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TDK Chi-Town Filming Update
Author: Jett
Thursday, March 29, 2007 - 2:05 PM CENTRAL TIME: Chicago Film Office Director Richard Moskal gave an exclusive interview with BOF contributor Cary Ashby about THE DARK KNIGHT filming in the Windy City. Moskal said details are being worked out, but he estimated filming would take place "mid-June to the early part of September." "They will be shooting continuously in Chicago through that time frame," he added.

He explained that most film crews work five-day weeks, but Moskal didn't know what five days the TDK crew would use.

It's unknown what exact areas of Chicago will be used. Moskal said film crews generally don't publish filming locations "because of crowd control."

"There has been scouting, but nothing specific," he said.

When asked to clarify, Moskal said the TDK scouting started "back in December," meaning 2006, when he either "the studio or production personnel" contacted his office. He confirmed that director Christopher Nolan has been in Chicago three times since January 2006, with the most recent visit being in "early March." Moskal wasn't positive on the dates for Nolan's visits because he isn't apprised of everything.

BOF asked Moskal if any of the main cast members would be involved in the Chicago filming. "Also to be decided," he said.

The Chicago Film Office Web site says a "feature film directed Christopher Nolan" called Rory's First Kiss will be filmed in the city. Moskal, who didn't know Rory is the name of Nolan's son, paused slightly when BOF asked him to confirm it as TDK.

"All I can tell you is Warner Bros. is going with the title Rory's First Kiss. I know that's peculiar, but that's Warner Bros. is calling it," he said...

Comic Book Review: BATMAN #664. To "heck" with the Grant Morrison haters! ;)

Sheesh, another rumor...Is TDK getting "Buffed?"
Author: Jett
Wednesday, March 28, 2007 - 4:05 PM CENTRAL TIME: If you are a regular over at the BOF FORUM, you'll remember that I mentioned this there several weeks back. I took it with a HUGE grain of salt at the time, but it's popped up elsewhere. You can read about the casting rumor I'm referring to HERE.
Is SMG in the TDK casting mix? Thanks to "Dave" for the link...

I usually don't do this here anymore, but lookit, it's been slow! DVD REVIEW: BATMAN BEYOND, SEASON 3.

No Dale in TDK
Author: Jett
Tuesday, March 27, 2007 - 8:00 AM CENTRAL TIME: My man Clint from MOVIEHOLE.NET shot me an email to let me know that the oft-rumored Alan Dale IS NOT part of the TDK cast. This "out of control" rumor seems to have started in a British gossip rag late last year and took a life of its own. So who is playing Sal Maroni? Is Maroni even in the film? Does this mean that the James Gandolfini rumor has some substance? (No JG methinks). Nonetheless, with filming approaching, all casting questions should be answered soon -- I think...

On a related note, damn these rumors! Don't ya'll think it's about time for a new TDK press release? And maybe the official site too? Speaking of the latter, it looks like is the domain for the official site -- although there's nothing there but the Warner Bros. homepage...

Strike one "Guy" off your potential cast list, so says Mr. Pearce:

"Yeah, that’s an absolute internet rumor....I think people just put two and two together and say 'well, yeah that’d be exciting.' Chris and I never had one conversation about it. Even after the film came out, people were like 'how come you turned down Batman?' I’m like, 'I didn’t even have a conversation about [a role in BATMAN BEGINS].'"

"Well I imagine if he was going to [ask me to do a BATMAN film], it would have happened by now, because he’s into the second one isn’t he? I don’t know if that’s going to happened or not....I mean if you’re going to do a BATMAN film, Chris Nolan is the person to do it with, I feel like."

Source: AICN.

Tumbler(s) in Chi-Town
Author: Jett
Sunday, March 25, 2007 - 12:54 PM CENTRAL TIME: According to THIS BLOG, The TDK crew is in Chicago prepping for shooting -- which is going to take place this summer (Somewhere on BOF I posted THIS saying filming will take place from mid June to mid September). There is even a recent pic of The Tumbler, AKA "The Batmobile." Remember, BOF told you last Sunday (3/18) that Chris Nolan has been in Chicago as late as St. Paddy's Day '07. Thanks to "Anjow" for the link.

