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Goyer on BEGINS and more
Author: Jett
Monday, December 13, 2004 7:30 PM CST: "MadSci2" posted THIS RECAP in the BOF FORUM of a new audio interview with David Goyer. Click HERE to listen and the previous link to read the recap (from KCRW.COM)....

I've gotten A LOT of audience reaction reports since last weekend. Most indicate a very positive response, which is good news. And I've gotten several reports from people describing their friends thinking "Ugh! Another friggin' BATMAN?" Then they see the trailer and their opinion changes quite a bit. While I think the ghost of BATMAN & ROBIN is still present, it is quickly being exorcised as word of the "new" BATMAN gets around.

Batman stuff at

Trailer today--officially, Clooney talks BEGINS, and more
Author: Jett
Monday, December 13, 2004 6:14 AM, 6:15 PM, 8:49 PM CST: CLICK HERE to download and view the official release of the new BATMAN BEGINS trailer. You can also head over to THEMOVIEBOX.NET for several trailer viewing options....

George Clooney, The Batman of that piece-o-crap known as BATMAN AND ROBIN, recently talked a bit about BEGINS--

"I'm quite sure it will be a heck of a different movie from mine and fun to watch. I'm happy they're focusing on the Dark Knight. They're doing it the way it should be done."

You are correct George. Actually, as much as I hated B&R, I've always liked Clooney and thought he could have been a hell of a Batman. I think he got screwed with a terrible script and poor direction....

I recieved all of the trailer audience reaction emails--thanks for sending them. Basically, they all said about the same thing: the crowd sort of watched with quiet interest and didn't really know it was a Batman film until the cowl was revealed. Most indicated a positive buzz, so I guess that is good news for WB....

"MMM" emailed BOF to tell us that the new trailer appeared on EXTRA and he was able to view some people's reactions to it in a place you wouldn't expect--

"Quick mention that the magazine show 'EXTRA' just showed the trailer! I'm in a sports bar and am e-mailing you this via my PDA. EVERYONE at the bar saw it and were 'ooing' in awe! And dude, you were right's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for that sports bar observation. I'm sure that BATMAN BEGINS is a hot topic in all the sports bars throughout the U.S. If not, maybe it will be....

Speaking of opinions of the trailer and of BATMAN BEGINS in general, it seems that the "cool" take on this film at the momment may be to say "I don't know about this BATMAN BEGINS." Or something like "I don't like what I've seen." And I'm not talking about the fans, I referring to guys who write for websites. Well, screw that take. There has been nothing so far that would cause a red flag to be raised about this production. I know some fans bitched about the suit and/or the Batmobile, but some petty fanboy complaining was expected (no offense to any of you fanboys who were bitching--you know what I'm talking about anyway). I just think that there has been so much positive buzz about BATMAN BEGINS, that some may just say "screw it, I'm bucking the norm." If I thought for one minute that this film was going to suck, I'd be the first to tell you....

If you are interested in watching BATMAN BEGINS with a group--or you are putting together a BEGINS watch group--let BOF know. We'll spread the word and even post contact information. For example, if you live in the DC/METRO area, "MatchesMalone00" is planning something already. You can contact him by CLICKING HERE. I'll try to get a section up here on BOF with information regarding BEGINS watching groups, locations, contact info, etc.....

Just a reminder that the new BATMAN BEGINS trailer will be up today over at the OFFICIAL SITE. Make sure to check it out....

Trailer reactions, Part 1
Author: Jett
Saturday, December 11, 2004 8:27 AM CST: Here are some audience reactions to the new trailer, via some BOF readers....

From "JVD"--
"Well, I couldn't wait for the trailer to show up on the official site, so I bought a ticket to Ocean's Twelve and went to a packed 12:10 AM showing here in New York City.

I knew the trailer was coming, and my friends laughed at me as I waited in angst through commercial after commercial.

When the trailer came on, the audience was hushed in curiosity. I could tell that no one knew this was a Batman film. Finally, when a vault is opened and the Batman cowl is revealed in the trailer, an awed hush went through the crowd.

'Oh, my gosh,' I heard someone mutter. 'No way,' someone else said. The entire theater filled with whispers. But only for an instant. Once the maddening rush of clips started going by, the audience fell into a silent awe. When it ended, with that amazing clip of The Batman upside down, there was a moment of silence, then hundreds of whispering voices. My friend, who had been mocking me, leaned over and said, 'I can feel my heart beating faster.'

It was pretty cool. Thought you might like to know the reaction of the lower east side of Manhattan."

From "Admiral Nelson"--
"It was a pretty packed house, and there a fair number of teenagers (girls with their boyfriends; the former probably to see Brad Pitt/George Clooney), and when the teaser came on, things were pretty quiet until the cabinet doors open to reveal the cowl. Then there was an excited, 'Whoa -- it's Batman!' voiced from the teens, and people seemed to really sit up and take notice in the second half of the teaser. Afterwards, there was a bit of a buzz (which continued through the surreal Willie Wonka trailer.)

Also, there's something that needs to be emphasized here about the way Warners is promoting the film: they have to sort of 'ease' people into the notion that there's going to be a new, dark, realistic Batman movie coming out next summer, and that it's definitely not going to be like (shudder) the last one that disgraced movie screens back in 1997. So, the first teaser looks like a dark, scary thriller film...until the very end, when you realize, 'Hey -- it's a new Batman film!' The second teaser makes you think, 'hey, it's a dark ninja/action film' -- until halfway through, when you realize, 'Hey -- it's Batman!" (Again.)

I suspect this is going to be the mode for a while, with the next full-blown trailer -- you suck people into what looks like a dark, compelling mystery film, then you pop up Batman. A month or two before it opens, they'll probably be completely up-front about it, and you'll see shots of Batman, the Batmobile, and scary villains right at the beginning of the trailers.

Let me say this: if I was WB, I wouldn't reveal anymore than they already have. For damn sure don't show The Scarecrow--wait until the movie hits the theaters. Just promote the hell out of the fact that this is a reboot and will be nothing like the previous films--particularly that one from 1997. Anyway, keep those reports coming....

I'm planning a story on the pre-release buzz for BATMAN BEGINS. If you run a comic book store, I want to hear from you. I'm interested in what the comic book fans are saying about this film. And if your store is in the Houston, Texas area, tell me where your shop is located and I may stop by for a visit. And if you have just stumbled upon this site and don't really consider yourself a "Batman" fan per se, email me--I want to know what the "Average Joe" movie-goer thinks about BATMAN BEGINS.

Author: Jett
Friday, December 10, 2004 7:18 PM CST: Seems that our trailer scoopers were DAMN on the money, weren't they? You darn right....

The OFFICIAL SITE has announced that the new trailer will be up there come this Monday (12/13). However, I've seen it--as I suspect many of you have as well. All I can say is...


If any of you naysayers are still not convinced that this will be the ultimate BATMAN movie, then I don't know what will sway you. This trailer was damn excellent. In fact, if I was Warner Brothers, I'd leave it at that. There is no need to even do another trailer--just focus on promoting this movie from here on out. I mean really--what else do you want to reveal? It is clear that this new film is NOTHING like any of the previous four films. It is something different and new, and screams "THIS IS COOL!"

BATMAN BEGINS will kick ass at the box office, no doubt. Batman fans will love it, as well as the average movie-goer. Can June get here quick enough? It is on....

BOF should have our interview with Lee Bermejo up soon. It'll be something you HAVE to check out, trust me....

HERE is a link to a hell of an interview with David Goyer from IGN FILMFORCE. Thanks to all of you who sent it to me. I really liked this--

"I will say this, I really do believe of all the versions of Batman that have ever existed – movie, TV, animated – I think that our film is the closest to the comic book depiction of Batman."

I agree totally....

