end of 2007?
Author: Jett
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

12:04 PM TEXAS TIME: This has been going around for a while now (Hell, I may have already mentioned it), but it looks like the first full-length trailer for TDK will come during the holiday movie season and be attached to I AM LEGEND -- which is a Warner Bros. film, by the way. I AM LEGEND is scheduled for a December 14th release. Hmmm, "See You In December...?"

Framestore CFC doing F/X for...?
Author: Jett
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

3:43 PM TEXAS TIME: "SPQR from the UK" sent in a report about TDK's future shooting schedule. Pre-production is underway at Leavesden Studios and things will get rolling around the 8th of September. After about 2 months there, TDK heads to Hong Kong briefly to finish up filming. So only about a month left in Chi-Town...

Speaking of Chicago, I will be at WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO this coming weekend to cover the "alleged" ;) TDK panel on Saturday. Look for BOF's reports on said panel to begin around 2PM-ish on August 11th.

12:17 PM TEXAS TIME: According to FILM ICK, F/X for a particular character in TDK will be handled by FRAMESTORE CFC. If you want to know which one, click on the link...

Here's a report via THE JUMP CUTS BLOG quoting someone who was on the TDK set and witnessed Heath Ledger "Jokering" (highlight to read -- could be considered a tad spoilerish by some, FYI):

"As regards to how Heath Ledger *seemed* as The Joker, he seemed like he WAS The Joker, and didn't need to let anyone know it - rather contained, but ready to explode at any moment in an unexpected fashion. Menacing, but more because he seemed like he was probably crazy, and maybe violent, rather than that he was TRYING to scare you. (and by the way, all he did during the scenes I was in was sit in XXXXXXXXXX, reacting and, he's a very fine actor if I imbibed all this from just watching him sit there...) He didn't talk a lot between takes, but he also wasn't 'Don't approach me!' in his manner - a real pro, in other words.

In short, he seemed just like The Joker SHOULD seem."

Thanks to "James I." for the info!

What's going on in Chicago this week?
Author: Jett
Monday, August 6, 2007

10:26 AM TEXAS TIME: "A.P." returns with a quick report on WHAT'S GOING ON IN CHICAGO THIS WEEK.

Bat-Anime Story Details?
Author: Jett
Sunday, August 5, 2007

2:33 PM TEXAS TIME: BOF received some info about the Bat-Anime story -- well, the one being scripted by Josh Olsen. CLICK HERE for the details.

One more thing for you avoiding spoilers. It seems that some MAJOR plot details from a recent Chicago shoot are floating around -- including the ending (or at least, the last part of the film). Obviously, they won't be anywhere on BOF, but I did want to give you all an FYI.

8/3-4/07 Shoot Report
Author: Jett
Saturday, August 4, 2007

8:58 AM TEXAS TIME: "TheBronx2007" has returned with A NEW PIC AND A VIDEO from last night's shoot.

7:19 AM TEXAS TIME: "A.P." returns for another shoot report and you can find it at "A.P."'s TDK CHICAGO SHOOT REPORTS (I'm now posting all of A.P's reports on a separate page, FYI)...

HERE you can find the "MY FOX CHICAGO" Joker video "YouTubed."

8/2-3/07 Shoot Report and JOKER PICS!
Author: Jett
Friday, August 3, 2007

11:45 AM TEXAS TIME: The nice folks from MYFOXCHICAGO.COM sent BOF a couple of pics and video links -- of THE JOKER! You can view them by CLICKING HERE. FYI, pretty much spoilerless.

Want to see MORE BATPOD FOOTAGE? Then click on the link provided.

8/1 Shoot Report and Pic
Author: Jett
Thursday, August 2, 2007

12:24 PM TEXAS TIME: Via MICHAELCAINE.COM (Thanks to "Jabroni" for the heads up). The great Sir Michael Caine -- who of course plays Alfred in THE DARK KNIGHT -- recently had the following to say about working on TDK:

"I have just got back from my second trip to Chicago where I am shooting 'Batman,' my jet lag has gone so I feel like updating this site (MICHAELCAINE.COM).