"The Scarecrow" Returns?
Author: Jett
Saturday, March 24, 2007 - 7:32 AM CENTRAL TIME: There are some rumblings that The Scarecrow -- as portrayed by Cillian Murphy -- may be returning to Gotham in THE DARK KNIGHT. When asked about that possibility a few weeks ago, Mr.Murphy was rather coy and evasive with his answer:

"I'm not at liberty and it's not my place to say. I'd love to work with Chris again. I enjoyed tremendously working on that film [BATMAN BEGINS], and we'll see. I think casting Heath Ledger as the Joker is fantastic casting. He'll make an amazing movie."

With filming fast-approaching, a press-release is expected soon that will reveal the entire cast of TDK.

More TDK Rumors & Batman to be included in JUSTICE LEAGUE?
Author: Jett
Thursday, March 22, 2007 - 9:44 AM, 6:52 PM CENTRAL TIME: I knew I'd get some - uh, TDK stuff that is (get your minds out of the gutter). I've been told that we can put to rest any Penguin and Black Mask talk -- it ain't going to happen. What could be happening is the return of Victor Zsasz in TDK...

No TDK news today -- yet -- but something live-action Batman-related. According to my friends over at IESB.NET, The Dark Knight will be included in any JUSTCE LEAGUE film. We'll see -- if it ever happens.

Alan Dale is...?
Author: Jett
Tuesday, March 20, 2007 - 9:03 AM CENTRAL TIME: It looks as if there is nothing final regarding Mr. Dale and TDK. I'd take it as rumor for now. Dale was first mentioned to be up for a role in TDK by AICN back in December.

Misc. Bits
Author: Jett
Monday, March 19, 2007 - 9:57 AM CENTRAL TIME: A few things today. An Aussie scooper informed BOF that Alan Dale’s role is a small one and is that of a villain...

Checking with a few “insider friends,” it looks as if there is nothing to the Stacy Ferguson (Thank goodness!) and James Gandolfini rumors as I expected -- although I must admit that I’d love to see Gandofini in TDK...

And MOVIEHOLE is reporting that the next SUPERMAN film may be the recently announced JUSTICE LEAGUE project instead of a straight-up sequel to SUPERMAN RETURNS. Why mention that here? Well according to the site, Batman will be kept separate and in his own movie franchise. Y'all know MY TAKE on Batman in a JL film, so if true, I'm happy about this.

Nolan in Chi-Town?
Author: Jett
Sunday, March 18, 2007 - 2:52 PM, 6:30 PM CENTRAL TIME: A BOF'er emailed me overnight to say he met Chris Nolan and a couple of producers -- Emma Thomas included -- in Chicago at one of Chi Town's malls. Yeah, yeah I know -- And I drank beer with Burt Reynolds at Buffalo Wild Wings (free plug BTW) yesterday. But seriously, dude's speaking the truth so it makes me wonder if they'll shoot in The Windy City first? Or at a damn mall perhaps? BTW, our scooper says that Mr. Nolan informed him (after he said all of "us" -- The Batman Fans were fired up for TDK) that TDK was going to be "epic" -- and that Chris was in quite a bit of a hurry.

Author: Jett
Friday, March 16, 2007 - 7:58 AM CENTRAL TIME: Let me preface by stamping this as RUMOR, OK? Alright, then. Secondly, I personally don’t put much -- if any -- stock into either of these casting rumors myself, so take that for what you will.

I first heard this several weeks ago and frankly blew it off as nonsense. However, this week these two individuals came up again, unsolicited, from some “industry insiders” that I’ve known for quite some time. So who are they? Well, one is very “Un-Nolan” and the other is (or could be, depending on the role) awfully cliché in my opinion.

Anyway, here you go: Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson (WTF!) and James Gandolfini. HERE'S MY TAKE on this. Talk amongst yourselves.

Nolan on The Joker
Author: Jett
Monday, March 12, 2007 - 5:10 PM CENTRAL TIME: A quick quote from Chris Nolan from THELONDONPAPER.COM on TDK:

"It’s going to be very exciting –- we’re doing things on a really grand scale this time. And Heath Ledger as The Joker is going to be extraordinary."

Let's hope so. Thanks to "Andrew from London" for the link...