One last thing about the new trailer. I've watched it a "few" times here tonight, OK? And one part of it reminded me of the first time I saw the "I'm Batman" clip from BATMAN (1989). I have not been this fired-up about a BATMAN film since then. And the look of the film is awesome. Our scooper was MORE than correct the other day when he said that it does it justice. And like last summer, I want to know what the audience's reaction was like. Email me your observations.

BEGINS trailer press release
Author: Jett
Friday, December 10, 2004 6:08 AM CST: Here's the OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE for the new trailer. I'm just assuming here, but I'd expect it online sometime between today and early next week (I'm really narrowing it down, I know). I'm just thinking outloud here, but I wonder if WB maybe wants to get a bump in business for OCEAN'S 12 with people coming to see the BEGINS trailer? Nonetheless, I expect it online very soon....

HERE is another interview with Christian Bale from SOUTHFLORIDA.COM....

The following are some links regarding BATMAN BEGINS merchandise: 1, 2, 3. Man, there is a lot of gear and stuff associated with this film.
(Thanks to "Ras2005," "David S., and "ArmsHeldOut.")

BEGINS international poster revealed!
Author: Jett
Thursday, December 9, 2004 6:30 PM CST: I saw THIS this morning online and I'm sure all of you have too by now. EMPIRE ONLINE was the first to premiere it on the Net. Looks damn good! Check it out--

I actually like this one a little better--not that I didn't really dig the other one-sheet. I wasn't too hip on that red font, but anyway, this international poster is VERY nice!

BEGINS trailer description
Author: Jett
Wednesday, December 8, 2004 6:39 AM, 6:30 PM CST: OK, I know it is not long and detailed, but at least it gives you a bit of what you will see in the new trailer. And speaking of that, why the hell did so many of you think it was going to appear online yesterday? BOF never told y'all that. Scroll down and read what I said--which was to keep your eye on the OFFICIAL SITE. Here is a description of the trailer I got today from "M.D."--

"I work in a cinema in England and today I saw the new Batman Begins trailer 3 times it was attached to Blade: Trinity.

It starts off with Bruce in the Iceland and then you hear Ducard say 'The death of your parents is not your fault!' Then we see Bruce in some serious training. Then we hear Ducard say 'With training you can become something...different.' At this time we see Bruce opening two doors to reveal the cowl! Then it gets really good....

We see Bruce making what looks like a batarang in the shape of the new logo. Then we see Bruce spraying the bat-suit black. Then there a lot of new, fast footage of Batman in action including the scene with the wings spread. The final scene is the scene we've heard of before with a criminal screaming 'Where are you?!" As the criminal steps back we see Batman upside down and whispers 'Here!'

Let me just tell you it's awesome! Don't worry guys, these scenes do it justice BIG TIME!!

Sounds great! Can't wait to see it myself....

HERE is another newspaper interview with David Goyer....

HERE is a video interview with David Goyer from IESB.NET....

A scooper who goes by "Curse of Capistrano," says that the trailer was attached with OCEANS'S 12, and not BLADE TRINITY (not to say it isn't going to be paired with that film). Here's his description--

"It is new footage. You see Bale and Neeson upon the ice first of all. You see Bale donned in ninja garb. You also see the Bat-suit being created. But finally, you do see The Batman in action--dropping down from the heights (you know the picture, from 'Newsweek' a long time ago). Just awesome. I loved it!

'Are you ready to begin?" says Liam Neeson."

This seems to confirm what BOF was told last week--that it is indeed new footage. Our scooper also sent us photographic proof that he saw the trailer, so you can chalk up his description as being legit.

Goyer on BEGINS again and the internet too!
Author: Jett
Monday, December 6, 2004 6:39 PM CST: BATMAN BEGINS screenwriter David Goyer recently talked to CHUD and of course, taked turned to BATMAN BEGINS. Mr. Goyer says that he got the BATMAN gig easy, "Nolan just called and said, 'I want you to do it.'" He also says that "75%" of his script made the final cut of the film. Regarding sequels--which BOF has been following closely, Goyer says--

"I laid out a loose road map. Chris and I certainly talked about various things, there are pieces in place for them to do things for the next two or three films. And Warner Bros said they’re probably going to be calling to do another one. Right now everyone wants Chris to do another one and he’s not saying boo. He’s waiting until he finishes his cut – in a way he doesn’t need to do another one. I wouldn’t do another one if Chris doesn’t do it."

Now here's the point I found interesting because it deals directly with sites such as BOF. Here's Goyer's take on the internet and movies--

Q: The internet plays a big role in the marketing of films like Blade and Batman, but how does it affect you when something happens like the Batman script leak? How does it affect how you work?

Goyer: In the case of that leak, and again it was an early draft and I had done a draft after that, generally the response was so good it didn’t matter. Warner Bros was happy – they weren’t happy it leaked, but they were happy the response was good. It was sort of the polar opposite of what happened when the Superman script leaked. If it leaks and people generally say it’s great, then fine.

But you just have to – there are pros and cons to what’s happening with the internet. The fan response on the internet definitely pushed Warner Bros to make decisions about Batman and Superman because there was so much outrage about where things were being developed that they felt they needed to go with more credible directors. And a more fan-credible writer. The general response on Batman was so good that that emboldened Warner Bros to go for Bryan Singer, even though it was a very painful decision for them because they were very far down the line with McG. It does have an effect.

But it can also be detrimental, because there’s no accountability on the internet and sometimes people lie. There are positive plants from people who review scripts and films but there are negative plants, too, where people are just trying to bash you because they’re competitors.

Q: Does it effect you as a filmmaker when there’s that immediate internet feedback, when you’re filming and shots from the set show up online and elicit a response?

Goyer: It can’t when you’re doing it because you’ll just go insane. Also the problem with the internet is that the people who are posting when they’re rabid, even though a lot of them are smart, are a very small portion of the audience. I mean, incrementally small. They’re a very vocal but very small group, and not necessarily representative of the broader audience. I think any time you try to specifically cater to any audience – at the end of the day you make the best film you can and see if it hits with an audience or not.

Good stuff. Very good stuff and I happen to agree with Goyer. As a result, I've tried to make BATMAN ON FILM as accountable and credible as possible. Make sure you had over to CHUD and check out the entire interview--there's a whole lot more cool stuff to read from Goyer....

I said I have a new interview coming up and I can now reveal just who it is with. BOF had the oppertunity to talk to BATMAN artist--and fan--Lee Bermejo! Now the really cool part is that Lee has completed a special piece of artwork just for BOF readers--and it is BATMAN BEGINS related. I should have the interview up in the next day or two, so be sure to check it out.

Freeman talks BEGINS
Author: Jett
Sunday, December 5, 2004 10:54 AM, 4:36 PM CST: According to the BRITISH BOARD OF FILM CLASSIFICATION, the new BATMAN BEGINS trailer--which hits theaters next weekend (but keep looking at the OFFICIAL SITE)--has a running time of 1 minute and 15 seconds. While this is only 1 second longer than last summer's teaser, I've been told that this is indeed a new trailer with new footage. I guess we'll see soon enough....
(Thanks to "Nick" for the lead on that one.)

Mr. Morgan Freeman, who plays Lucius Fox in BATMAN BEGINS, recently talked to LATINO REVIEW about his role in the film. Freeman says the only spent five days on the set, but he did get to ride in the Batmobile. In the film, Fox helps Bruce Wayne obtain his high-tech gadgets. About his character, Mr. Freeman says "he’s part of the design team for Wayne industries" says Freeman. "All those great combat toys he [Batman] has, that’s who he is." Regarding a sequel--and appearing in it--Freeman doesn't have much to say. "I haven’t signed anything, no. If it survives, big question, and they decide to do BATMAN CONINUES ON, [I will]." Click HERE to read the entire article....