I have one more stint in Chicago in a month time, then I will be finished on the 2nd “Batman” the great revelation of working on this is Heath Ledger who plays...'The Joker.' I have seen him on film and I have worked with him and I must say it is quite an extradinary performance."

9:01 AM TEXAS TIME: Two BOF'ers sent in info from the 8/1 shoot in Chicago. CLICK HERE to take a look...

NEWSARAMA has some info on that animated Batman DVD that will be released in conjunction with THE DARK KNIGHT. Here's the description:

"Set in the period between BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT, this brand new adventure follows BATMAN as he unravels a mystery over six original stories done in the style of Japanese Anime. Each of the six original stories has been written by a highly respected screenwriter or comic book creator. The talent includes Academy Award nominee Josh Olsen (The History of Violence), screenwriter of the BLADE films and BATMAN BEGINS David Goyer, and famed comic book writer Brian Azzarello, among others.

The Batman Anime DVD is viewed as a perfect companion piece to BATMAN BEGINS and THE DARK KNIGHT. The original stories introduce a number of classic characters from the DC Comics BATMAN universe as well as following up on characters and storylines that were introduced in BATMAN BEGINS."

Zimmer Talks Bat-Theme & Title of the next Bat-Film?
Author: Jett
Wednesday, August 1, 2007

3:42 PM TEXAS TIME: After some digging, I'm pretty sure we can scratch that "Shadow of The Bat" title. It's now "Shadow of The Jett." FYI, only the former is legit.

2:22 PM TEXAS TIME: More sequel info? Maybe, as this comes from a good FOBOF. There are whispers that Jonah Nolan is starting a first draft of the TDK follow-up ("SHADOW OF THE BAT?") -- based on the original David Goyer/Chris Nolan outline -- at some point soon.

Hey, all this "3rd Bat-sequel Talk" may all be total BS at this point, so do keep in mind that it's rumor -- but cool rumor nonetheless! :)

Since BOF is my "Bully Pulpit," Let me say this. One, with San Diego Comic Con coming only about a week after THE DARK KNIGHT hits theaters next summer, the Con should be a celebration of, well, "The Dark Knight." I want to see The Batman on every gaslamp in San Diego next year. ‘bout a big screening at Petco Park -- just like for 300? Yeah, every damn person that would attend probably will have already seen the film. But again, let’s make it a big Batman and THE DARK KNIGHT party next year! There is no doubt in my mind that TDK is going to kick major ass! Anyone with me on this one?

I'm still on the "Bully Pulpit" here. I'd love to get a TDK exclusive when I'm in Chicago in August (yeah, wishful thinking, but 'ya gotta ask!).

9:29 AM TEXAS TIME: Review: SUPERMAN/DOOMSDAY by Gregg Bray.

7:38 AM TEXAS TIME: The fine folks over at SUPERHERO HYPE! nabbed an interview with Hans Zimmer who says he's been working on a new Batman theme:

"There is a big Batman theme which I was playing with for the last one, but I always felt the character hadn't earned it yet, so I just want to go and play around, and I now want to go and complete that theme, so that's part of the idea. I felt I had a good start, and now it would be really nice to develop that world a little further."

Sounds good to me! Thanks to all the BOF'ers who sent in the link...

I heard whispers of the possible title a few of the next Bat-Film weeks ago via "Scissor Puppy," a longtime and very good "Friend of BOF." Now, another FOBOF, who asked to remain anonymous, shot me an email yesterday mentioning the same exact title...


And that's not all. BOF contributor "Anjow" sent word of the following:

1) A new Joker site will be revealed in September, releasing new images from the film.

2) "See you in December" refers to I AM LEGEND and yet another Joker site that will be unveiled -- as well as the 1st theatrical trailer and other TDK goodies.

Want to read past BATMAN movie news?

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