New Bat-Suit, MG is RD, & Will "The Scarecrow" Return?
Author: Jett
Friday, March 9, 2007 - 6:00 AM CENTRAL TIME: From AICN:

Both Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan have seen a new Batsuit & there's been a fitting. I told this person how I didn't particularly dig the suit in Batman Begins and said it was too bulky. To this he/she replied, "Well then you'll love the new one." He/she also stated that Bats changes his suit halfway through the film - and its a major plotpoint as to the how and why this happens.

Seems to support the costume news BOF REPORTED LAST AUGUST...

VARIETY is confirming what we all expected: Maggie Gyllenhaal will be the "New Rachel" in THE DARK KNIGHT. Good move, IMO -- as long as no one confuses this with the "New Darrin" controversy that has plagued BEWITCHED fans since 1969.

This is good casting! Heck of an actress and much better than....Well, I'll just let that one go. Thanks to ALL the BOF'ers that sent in the link -- and kudos to my friends at LATINO REVIEW for breaking the story weeks ago...


Maggie Gyllenhaal is in final negotiations to join the all-star cast of "The Dark Knight," Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures' sequel to "Batman Begins."

Gyllenhaal is being tapped to play D.A. Rachel Dawes, the love interest to Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale). In the first movie, Dawes was played Katie Holmes, who, like Gyllenhaal, is repped by CAA. But reps for Holmes said she was unable to reprise her role because of scheduling conflicts.

"Knight" finds Christopher Nolan back in the director's chair, joining "Batman Begins' " Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman. Heath Ledger is set as the Joker, while Aaron Eckhart will play D.A. Harvey Dent, also known as the villainous Two-Face.

"I'm extremely excited to work with an actress of Maggie's caliber, and she's a great addition to the cast as we continue our story," Nolan said.

Still no big press release from the studio -- although I keep asking them -- but it looks like Mr. Freeman is returning as expected...

Will we see Dr. Jonathan Crane in Gotham in TDK? Here's a bit of what Cillian Murphy had to say about returning as The Scarecrow in TDK:

"I'm not at liberty and it's not my place to say. I'd love to work with Chris again. I enjoyed tremendously working on that film [BATMAN BEGINS], and we'll see. I think casting Heath Ledger as the Joker is fantastic casting. He'll make an amazing movie."



Eckhart Talks TDK...and Two Face?
Author: Jett
Tuesday, March 6, 2007 - 6:34 AM CENTRAL TIME: I saw 300 again last night -- MY REVIEW...

At the premiere of 300 (which I saw last night FYI), Aaron Eckhart talked more about his part in the upcoming film, THE DARK KNIGHT:

"[Working with Chris Nolan] is certainly one of [the reasons I took the part]. It's a huge, huge, deal. I love his work. I think he and his brother just wrote a firecracker of a script. And the cast - everything is first-class. The series, I'm looking forward to working on. Batman Begins, everything is just top notch."

Source: ABOUT.COM. Thanks to "Rick" for the lead...

Wow, big turnout for the last "Bat-Poll." BOF asked whether or not Batman should be included in a JUSTICE LEAGUE film. There was close to 1,500 votes and here's the breakdown: Yes! came at 38% (560 votes), while No! received 62% (932 votes) of all votes. Basically a 60/40 split. Make sure you participate in the new, comic book-related "Bat-Poll."

Murphy talks Scarecrow -- Kinda
Author: Jett
Wednesday, February 28, 2007 - 6:34 AM, 11:36 AM CENTRAL TIME: Cillian Murphy talked to IESB.NET and they naturally asked him about if The Scarecrow would be returning to Gotham in THE DARK KNIGHT:

The question, will we going to see Scarecrow come back in 'The Dark Knight?' The answer, "I can’t comment on that." Hmmm, interesting, this is the way I look at it, if I would've asked him if he was in the upcoming, let’s say, 'Transformers,' he would say no, right? Well, if he wasn't going to be in The Dark Knight he would simply say the same thing, no I am not. So why would he say he cannot comment?

Personally, I wouldn't read too much into it. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. Perhaps Chris Nolan asked him say anything about TDK even if he isn't in it, you know? Click on the link provided for the entire interview...