A BOF reader (Dude, I deleted your message. Hit me with an email and I'll give you credit) sent us word of the following from SOUNDTRACK.NET--

[The new] trailer will feature original music by James [Newton Howard], written specifically for the spot. We imagine this will give fans a glimpse of what the score might be like - check it out next week!

New op-ed article and more Joker rumor
Author: Jett
Saturday, December 4, 2004 10:10 AM, 3:41 PM CST: The new op-ed piece has now been posted. Check it out....

BOF was the first to bring you the rumor about Aussie actor Lachy Hulme being a potential Joker in a future BEGINS sequel. I found this this morning over at AICN, from their "Man Downunder"--

I know it's most likely rumour and conjecture and won't pan out, but I haven't seen it printed anywhere else and I'm desperate for the attention. Two actors are up for the role of The Joker in BATMAN BEGINS AGAIN. Australians Lachy Hulme (LET'S GET SKASE) and Bruce Spence (ROTK:EE) are rumoured to be stepping into Jack's boots. It's clear that they're going for thin, lanky and spooky, and will probably save on makeup and special effects if The Spence is cast.

By saying that he hasn't seen the rumors anywhere else (I guess this poor soul doesn't read BOF), tells me that he isn't just reporting previous rumors and makes the rumors that much more legit. I happen to know from an industry insider that there is more to the Hulme rumor than just conjecture. Late.

Official BATMAN BEGINS movie poster now online!
Author: Jett
Friday, December 3, 2004 7:12 PM CST: Yesterday, I told y'all to keep an eye out on the official site. Check THIS out--

Pretty cool, huh? And make sure you keep keeping you your eye on the official site....

I got a description of some possible BEGINS merchandise today. Here is what our source described--

1. A "Youth" sized shirt that has "Batman" written in poor looking Gothic font and the new BEGINS symbol. The logo is put at an angle over "Spray painted" yellow lines forming a rough oval. The title is "Goth Bat".

2. A blue "ringer" shirt titled "Release the Bats'" that has art on the front VERY similar to what we've seen from the leaked press/merchandise catalog a few months back. On the front is shows Batman crouching with one hand down on stone, another holding up his cape so it flares, and bats flying overhead. On the back it has the Gotham skyline and below that is "Batman" in what looks like the 80s title font. Overall, not a bad looking shirt.

3. A black shirt with the text "Does it come in black?" written across the front with a cheap looking bat on the back of the shirt. The only way I can describe this is as a poorly drawn pic of an actual bat. Not a silouhette as on the other shirt. Unless a person reads every bit of info about this movie, no one is going to have a clue what this shirt is about unless that part makes it into the trailer. A cool idea but poorly executed.

I'm sure that this is going to be just a few of MANY BEGINS items that will soon be available. Batmania is coming I suspect.

Various BEGINS news and more
Author: Jett
Thursday, December 2, 2004 7:10 PM CST: And the hype BEGINS....

WIZARD #160 will have a big feature on BATMAN BEGINS that will have The Batman on the cover....

TOTAL FILM-UK has a BEGINS feature as well. Here's a bit from Christian Bale--

"I was speaking to Chis whilst making THE MACHINIST and he was asking me, 'What do you look like?' and I said, 'Like @#%$.' And he said, 'We've got to do a screen test; are you you going to be ready for it?' Which i wasn't. Nobody was going to cast me as Batman looking like Trevor. I ended up putting on 100lbs, because it was about a week before I did the screen tests and I couldn't even do one push-up--the muscle was gone, I'd just destroyed it. I was feeble beyond belief and I knew there was going to be a great deal of action involved and I would like to be able to do as much as I can myself. I got up to about 220, but I was a bit Fatman at the time. I had to end up losing a lot of weight before we started filming."

"He [Bruce Wayne] creates this other persona where he channels his rage. That's the real him; that the interesting thing. Batman's the real him--Bruce Wayne's the fake."

Here's a pretty cool magazine cover in which you'll find this article--

Here are a few more links: 1 2 3....

I'd keep my eye on the OFFCIAL SITE if I were you. I am....

I'm hearing that BATMAN BEGINS will have a tie-in with McDONALD'S. Hey, you knew it was going to happen....

I've got a new op-ed piece that I'm going to try to have up sometime this weekend. Can BATMAN be like Bond? I think so and you'll see what I mean this weekend.
(Thanks to "Ras2005," Kamino927," and "D.")

Bleaching BEGINS and more
Author: Jett
Wednesday, December 1, 2004 6:50 PM CST: According to BOF's Paul J. Wares, BEGINS will use an effect known as "bleach bypass." Here is what he had to say about it--

Although bleach bypass is now a popular look among certain films (SEVEN, THE CROW), the original technique is a chemical process that takes place in the lab. Most films now, even if they are striving for that look may shoot "normal" and then affect the footage digitally for their desired look. This gives the director absolute control over how the entire film, frame by frame will look. So, is BEGINS going for the bleach bypass look? Yes, certainly for some scenes. Is the chemical process of bleach bypass being employed? Not necessarily.

An explanation of the process--

Bleach Bypass is a film laboratory technique where, by skipping the bleach stage in the color processing sequence, silver is retained in the image along with the color dyes. The result is effectively a black and white image superimposed on a color image. Bleach Bypass images have increased contrast, reduced saturation, often giving a pastel effect.

Click HERE to get an example of what it looks like....

If you liked BOF's interview with Scott Beatty, I've got another coming soon. This too is with someone from the comic book industry that has some ties to--and LOVES--The BATMAN. And he has something special for the BOF audience. Stay tuned....

2005 should be a big year here at BOF. We'll have our set visit reports by Paul J. Wares sometime in early 2005. I've talked to Paul about them and they should be excellent. While Paul is a filmmaker himself, his reports will come from someone who is a huge fan of The Batman. I think you all will dig his angle. Also, I've got some guest articles lined up that will focus on a variety of topics--including a look back at the previous BATMAN films. We'll also continue covering the hell out of BEGINS, leading up to it hitting theaters next June. I'm hoping to have something really cool for BOF around premiere time. And finally, once BEGINS premieres, BOF will turn our focus towards the sequel. Late.

BOF INTERVIEW: Scott Beatty!
Author: Jett
Sunday, November 28, 2004 8:00 PM CST: Hey, this you have to read! I had the honor of interviewing Bat-writer Scott Beatty! Click HERE TO READ THE INTERVIEW. Mr. Beatty is authoring the upcoming BATMAN BEGINS VISUAL GUIDE. And make sure to visit Scott's official site at SCOTTBEATTY.COM.

Christian Bale talks BATMAN BEGINS
Author: Jett
Sunday, November 28, 2004 3:09 PM CST: "ILikeBOF," (Well thank you!) sent us the following link to a Christian Bale interview. Click HERE to check it out....

Oh, here's a pretty cool interview with David Goyer that you might want to look at. Adios.

Misc. BEGINS and Batman news
Author: Jett
Saturday, November 27, 2004, 7:29 AM, 4:13 PM CST: So, you don't like the BEGINS Bat-suit? Or, you do dig it. After hearing what this VERY LEGIT source had to say, I think A) If you believe it sucks, you may have second thoughts, or B) If you already dig it, you are going to really be happy--

"The photos [that we've already seen] of the Batsuit so far do not do it justice after you see the thing lit properly and more importantly, in the environments of the movie."

Yes, we know what it looks like--which has sparked a lot of debate. But this guy knows and makes an excellent point: just wait to you see it onscreen....

I've did a bit of checking [Thanks to "Greg B." from the BOF FORUMS], and I believe that the BATMAN RETURNS DVD that I mentioned earlier today is not the rumored SE version....

I've got a few Bat-related interviews set up that I think y'all will find cool. Stay tuned....

Could THIS be a link to the Special Edition of BATMAN RETURNS? It is a new listing on AMAZON.COM with a release date of January 18, 2005 and a price of $32.38....

Could a box set of the 60s TV series be in the works for 2005? Click HERE for more....

Looks as if the new trailer for BATMAN BEGINS was dislayed a few days ago at The Village Roadshow, LTD. Click HERE for more....

As requested by many BOF readers, I'm planning on including a "blog" to go along with my review of BATMAN BEGINS this coming summer. With that said, I'm working on securing something pretty cool in regards to the film hitting the big screen. Stay tuned.
(Thanks to "Ras2005" for helping with the info on this report.)

BEGINS game pics!
Author: Jett
Friday, November 26, 2004, 9:29 AM CST: What's up y'all. Jett here. Hope all of you who celebrated had a good Thanksgiving. I was up in Dallas for the Cowboys game against the Bears--and we actually won a game! Been a rough year for us Cowboys fans. I don't guess any of you all saw me on TV yesterday if you watched the game? I was holding one of the red and blue signs at halftime during the Destiny's Child gig. I had a #31 Roy Williams jersey on; does that help? Just kidding. Anyway, IESB sent BOF a link to several images from the BEGINS game. Click on the link provided to check them out.

BOF's BEGINS game preview review
Author: Jett
Tuesday, November 23, 2004, 7:10 PM CST: OK, I got that GAME INFORMER MAGAZINE issue in the mail today, and I've got to say, it was a hell of a layout. If the film looks anything like the game pics that were shown in the magazine, then there is NOTHING to worry about with BATMAN BEGINS. And it seems that this is going to be one hell of a kick-ass game as well. Here is a pretty good description of it from the article--

When starting up the game, the first levels are played as Batman. After a few rounds...the story will swing backwards, to the time when Bruce Wayne was traveling the world, training to become the superhero icon he is destined to be. From this point, the story will progress through training and the introduction of this hero to the city unitl it reaches the present day and continuing on to the game (and the movie's) climactic final battles.

One very cool aspect of the game is that The Batman is most effective when he is using his detective skills and scaring the hell out of people. One of the objects of the game is to surprise and scare the badguys which builds up The Batman's "reputation meter." And you'll get to see the look on the criminal's faces via a picture-in-picture window when The Dark Knight surprises them and they are particularly frightened.

Alfred is present and will offer droll, sarcastic comments throughout the game. But he is also The Batman's partner, helping him on his missions. The article speculates that other major characters from the film will appear in the game, although nothing has been confirmed.

This thing looks like it will certainly be worth buying--which you will able to do right here as soon as it is available.

Another Bale interview and BATMAN BEGINS toy preview
Author: Jett
Monday, November 22, 2004, 7:10 AM, 5:39 PM CST: Here's another link to an interview with Christian Bale. Can't these friggin' interviewers think of something else to ask him instead of these "Any nipples on the suit" questions? Geez, give it a break....

IESP let BOF know that they had a preview of some of the BEGINS toys that will be available soon. Click on the link provided to check it out. And don't forget, BOF will have BEGINS merchandise to purchase as it becomes available. Keep checking at our BATMAN BEGINS STORE....

You know, I'm really starting to dig the idea of Lachy Hulme as The Joker. And I'm even more sold on the idea after seeing a really cool piece of fan concept art (by "Rick") of the Aussie thesp as the Bat-villain. Click HERE to check it out....

Various BATMAN BEGINS bits for 11/19/04
Author: Jett
Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 6:10 PM CST: Got some various bits of BEGINS news for you all, so let's get at it....

Cindy Pearlman of THE CHICAGO SUN TIMES interview Christian Bale (promoting THE MACHINIST I suspect), and Mr. Bale had a few things to say about BATMAN BEGINS. The film--as we all know--shot on location in The Windy City this past summer. Here are a few highlights--

• "I contacted them [about the role of Batman]. I heard they were doing some low-budget BATMAN not aimed at kids and I was tantalized. I had appreciated the BATMAN movies, but I wasn't really a fan and I didn't know the TV series. But I read some of the graphic novels and they were very dark and very interesting. I said, 'It's big-budget, OK, then it won't happen the way I want it to happen. Forget it.'" He changed his mind when he found out that Christopher Nolan was directing. "We clicked and hopefully we've made something very different."

• "I've never felt like the Batman character in the films was given as much time as any of the villains. The villains were always the most interesting characters, too. Batman has always been this very bizarre, almost blind character running through the middle of the story. Our film is different."

• "Talk about an American psycho. The guy is running around in a cape!"

• "Our Batman is centered on the early days. It's an explanation. It's certainly not Batman No. 5. It's a reinvention. We want you to forget there has ever been a BATMAN before this one."

Have I told you all before that I can't wait for this film? Anyway, I can't wait for this film....

Tim Booth has talked BEGINS again, but says nothing, actually. He's a villain and he can't talk about it. Here are some links: 1 2 3 4....

Click HERE and check out an interview with stuntman Adam Kirley who worked on BEGINS.
(Thanks to "Ras2005," "Jim," "Brian," "Foxtown," and "Mike A.")

New old pic of Bale as The Batman
Author: Jett
Thursday, November 18, 2004, 7:19 PM CST: JOBLO.COM ran this pic a while back, and BOF provided a link to it--although we didn't show it here at the time. But we recieved a pretty good copy of it and decided to go ahead and provide a small shot of it here at BOF.

Christian Bale as Batman (Warner Bros.)

Yet again, Goyer talks BATMAN BEGINS and new trailer with O12?
Author: Jett
Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 4:17 PM, 5:17 PM CST: COMIC BOOK RESOURCES talked to BEGINS scribe David Goyer who had a few interesting things to say about BATMAN BEGINS. Here's a few things from the story--

• "I felt like the Schumacher movies were almost dovetailing back into the original TV show and its not where the zeitgeist was."

• "This interpretation I think is by far the one that's closest to the comic books or to the comic books that today's audience knows. They're very different from all of the films. A lot of those films, even the Burton movies, the points of reference were a lot of expressionistic silent films like 'Metropolis' or 'Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,' things like that. But the points of reference weren't anything that was real. Where as the points of reference for Gotham City are all real cities. That's why we shot a lot of stuff in Chicago. We also wanted to liberate ourselves from the feeling of being on a set and a back lot. We had a lot more exteriors. We shot scenes in Iceland, things like that. Also, our film doesn't all take place in Gotham."

• "A big portion of our film takes place before 'Year One' and a big portion of our film takes place after 'Year One,'" he explained. "So, there are a lot of elements of 'Year One' that are kind of minutes 30-60. Not exactly, but having said that Gordon is plucked straight from 'Year One.' That relationship between Batman and Gordon and the fact that he's sort of the only honest cop in Gotham, that definitely comes from 'Year One.'"

• "There were sort of three roles that needed to be played in the movie. There's Batman. There's the public Bruce Wayne, who is sort of just a bon vivant, but then there's the private Bruce Wayne, whose really detached and focused. I think we just felt that Christian was the best candidate to play all three."

• "I think Alan Horn and Jeff Robinov who are at WB now, they get it. They understand that if these films are going to find traction with a wider audience, they need to have credibility with the fans first and foremost."

I particularly liked that last quote, which I put in bold. Click on the link to read the entire article, which is very good by the way....

SHH is reporting that the new BATMAN BEGINS trailer will be attatched to Warner Brother's OCEAN'S TWELVE, as has long been rumored. While nothing official has come down as of yet from WB, I do believe this to be the case. The movie is to be released on December 10th, so I'd keep an eye on the official site at least a week before that date....

In an interview for KINSEY, Liam Neeson talked a little about BATMAN BEGINS. Very little. When asked for if he could give some Bat-tidbits, the actor said "You know, I’m kind of not supposed to talk about it. It’s a studio thing. Other than that it was a great experience."