Look like Bruce Wayne will be tooling around Gotham in a Lamborghini in TDK as the car company is doing the "product placement" thing in the film. "We do not pay for product placement. And we do not allow our cars to be placed just anywhere. It has to be perfect. Something like the next 'Batman' film is suitable for our image. We will not be in films that we don't like," says Stephan Winkelmann, CEO at Automobili Lamborghini. Source: BRANDWEEK.COM.

Eckhart's first Dent/TDK comments!
Author: Jett
Sunday, February 26, 2007 - 12:42 PM CENTRAL TIME: A bit from Aaron Eckhart via USATODAY.COM:

"I'm pretty stoked. I've wanted to work with Christopher ever since [Eckhart turned down the lead in MEMENTO -- Jett], and this is a really great character. You're going to see a good part of my face and then a good part of (the chemically disfigured) Two Face. I'll be looking at other personalities to get an idea of how to play this complicated guy."

It looks as if we will be seeing Two Face at some point in TDK. Thanks to "MJ" for the lead...

MTV nabbed the first interview with Aaron Eckhart who had the following to say about joining the cast of THE DARK KNIGHT:

"I am excited. Christopher Nolan is an amazing director. It's another movie that's a dream come true."

"Batman is a complex character, and Two-Face comes a little bit from the same world. But [at the same time] he's apart from it."

"I'm looking for the tension between the two, the similarities between the two. I want to find what's similar to Batman and then find what's opposite to him."

"Yeah [regarding if he is just Harvey Dent in TDK -- Jett], well, I'm Harvey Dent...then I go into Harvey Two-Face."

"I think I'll be killed [if I comment on that] — I'm not even sure I can say as much as I have [in regards to whether it is The Joker that scars Dent -- Jett]. There are snipers looking at me right now!"

Great stuff! Click on the link provided to read the entire article. And thanks to all the BOF'ers who sent the link...

"The Joker and Two Face" -- you'll get a kick out of THIS PICTURE of Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart.

WB Commissions a JLA Movie
Author: Jett
Friday, February 23, 2007 - 6:30 AM, 3:54 PM CENTRAL TIME: If this longtime, trusted insider friend of mine is correct -- and he usually is -- the all of y'all that don't want a "cut smile" for The Joker will be happy:

"For all your readers, FYI: The Joker will not have a 'cut mouth' or any such other 'gimmick' to explain his bizarre appearance. In fact, his origins will most likely not be examined.

As Chris Nolan has hinted, The Joker's exploits in The Dark Knight will closely follow The Joker's first appearance in BATMAN #1, Spring 1940. If you recall, I tipped you off about that well over a year ago!"

And for the record, I wasn't in favor of the "cut smile" either -- not that it would bother me or anything...

Back on February 10th, I disclosed on the BOF MESSGE BOARD that Warner Bros. had commissioned a JUSTICE LEAGUE script (per my source "Behind the Cowl" who was the one who gave us -- among other things -- the "Rory's First Kiss info last July). Now, according to VARIETY, Warner Bros. has -- drumroll please -- commissioned a JUSTICE LEAGUE script from screenwriters Kiernan and Michele Mulroney.

Now, how does this affect "Batman on film?" Well, it may or may not. In the comics, The Batman has always been a part of the team. He's also been part of all animated televison incarnations of the JLA. My take: the live-action "Batman" has no business being part of such a project -- he just doesn't fit. Bad idea and one I won't back off of lobbying against. In fact, I'm ADAMNANTLY AGAINST IT...

The latest "Bat-Poll -- "Should The Joker in TDK have a "cut smile" -- are as follows: 52% say "Yes," 39% say "No," and 10% "Don't Care." There were about 1,000 votes cast. Make sure to vote in the latest "Bat-Poll."

TDK: Nolan Interview
Author: Jett
Wednesday, February 21, 2007 - 9:17 AM CENTRAL TIME: Nolan talks to IGN. Mostly about THE PRESTIGE (HERE is our review), but he's certainly more experienced it seems (Thanks to "Jack S.)...

An article from MSN about Aaron Eckhart's casting as Dent (Thanks to "Mike")...

Results of the "Rachel Dawes Recast w/Maggie Gyllenhaal" Bat-Poll: 56% give a thumbs up to the change; 22% think "Rachel Dawes" shouldn't be in TDK; 14% wanted Katie Holmes to return as "Rachel;" and, 8% didn't care one way or the other. There were 1,668 votes cast. Make sure you vote in the newest poll regarding The Joker and his "smile"...

TDK: Filming starts in April & Montoya
Author: Jett
Tuesday, February 20, 2007 - 10:17 AM CENTRAL TIME: From an interview with Chritopher Nolan via the LA DAILY NEWS: "Right now, Nolan is deeply in pre-production for the next Batman movie, 'The Dark Knight,' which starts filming in April...." So I guess filming will begin then. I recall being told back in November that "crewing" for the film would not take place until March, so this seems to make sense...

According to CBR's "Lying in the Gutters" column, TDK casting agents are auditioning for "Montoya." Thanks to "Mind of Mongo."

Eckhart Confirms Dent Role
Author: Jett
Saturday, February 17, 2007 - 5:00 PM CENTRAL TIME: Aaron Eckhart himself has confirmed that he is indeed Harvey Dent, allegedly:

“I've been reading the site for a long time and have wanted to write something, but I've never been lucky enough to actually have any news. As you might have guessed, I'm now writing because I do.

If you're looking for confirmation, Mr. Eckhart recently was the special guest at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for region eight. Almost at the very beginning of his presentation, he specifically stated that he was cast as ‘Harvey Dent/Two-Face.’ He has a ‘strong sense of where he wants to go’ with the character, he says, and he doesn't really see himself as a villain. He wants the audience to understand why it is that he does what he does.

It sounded great to me. I made sure to shoot this off to you at BOF the first chance I got, since it's obviously relevant. Anyway, keep up the great work on the site!”

Thanks to "The Dark Knight Also Acts" for the info...

I just read and reviewed BATMAN #663. It made me think, what if The Joker looked similar to THIS? Let the debate begin...

This is interesting. TDK director Chris Nolan has written the introduction to the upcoming ABSOLUTE BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN. Y'all think he may be using elements of it in TDK? If so, I vote for THIS to be included!

Eckhart is Dent! Gyllenhaal Reps: "No Denial"
Author: Jett
Thursday, February 15, 2007 - 9:04 AM, 2:59, 8:49 PM CENTRAL TIME: Aaron Eckhart has been cast as Harvey Dent/Two Face. CLICK HERE and HERE for confirmation in the trades. No press release yet, but one should be coming shortly I've been informed. I must say that I'm pretty happy about this! Of all the names rumored, Eckhart was the BEST, IMO (Props to LATINO REVIEW for breaking the story)...

For all you non-Batman fans reading (yeah, right!), Gotham District Attorney Harvey Dent allies himself with police Lt. Jim Gordon and the mysterious Batman to fight organized crime in Gotham City. Tragically, Dent is later scarred with acid by mobster Salvatore Maroni and becomes the mob boss known as "Two Face." He uses the results of a coin toss to determine his every move. Two Face is arguably the best Bat-Baddie next to The Joker. I recommend that anyone unfamiliar with Harvey Dent and Two Face read THE LONG HALLOWEEN by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale (Eckhart, if you don't have this one, go get it NOW)...

IGN contacted Maggie Gyllenhaal's reps at CAA who said the following regarding their client and TDK: "We have no comment or denial on that." If Ms. Gyllenhaal is cast as Rachel Dawes, she'll be part of a cast that included Heath Ledger (The Joker) who starred opposite her brother Jake in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Ironically, Jake damn near was cast as Batman in BATMAN BEGINS...

Results of our "Who shold play Harvey Dent" Bat-Poll: Jamie Foxx 3%, Ryan Phillippe (5%), "Other" 8%, Josh Lucas 8%, Ed Norton 16%, and the winner by far was Aaron Eckhart coming in with 60% (991 votes). There was a total of 1,665 votes. There's a new one, so make sure to participate!

Gyllenhaal, That's Maggie, In TDK
Author: Jett
Tuesday, February 13, 2007 - 8:37 AM CENTRAL TIME: My friends over at LATINO REVIEW (Yes, we're friends. Really!) sent me word not long ago that their sources are confirming that Maggie Gyllenhaal IS replacing who-know-whom as Rachel Dawes in THE DARK KNIGHT. Click the link provided to check out the full LR article...