More Zsaz info
Author: Jett
Monday, November 15, 2004, 6:36 AM CST: Got this in overnight from a very good source who has been spot-on before. Here is what he had to say--

I can see your beginning to see the light about what I was saying about Pearce not appearing, you are very much on the right track. He's not in anyway involved right now. However, Zsasz, seems to be very much involved, and "at large" at the end of the film.

Remember how its been rumored the second film will open with Batman chasing some villian and catching him?

(zzzz) Wonder who is might be? (zzzz)

Our source says don't take this as confirmation, so keep that in mind. He also backs-up the news that Pearce has no involvement with BEGINS. So if Dent does show up, it ain't going to be Guy. As I said yesterday, if the Zsasz rumor pans out, expect nothing more than a cameo. We'll see what happens. Late.

Tim Booth interview
Author: Jett
Sunday, November 14, 2004, 6:25 AM CST: "Myles 'O Boogie" sent BOF an interview with Tim Booth who has a role listed as "Thug" in BATMAN BEGINS. However, a source revealed to us on Friday that Booth's role is actually that of "Victor Zsasz"--known in the Batman universe as a serial killer who carves a mark in his own skin after each of his murders. Here is a bit of what he had to say to MANCHESTER ONLINE--

Tim Booth is looking positively demonic these days with a shaven head and huge moustache. Naturally, this shifty guise is all in the name of art. “I have got a small part in the next BATMAN film, and I am filming at the moment. I am a villain, which is what I have been looking for,” Booth says.

But all efforts to squeeze more information out of him about BATMAN BEGINS fail. “They made me sign a huge confidentiality clause,” Booth says apologetically.

Tim Booth--Mr. Zsasz?

I can tell by all the email I've recieved on this, that many of you are freaking out. As I said on Friday, if Booth is Zsasz, it is nothing more of a cameo. He is not a major villain nor do I expect him to have that role in the sequel. I think I have a pretty good idea when he may show up, but since I don't do spoilers, I'll stay mum on the subject. But if you've read the script, I think you can figure it out. Oh, when I said "let the sequel speculation begin," it was done tongue-in-cheek. Oh the email I got on that....

We reported the other day that David Goyer will be writing a story arc in a "Batman" comicbook soon. We just didn't know which one. But now we do--it is "Superman/Batman." Goyer will do 3 or 4 issues, and you can find out the details HERE.

Goyer interview audio, Pearce talks BATMAN, and Mr. Zsasz in BEGINS?!
Author: Jett
Friday, November 12, 2004, 6:15 AM, 7:21 PM CST: The following rumor I can't confirm--yet. So you know the drill, take it with a grain of salt. But I was told today that Tim Booth's character in BEGINS is "Victor Zsasz." He is currently listed as a "Thug." Our source says "he doesn't do much" and he is "at large at the end of the film." I would assume if true, that this is an "Easter egg" from Nolan--nothing more than a cameo. You all take it from here, and let the sequel speculation begin....

Guy Pearce has been rumored to play Batman. Guy Pearce has been--and is--rumored to play Harvey "Two Face" Dent. Here is what he had to say on the former (via THE TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE)--

"I could probably cope with some rubber-suit shit if someone like Chris was doing it, but someone I didn't really dig? F--- it. Those studio movies are not my arena. I don't need a ton of money. We just bought the house next door to ours in Melbourne and we're going to expand, but it was pretty expensive, so it's like, 'OK! Back to work!' But not to do the biggest, dumbest thing in the world."

Remember, just a couple of weeks ago, a trusted BOF source told us not to expect Pearce to appear in BEGINS or a sequel....
(Thanks to "Ras2005.")

"Scott C." sent us news of a David Goyer interview at NOWPLAYINGMAG.COM. Click on the link provided to check it out. I've watched it and it is worth your while.

Misc. BEGINS stuff for 11/11
Author: Jett
Thursday, November 11, 2004, 5:55 PM CST: 'sup? Jett here. Not anything big per se, but a bit of BEGINS news for you all today....

Actor Gerard Murphy--who plays the corrupt Judge Faden in BATMAN BEGINS--talks just a bit about being cast in the flick--

"Yes it is due out next year and the cast is huge. I don’t have too much to do in it but I enjoyed it immensely and Chris Nolan is a fantastic director. It’s a different look at the previous [BATMAN films] but I’m forbidden to talk too much about it as I’ve had to sign a lot of secrecy clauses, but it was a real thrill to be involved with."

According to SUPERHEROTV.COM, BATMAN BEGINS scribe David Goyer is negotiating with DC COMICS to pen a story arc in a "BATMAN" comicbook. Goyer says he'll begin working on the arc in January 2005. Goyer says he couldn't say with certainty which Batman book he'll write for, but confirmed his arc will run six issues at the most. "There's no way I could do 12 issues," says Goyer, adding that his arc would be written within current Batman continuity and not as a mini-series. "I'd only do it if it were within the main body of the series," says Goyer. That should make all of you Bat-comics fans happy....

According to a BOF source, BEGINS post-production will probably slow down quite a bit the closer we get to the end of the year. "I see Nolan is close to finishing the first cut," says our longtime source. "They'll most likely take some time off during the holidays, and then really get it going after the first of the year." Our source says to expect the promotion assault to commense by the spring of 2005. "Oh, they're going to promote the hell out of this thing, no doubt." When asked about potential test screenings, our guys tells us that "I'm sure there [will be some screenings] and I'm sure they'll 'leak'--especially if they are positive. Warner Bros. will want that to get out. Rememeber the screening leaks about BATMAN & ROBIN? They'll want the exact opposite." Again, if you get a chance to be a part of a test screening, let BOF know....

"Firecracker" sends a heads-up about Liam Neeson (Henri Ducard) appearing on LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY on Friday (11/12/04). He's there to promote KINSEY, but perhaps talk will turn to BATMAN BEGINS. And I see that Neeson is hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE in a couple of days as well.

Goyer talks BEGINS again
Author: Jett
Tuesday, November 9, 2004, 6:10 PM CST: BATMAN BEGINS screenwriter David Goyer was recently at WIZARD WORLD TEXAS, up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area—where he talked about the current status of the film—and the possibility of sequels (via COMICS CONTIMUUM).

Goyer says the director Chris Nolan is about three weeks away from finishing his first cut of the movie. If that is the case, then perhaps there will be some test screenings of an early version as BOF reported a few days ago. "I've been watching the dailies, and it's going along really well," Goyer said. "Chris is very intense and focused and very private and he's just locked away in the editing room. I can say that it's going to be the BATMAN film I'm sure any one of you always wished would have been made. For me, it's going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Talk of a sequel was brought up and Goyer addressed it. "There’s been rumors on the Net, and there really isn't any truth to them,” says Goyer (What else is he going to say?). So, is there going to be a sequel, David? “On one hand, we're really tempted not to do another one, to do the one and walk away," said the Bat-scribe (I doubt WB feels that way, dude). “[Warner Brothers and the producers] are really interested in Chris doing another one. Chris won't even talk about it until he finishes this cut, so they're going to bring it up in January.” BOF sources have long said that one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood is that WB wants Chris Nolan for a sequel, and his return is but a formality. Our sources have also said that Goyer’s return would have him in a role much like he had for BEGINS--write the first draft, and then turn it over to Nolan. “Warner Bros. has said to me, 'Don't be surprised if we come at you with the Brink's truck and say we want another one.' I wouldn't do it if Chris didn't, and I don't know if Chris would.”

I'll say this--the only thing that is going to keep WB from greenlighting a sequel is BATMAN BEGINS sucking major ass and tanking at the box office—which isn’t going to happen. Despite his statement that the Net sequel rumors are untrue, Goyer had this to say, "We definitely set it up and kind of provided Warner Bros. a rough plan of what the next three movies would be. So it's not like we'll do one and then figure on the next. There is a road map of what the next three movies would be and who the various characters would be." Three Bat-sequels? Anyway, while it may be true that Nolan and Goyer are laying the foundation for this new series, it isn't time to turn in over to a new creative team. I think I speak for all Bat-fans when I say that the series NEEDS these guys to return. Build the whole house guys! And it's going to happen. Late.