Not that it matters, but if MG is now RD, then I give my thumbs up! Now, let's get on with that Eckhart as Dent announcement! ;)

Casting Scuttlebutt and a new BF cut coming?
Author: Jett
Sunday, February 11, 2007 - 7:13 AM CENTRAL TIME: OK, a couple of things for y’all. Now, this is just what I refer to as “industry scuttlebutt,” so KEEP THAT IN MIND. Anyway, here goes…

There’s some talk that Tim Booth may reprise his role as Victor Zsasz in TDK. That’s all I’ve heard, no further details -- although I’d imagine that if Mr. Booth returns as Mr. Zsasz, the part will be similar in style and in length to the one in BEGINS

Now, this could be interesting. Another name has popped up in conjunction to Dent, and it’s not one that we’ve heard before. I’m not putting much stock into it at the moment and as a result, I’m going to lay off putting his name out there via BOF. With that said, I’m looking into it and I’ve asked some colleagues to do some digging as well. So if you see a new name here or somewhere else, you’ll know what I was talking about today. I’m still pulling for Eckhart to be Dent though.
UPDATED: The actor in question is not up for the part of Dent according to his management. FYI...

Man, I’d LOVE to see this happen. I’ve know this guy for almost as long as BOF has been around. He’s not a “source” per se, but is out in L.A. working in the “film biz.” Anyway, he shot me an email this AM and here’s what he told me:

“I've got some exciting news, that if it comes to pass, well, It would be cool!

Warner Bros. is very pleased with the sales of the recent Superman 2: The Donner Cut, So…they are looking into other potential films to re-cut/edit. And you guessed it Batman Forever came up.

It looks like, if it's ever going to happen now is the time. Schumacher has been contacted, and this is something he's wanted to do since announcing it back in 1998. Now I don't know if this is a extremely serious ‘going to happen’ situation, but it's very likely.

If I hear anything more concrete I'll let you know. Call me ‘Trusted Source.’”

Look, I know a lot of Bat-fans don't particularly care for that film, but it’s nothing like it was originally intended to be. And there is footage that was shot that could make it at least close to the way it was conceived (If you are interested in seeing what might be, check out THIS NICE ARTICLE from back in 2005).

Eckhart, Gyellenhaal TDK update
Author: Jett
Saturday, February 10, 2007 - 6:01 AM CENTRAL TIME: IGN MOVIES shot BOF a heads up in regards to their recent TDK update. According to the report, Emily Blunt is not/no longer in the running to replace Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes. However, Maggie Gyllenhaal is a very strong candidate to join Gotham's D.A. staff. Also, it's looking more and more like Aaron Eckhart will be cast as Harvey Dent. IGN says: "Sources indicated that both Eckhart and Gyllenhaal are at different points of negotiating for their respective roles -- things are "coming together" we were told -- and that it is 'definitely possible' that they will end up playing those roles."

IGN included a bit of a downer by reporting that there is nothing to indicate that Morgan Freeman will return as Lucius Fox. Says IGN, "Freeman's reps at the William Morris Agency advised IGN today, 'Nothing's been consummated.'" I'm sure I speak for all Batman fans in saying that Mr. Freeman -- and Lucius Fox -- has got to return!

Eckhart: "We'll see"
Author: Jett
Thursday, February 8, 2007 - 3:53 PM, 11:59 PM CENTRAL TIME: Now this is interesting. BOF'er and past BOF contributor Kris Tapley has the following to report in his BLOG:

I managed to get a "we'll see" out of Aaron Eckart regarding his potential casting in THE DARK KNIGHT later in the evening at the bar. "We'll see" is well and good, but "Where did you hear that?" really raised my eyebrow. I think it's the best rumored casting for the Harvey Dent role we've come across since Liev Schreiber, so here's hoping Nolan lands him for the part.

I concur with my friend Mr. Tapley in regards to Eckhart as Dent...

BTW, Mr. Eckhart is kicking ass in BOF's latest "BAT-POLL," getting 55% of the "Dent Vote" so far. If you haven't voted yet, GO VOTE FOR YOUR CHOICE FOR DENT. Hell, you never know who may be paying attention to this site ;) ...

According to WENN, Ryan Phillippe is planning on taking a break from work. That might seem to eliminate RP from playing Harvey Dent in TDK, but the actor told IGN recently that he'd be up for the part if asked. The rumor mill currently says that Aaron Eckhart is the front-runner for the role.

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