"Batman" and "Lucius" talk BEGINS
Author: Jett
Monday, November 8, 2004, 6:45 PM CST: Christian Bale has yet again talked a bit about his role--and taking the role--of The Batman in BATMAN BEGINS (from BACKSTAGE.COM)--

Regarding taking the role of The Dark Knight and the changes that will come with it being so high profile--

No, I'm not at all prepared, really. I'm in great denial about any possible changes in my life that may come along from that. I sometimes literally wake up in the middle of the night thinking, "Is this the biggest mistake I've ever made?" And other times, I'm, like, "Come on, get a grip, you asshole. Just do it like any other movie." Most of the time you find the anticipation is worse than the actual event. And with BATMAN, originally, it was going to be done as a much lower-budget and darker film, and then they decided to go back to a bigger budget, at which time I thought it would be more of the same, which I wasn't interested in. But then hearing that Chris Nolan was directing, I thought, "OK, they're not going for more of the same; this is going to be something different." We got along very well. So this was just one I really wanted to try and refused to let myself get scared off by the possible consequences. I generally like to approach movies as though no one's ever going to see th em. Otherwise you get kind of self-conscious about how you'll be perceived, instead of just doing it. It's mass entertainment, obviously. But I think, hopefully, we're going to be offering people a better quality of mass entertainment. And also I'm going to be able to get other movies made, if it does well -- movies that wouldn't be able to get made otherwise.

Bale is not the only cast member talking. Morgan Freeman--who plays Lucius Fox--talked to IESB.NET. Click on the link provided to check out what he had to say--which isn't all that much actually.

Another BEGINS promo spread!
Author: Jett
Sunday, November 7, 2004, 6:26 AM CST: The promotion of BATMAN BEGINS continues--slowly--with a story appearing in THE SUNDAY MAIL. Nothing really new, but it does include some quotes from both Bale and Nolan that I've yet to read--

From Christian Bale:

"After the death of his father, Bruce Wayne falls off the face of the Earth for seven years and we see what happened to him, then something happens that makes us realise why the bat is the perfect symbol for him."

"Sometimes I sit back and think, 'I can't f---ing believe I've done this'," says Bale. "Then you look out from the cowl and you see Gary Oldman, one of my favourite actors from the start, Michael Caine and Tom Wilkinson and Liam Neeson – these are all great actors so you can't be slacking it."

From Christopher Nolan:

(Regarding the mostly British cast) "Truthfully, it just worked out that way. When I met Christian he was speaking with an American accent, although of course I knew he was British."

The story does mention again that Bale is signed for two sequels as previously reported by BOF....

CINESITE is working on vfx shots for BEGINS....

XYZ RGB is doing 3D scanning vfx work on BEGINS.
(Thanks to "Ras2005" for sending the leads to the preceding stories.)

One last item regarding the video game. "Shawn R." sent us the following report--

I have read the Batman issue of Game Informer and the game looks awesome. You will have to work in the shadows and find the perfect time to attack. If you are "intimidating" enough the thugs will shoot wildly, and miss you. Also you will need to think as a detective. But the fighting style is awesome. You can hang upside down "spidey style." attack the thug, and then pull them up to your level. The game photos in the magazine are only of the PS2 version, and they look fantastic, I can not wait to see the XBOX version.

BEGINS game on mag cover
Author: Jett
Saturday, November 6, 2004, 7:52 AM CST: "Snake Eyes" and "Shawn R." sent us word that the BATMAN BEGINS game will be featured on the cover of GAME INFORMER MAGAZINE. Of course, you will be able to pre-order the game here at BOF as soon as it is made available.

BEGINS wallpapers, Test screenings coming?
Author: Jett
Friday, November 5, 2004, 6:00 AM CST: BOF reader "Andy H." pointed us towards some BATMAN BEGINS wallpapers over at VIRGIN.NET. If you all know of any other sites providing wallpapers, let me know and I'll post a link to 'em....

I've been told by a very reliable source that there may be plans for some test screenings of BEGINS sometime after the first of the year. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as this is pretty common. I have no idea exactly where and when, but if you are one of those who get an early look, BOF and our readers would should be interested in a review--spoiler-free of course....

I don't usually give props to a specific BOF sponsor, but I suggest you CLICK HERE and check out GAMEZ-N-FLIX. Also, keep BOF in mind when you are doing your Christmas shopping. I promise, when you buy through BOF it REALLY helps keep this site going. Check out our various stores--if you are looking for something, you can probably find it here at BOF. And by the way, BEGINS merchandise is starting to trickle in. Late.

Law to be a DC villian, but not Dent, The Joker?
Author: Jett
Wednesday, November 3, 2004, 6:45 PM CST: What's up y'all? Jett here. We all know the rumors about how bad Warner Brothers wants/wanted Jude Law in a "superhero" film. He was almost Superman at one point, and he's recently been linked to two particular Bat-baddies: Two-Face and The Joker. Well, maybe Law will indeed take a role in a DC-based film, but not as a Bat-villain. Our friends over at SUPERMAN-V.COM hears that Law may be up for the role of General Zod in the upcoming SUPERMAN RETURNS (or whatever the hell it ends up being called). So, how does this affect Law's possible involvement with the BATMAN BEGINS sequel? Well for one thing, the British thesp's participation is nothing but rumor at this point. But, I can't see Law appearing as a villain in both films. I figure that if Law does end up being Zod, then don't expect him to take a turn as Harvey Dent or the Clown Prince of Crime.

SE DVD news and misc. Bat-updates for 11/2/04
Author: Jett
Tuesday, November 2, 2004, 5:54 AM CST: DVD ANGLE is reporting that WARNER BROTHERS has started production on "Special Edition" DVD's of 1989's BATMAN and the 1992 sequel BATMAN RETURNS. No release date is set, but you have to believe it will around the summer release of BEGINS....

USA WEEKEND MAGAZINE is planning something BATMAN BEGINS related in the June 12, 2005 edition--which is the Sunday before the (USA) release of BEGINS....

Artist Tommy Lee Edwards talked about the work he did on BEGINS--

"Another iconic character that I’ve been spending a lot of time with is Batman. John Paul Leon and I are handling all of the licensing and promotional art chores that support the upcoming 'Batman Begins' film. It’s a similar kind of thing that I’ve done for films like 'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,' 'Men in Black II,' or 'Dinotopia.' The artwork will be used on merchandise, ads, and promo materials. 'Batman Begins' has been fun, because we got to spend a week on the sets in London. We just returned from witnessing a cool chase scene involving the Batmobile in Chicago."

HERE is some info regarding the BEGINS clothing line by Rocawear.
(Thanks to "Ras2005"--yet again--for the info you read in today's report.)

Thanks and a bit on BEGINSpost-production
Author: Jett
Monday, November 1, 2004, 8:34 PM CST: Just wanted to say thanks for sending me all your casting suggestions and actor manips! While I didn't have time to reply to each and every email, I read every one of them. I also can't post every single picture I recieved--which literally numbered in the hundreds! I'm going pic a few of them out and have them up in the new section sometime in late December. I did get some pretty good ones actually--Lachy Hulme as The Joker, Guy Pearce as Two Face, and Jude Law as both Two Face and The Joker were the most common manips sent by you BOF readers....

Nothing big, but I have heard that post-production on BATMAN BEGINS is going very well. I've had several people who are working post-producion in a variety of different capacities say the film looks quite impressive. Christian Bale as The Batman, they all say, looks particularly cool. Here's looking forward to June 2005 getting here quick. Late.

BEGINS toy news and a new BOF section
Author: Jett
Friday, October 29, 2004, 7:21 PM CST: Several BOF readers sent us THIS REPORT that has some cool BEGINS toy information. Check it out....

There is a new sequel information/op-ed piece to take a look at if you are interested....

And as previously mentioned, we are working on a new section that will feature some manips of potential Bat-villains. And hey, if you can manip-up a really cool one, then send it BOF's way! You never know when Warners may be lurking....

Just want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have supported BOF by purchasing merchandise, making a contribution, or clicking on a sponsor's links. It DOES help in keeping this site up and running. Again, thanks!

The Tumbler in ROLLING STONE and "VOODOO"
Author: Jett
Thursday, October 28, 2004, 6:22 AM CST: Several BOF readers have informed us that there is a feature on The Batmobile--aka "The Tumbler"--in the recent edition of ROLLING STONE. John Kerry is featured on the cover....

Sara Stewart, who plays Martha Wayne in BEGINS, will be in New York promoting her film LONDON VOODOO. Click HERE for more details if you are interested....

BOF is working on a new section for the website that will feature sequel casting suggestions with mock-ups of actors. BOF's Paul Wares will be doing the mock-ups. As I said in a previous report, I'm keeping all your casting suggestions and will feature some of them in this new section of BOF....

Thanks to Dan from SUPERMAN-V.COM for the new BOF logo found over on the intro page.

BEGINS videogame news, another Bat-pic, and various bits of Bat-news!
Author: Jett

Tuesday, October 26, 2004, 6:34 PM CST: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, DC Comics and Electronic Arts officially announced that the companies have joined forces to bring BATMAN BEGINS to videogame platforms in 2005. You can read more about it by going over to the official EA GAMES WEBSITE. HERE is another link to a story on the same subject...

Our friends over at SUPERMAN-V.COM, while commenting on new Superman Brandon Routh's Super-contract, says he has signed a three picture deal that could include a team-up film with our own Dark Knight. This news jives with the persistant rumblings that WB is still keen on getting the two DC icons on film together....

While BOF isn't going to show it here yet, I will direct you to JOBLO.COM who has posted a new picture of Christian Bale in the Batman costume. This pic seems to be one of several from the same shoot. Cool pose, but nothing that hasn't been seen before IMO....

Thanks for ALL the casting suggestions! I have saved them all, and will be posting them in a brand new section of BOF in due time--probably after the first of the year....

I found THIS ARTICLE which features an interview with Christian Bale in the LA DAILY NEWS. I think this is stuff we've read before, but certainly worth checking out.
(Thanks to "PJW," "Chaz," and ALL of you who sent in the leads!)

BEGINS sequel update! More official pics released!
Author: Jett
Monday, October 25, 2004, 6:27 AM, 6:23 PM CST: Warner Brothers has released the second set of BEGINS pictures featuring Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes, Rutger Hauer as Mr. Earle, and--as BOF told you all--Cillian Murphy as Dr. Jonathan Crane, not The Scarecrow. Click on the small thumbnails to check them out--

BOF can tell you all with 100% certainty--because I've seen proof--that The Scarecrow is not the only character that will shown through the POV of someone who has been gassed by The Scarecrow....

In today's earlier sequel report, our source told us that WB is listening to you all in regards to who should play whom in future Bat-films. Send me your choices and I'm going to find a way to pass the suggestions on here at BOF....

BEGINS sequel update!
Got the following report from one of BOF's oldest and best industry insiders. The person behind this info was instrumental in BOF nailing several scoops--among them the casting of Ken Watanabe and Katie Holmes. This source has also been very valuable to me personally in educating me about how the movie business works. Anyway, here is what he had to say about Guy Pearce, Two-Face, The Joker, and BOF--

The Harvey Dent/Guy Pearce rumor. It's been mooted for a long time now, but no one will confirm it to me, which I take as "it ain't gonna happen." Guy is heading for Queensland, Australia shortly to shoot a project penned by alternative rocker Nick Cave. The fan-based rumor that he will be jetting off to London to shoot his "top secret" scenes appear to be just that -- a rumor. The so-called "re-shoots" in London are not, in fact, re-shoots; they are what are known as "pick-ups" -- i.e. shooting time already built into the schedule to allow the director to "pick-up" any additional shots he didn't know he would need until after viewing a rough assemblage of the footage. Main cast are rarely used on big budget production "pick-ups", as their schedules have to pinned down way in advance. So don't hold your breath for a Guy Pearce cameo.

The Harvey Dent in the sequel rumor. The cat is pretty much out of the bag on this one. Most of my sources confirm that, at this VERY EARLY stage, Dent will be the featured new character in the Begins sequel. He will, of course, be transformed into Two-Face. That strikes The Joker out for the time being, but another rumor relating to the Dent/Two-Face plot-line has Dent putting a dangerous criminal behind bars in the sequel. It will be one scene, possibly Dent's intro scene as District Attorney. Later in the series, this criminal MAY re-emerge as The Joker. Which leads us to...

The Joker plotline. (Note: BIG RUMOR -- only one source on this). Anyone who knows their Batman lore knows how The Joker enjoys revenge. One tidbit thrown my way indicates that when The Joker finally does enter the new series (and believe me, he will), it will be a mesh of two or three very famous Joker plotlines from the comic books. Most fans will probably assume that this means a certain one-off comic from the 1980s, but fans will have to dig a lot deeper -- and a lot further into the past -- than that. Remember: The key words here are "origin" and "revenge."

Sequel casting. Jude Law's name has been bandied about the Batman projects for a few years now. (In fact, you may remember that Law's L.A. reps were being seriously romanced to entice the Brit thesp into the cowl and cape when Schumacher, and then Aronofsky, were attached to develop a new Bat project.) Now Law's name is being mooted as a possible Joker. Not true. But that's not to say that some VERY LIGHT discussions haven't taken place about Law in another villain role for the sequel. Another rumor I can dispell: Steve Buscemi was never considered as a possible Joker; nor was Robin Williams. Although Chris Nolan has not expressed any particular preference (the Joker casting rumors were started out of a certain office on the Warners Burbank lot), the general feeling is that he will go the same way he did in casting the Batman role this time around -- i.e. they are looking for actors, not stars. I can confirm that the Lachy Hulme ("Sparks" from THE MATRIX films) rumor was dead on the money. That certain office in Burbank has even gone so far as to do mock-ups of the Aussie in white-face and green-hair, which apparently look pretty good (I haven't seen them). One definite (I have three sources on this) is that whenever The Joker does appear, they (Warners and Nolan) will be looking for a deadly serious match for Bale's Batman -- which is a big call. That means someone taller than Bale, someone very menacing, and someone who can actually kick Batman's ass. Nice work if you can get it.

Finally, you will be happy to know how watched your website is by everyone involved with the franchise. The are totally enamoured of the fact that you didn't leak the script when you had the chance. Also, one source told me point blank that "Chris (meaning Christian Bale) got Warners support after they read that website" -- presumably, you cast your vote in Bale's direction, and that may have swayed the powers-that-be. (Although, I think Chris Nolan's support of Bale may have had just a little something to do with it.) Be that as it may, whomever you want as Harvey Dent, The Joker, or any other Bat-character, start lobbying now. Warner Bros. is listening! (And by the way, your site IS great -- so keep up the great work.)

As far as BOF being directly responsible for the casting of Bale--uh, no. But the point that our source is making is the fact that Bale was a HUGE fan-favorite for the role--and that BOF was able to voice that--was probably not lost on Warners. This is the purpose of this website--to give YOU--the Batman fan--a voice.

BOF apologizes and BEGINS merchandise
Author: Jett
Sunday, October 24, 2004, 11:46 AM CST: Just want to say I'm sorry for omitting the red "SPOILER" tag on the Scarecrow drawings. My bad....

BATMAN BEGINS merchandise is starting to become available. BOF will carry as much of the stuff as we can, so will be able to get your fill of BEGINS gear here at BOF's BATMAN BEGINS STORE. You know you'll be wanting to represent come next June, right? Late.

Dr. Crane I presume?
Author: Jett
Saturday, October 23, 2004, 6:58 AM, 7:52 PM CST: Overnight, our source--who we'll gloss "Starving"--was able to provide BOF a few more pictures of Cillian Curphy as The Scarecrow. One of the pictures shows the the actor in the same mask as described in detail (and shown in the drawing) in the previous BOF report. But a couple of others shows him in another more traditional "Scarecrow" mask that comicbook fans are used to. It is basically a burlap sack with rope stitching on various parts of the mask. The mouth is stitched as well, but with thick black string. The mask is frayed at the end/neck area and seems to drawn together by a noose-like rope. Again, Murphy is wearing a gray suit with a blue tie. "One wonders if one of the considerations for picking Cillian Murphy was his eyes," says our source. "They're a bit eery piercing throught the mask, to say the least." And I agree with him totally--


Courtesy Paul J. Wares

The mask described this morning will be the "real" one that Dr. Crane puts on and uses as a gas mask/disguise. The other--as described previously--is a "stage two" mask and is what one would see if under the affects of the fear gas, along with the CGI and F/X that will be added. While still a bit sinister, the burlap mask is not nearly as disturbing as the "stage two" mask....

BOF was informed by one of our most reliable sources that when Dr. Crane appears on the official site, it may be a shot of him in the burlap sack mask as described for you all in today's report. Or it could be just the head shot of Murphy as Dr. Crane that we've already seen. If I was WB, I'd only release the latter.

Yes, he IS quite disturbing!
Author: Jett
Thursday, October 21, 2004, 6:45 AM, 4:16 PM CST: As I said earlier today, I was able to get a look at The Scarecrow. Now, I'm pretty much sure that what I saw was what we'll see from a gassed victim's POV, and it seems some F/X and perhaps CGI will be added when we see him on the big screen. But I wanted you BOF'ers to get a small look at it, so Paul J. Wares whipped up an "artist rendering" of what Dr. Crane looks like. Out of respect to those who don't want to know and for the film itself, I've edited the drawing to show only a part of The Scarecrow. The pictures that the drawing is based on ARE NOT going to show up on the official site. In fact, it will most likely be Dr. Crane, and not The Scarecrow that shows up over there as rumored, or so I've heard-- --


BTW, the breathing apparatus is not visible and there is not a big hole or anything in the mouth area. It sort of looks like the face melted or something and is drawn down a bit--sort of skeleton-like particularly the nose. It is really freaking looking and should be scary as hell once the F/X are added in. Keep in mind that The Scarecrow will be depicted in various forms--in his real mask and in the different ways he looks to those he has gassed. Ray Bolger this is not....

Thanks to a couple of unrelated sources, I was able to get a peek at The Scarecrow! The descriptions from two BOF sources (October 7th and 8th) were pretty much spot on. I can't show the pictures at this time as I promised the sources that I would not. But I can describe it a bit for you all. It does look Leatherface-like and is sewn-up with big stitches at different spots all over the mask. The face/head area looks as if a human face had been melted and disfigured. It is also more form-fitting than one might imagine. It even has a few strands of hair on top and around the eyebrow area. It is downright frightening and disturbing and I can't wait to see how it looks on the big screen. Cillian Murphy is also wearing a suit and tie as previously described by a BOF source.

With all of that said, the pictures do seem to confirm that the audience will see different POV's of The Scarecrow. The pics that I viewed, seem to be The Scarecrow his gassed victims will see. I believe that we will also see the mask without the affects of fear gas.

Bale speaks! (Again), Bat-fighting style, and about new pic of him as Batman
Author: Jett
Monday, October 18, 2004, 6:24 AM, 7:13 PM CST: Checking out the various entertainment sites around the net (which is part of what I do), I came across this VERY good one-on-one interview with Christian Bale over at IGN FILMFORCE. Check out some of these comments--

About what new take he may bring to the role--
"Often you hear people say, 'Wow, they really recreated things,' and you go see it and say, 'That wasn't a recreation.' I hope we don't suffer from that, but we are literally going back to the early days to the prequel of any of the other movies. We are starting off with our own different characters and our own laws and everything, looking at Bruce Wayne and how he came to be the person that he was and how he comes to be this man that jumps around in the Bat suit."

On why he took the role--
"I was very much interested in playing the character after reading [comic books like] 'Arkham Asylum' and 'Year One' and 'Dark Victory,' and seeing that there was a side to that character that I had never been witness to before and thinking that could make a very good movie," he recalls. "And then the fact that it was Chris Nolan on it; I knew that he was not just going to be doing more of the same and so I wanted to try it."

On what the quality cast brings to BEGINS--
"Sure, we're going to make a mass-entertainment movie, but one that's of a better quality than most. You've got a good cast: Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Ken Watanabe – there are lots of good people in it."

Regarding wearing The Suit--
"I found that the suit was actually pretty comfortable once you get used to it. You sweat like buckets – that you can't help – and the cowl gives you these migraines beyond belief."

Of course, Bale was promoting THE MACHINIST and talks extensively about his latest film. And man, did that dude shed some friggin' weight for that role. Make sure you click on the link provided to read the entire article....

Regarding the news BOF posted yesterday. The picture of Bale can be found in the LEGIONS OF GOTHAM forum. BOF will not be posting any of the pictures described at this time. FYI....

This comes in from "Bal" about the fighting style used in BATMAN BEGINS--

I guess you guys probably already know this [We didn't--Jett], but keysi is the offical Batman fighting system - apparently they wanted something unique and new. Keysi is basically a street fighting system and is different. Main use is of the elbows as attack weapons rather than fists etc. It's very new, and is absoultly awesome to watch and use.

Our local academy teaches keysi and has loads of pics of the new BATMAN movie showing keysi stuff.

New pic of Bale as Batman
Author: Jett
Sunday, October 17, 2004, 6:24 AM CST: Matt from LEGIONS OF GOTHAM has sent BOF word that they have a new pic of Christian Bale in costume as Batman. The picture--which captures The Batman in a very iconic pose--seems to be one of several from a publicity photo shoot. LOG also has a picture of Batmobile concept art and a Wayne Enterprises-Applied Sciences logo. Click on the previous link to check it out....

Clint from MOVIEHOLE has sent us word that Brandon Routh has been chosen to play Clark Kent/Superman in the upcoming SUPERMAN RETURNS. Click on the link to check out the story in full.

New BEGINS pics online!
Author: Jett
Friday, October 15, 2004, 10:58 PM CST: So, as expected, there are some new stills from BEGINS now online! You can now get a look at Ken Watanabe as Ra's Al Ghul, Linus Roache as Thomas Wayne, and Tom Wilkinson as Carmine Falcone. It is pretty cool to finally see some "official" shots of these guys, particularly Watanabe and Roach, as BOF was able to break the news of each being cast in BEGINS. You can click on the previous links provided, or HERE to go directly to the official site. You can also click HERE to sign up with Warner Brothers' "REEL NEWS" to get extra stuff--updates & pictures--from BATMAN BEGINS. Or you can keep coming here to BOF like you have been doing--

By the way, these pics are a bone thrown your way Bat-fans. Enjoy....

This in from a source that wished to remain anonymous--

Just an update on the Gotham City miniatures at Elstree Studios, that you reported the other day. The city buildings actually stand about 40 feet high and includes Gotham City Bank. I can tell you that they play a major part towards the end of the Movie. And yes they are cool as hell.

Just another source confirming the info we recieved regarding the Gotham miniatures the other day--and adding some more specifics.
(Although BOF knew the pics coming--as y'all did as well--I want to thank ALL of you who sent me the heads-up today!!)

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