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Misc. BEGINS updates for 6/28/04
Monday, June 28, 2004, 9:02 PM CST: Eric Oram served as another one of Christian Bale's trainers....According to the Chicago Film Office--

The Intimidation Game
Warner Bros.

Feature film starring Christian Bale and Michael Caine will be filming in Chicago from July 31st through August 21st. Extras casting information will be available after the 4th of July holiday.

Here are some international release dates for BATMAN BEGINS....

Austria - July 8, 2005
France - July(?), 2005
Switzerland (French side) - July 6, 2005
Switzerland (German side) - July 7, 2005
The Netherlands - July 5, 2005
Russia - August 4, 2005

A bit more detail from today's earlier report. Rade Sherbedgia is playing a homeless guy....One of the changes that Nolan might have made--or came during rewrites--is that some of the character's names might have been altered. No specifics yet.
("Ras2005" helped with a good chunck of this report.)

Another cast update
Monday, June 28, 2004, 10:17 AM CST: BOF has been informed by more than one reliable source of the following cast additions. Well, they could have been cast for a while, but it is just getting to BOF. And they are: Rachel Hammond, Tamer Hassan, and Rade Sherbedgia....Check out the OPINION section and take a look at Paul J. Wares' salute to BATMAN '89.

Cast update 2: Murphy part of Bat-cast
Sunday, June 27, 2004, 7:25 PM CST: Back on March 14th BOF was told by a source that Gerard Murphy had joined the BEGINS cast. I didn't know what role he was up for at the time and hadn't heard him mentioned since. A couple of sources have now confirmed to BOF that Murphy is indeed in the film. Judging from their report, his role is that of someone of importance in Gotham, but he's not a "good guy." And it seems he has eaten well, as he looks a bit different than his picture found with the previous link--he's a little bigger and looks a bit older. I can't reveal the specific role as I promised I wouldn't at this time. But Mr. Murphy is part of the BEGINS cast.

Cast update
Sunday, June 27, 2004, 8:05 AM CST: BOF was informed by
JR TALENT that Emma Lockhart is portraying the young Rachel Dobson in BATMAN BEGINS. The older version is of course played by Katie Holmes. Rachel is a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, who goes on to become an assistant D.A. in Gotham City.

Source: "The fans have nothing to worry about!"
Saturday, June 26, 2004, 3:05 PM CST: This bit of news I am going to share with you today comes from a source that has/had direct involvement with BATMAN BEGINS. I know, but to protect the ID of this source, I can't reveal his/her exact capasity. And I am going to be very vauge with this report on purpose, but the source's report was very detailed. Anyway, the reason our source gave BOF this great report was to send all of you Bat-fans a message, which is: "You have nothing to worry about with BEGINS." Our source went on to say that BEGINS will be "...far, far cooler than ANYTHING we've ever seen before [in a BATMAN film]. He described one of the "stars" of the film by saying "...take 'Batman: Year One', add a living hell, and cover it in rust, soot, grime, sleaze, grease, mud, and garbage." While I can't give you the full and lengthy report, I will say that he's right. You all have nothing to worry about....Regarding the trailer, a trusted source tells BOF that it consists of one scene only. This conflicts the earlier BOF trailer report, but I trust this source much more. He also states that it will be released within the next month.

No BEGINS trailer with Spidey 2
Wednesday, June 23, 2004, 7:50 PM CST: I was concerned about the reports about the BEGINS trailer being paired with SPIDER-MAN 2, which opens next week. Well, according to a CINESCAPE scooper, it ain't going to happen. According to the site's scooper, the plan for is to now complete the BATMAN trailer and pair it to I, ROBOT (opening July 16). That could, however, fall through. No matter what, the site confirms, the Bat-trailer will definitely be playing in front of CATWOMAN when it opens July 23. A BOF source informed us long ago of the fact that the trailer will for sure be hooked to CATWOMAN, but we were hoping to see it paired with Spidey like many of you. It will be shown at the upcoming SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON as well.

So why not tied to Spidey? BOF believes that either they are not finished with it, or they've yet to produce one to the liking of the powers-that-be. And like it or not, showing it with CATWOMAN is a draw.

Misc. BEGINS stuff for June 22nd
Tuesday, June 22, 2004, 12:46 PM CST: Just got my new edition of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY in the mail--the one with Bale on the cover--and read the "5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BATMAN BEGINS. Which are....

1. This is the youngest Batman we've ever seen. "The mission was presenting the psychological growth of Bruce Wayne from a young man into Batman," says director Christopher Nolan.

2. We'll see some different villains. Of course we already know that. Ra's Al Ghul, The Scarecrow, and assorted criminals make up the BEGINS baddies.

3. The emphysis will be on the guy behind the mask. "He is," says Nolan, "the most realistic superhero in that he has no superpowers."

4. This will be the darkest BATMAN since Michael Keaton. "Batman is not a knight in shining armor because of his personal need for revenge," says Bale. "There is a great struggle within him not to enjoy what he does too much."

5. There are no Bat-nipples, no Bat-S&M gear, no goofy Robin in this movie.

THE Z REVIEW has some pictures from BEGINS up on their site. Nothing new, but much larger and clearer than we've seen before. Click here to give them a look.

Watanabe talks BEGINS
Monday, June 21, 2004, 10:46 PM CST: Longtime BOF reader "BigHerbs" sent us this from Japan. Seems that Mr. Ken Watanabe has gotten loose about his role in BEGINS. Well, not real loose, but he did say the following--via our scooper's report....

Jett, living in Japan has some perks. One of them is finding that the June/July issue of J-Select has an interview with Ken Watanabe. The interview details his battle with Leukemia, his lengthy career on stage and screen, and of course his recent splash into Hollywood with "The Last Samurai." Not much is mentioned on "Batman Begins," but Watanabe-san offers up a killer quote regarding Ra's Al Ghul's mentoring of the troubled Bruce Wayne....

(Interview by Femke Bijlsma, interpretation by Yuki Ishimaru. Photographs by David Stetson.)

JS: I understand you have been reveiving quite a few offers from Hollywood since 'The Last Samurai.' What is it that draws you to choose one role over another?

KW: My next role will be in 'Batman Begins.' I chose the part because I liked the script -- I picked it out immediately. I don't really have a strategy, but I do pay attention to the way the script envisages the world and how that view is conveyed through the roles, as well as what the director wants to express. In 'Batman Begins' I play a villain who has to guide a person who is wavering between good and evil. Exploring the dark side of human nature is something that interests me.

So, this guy below. What's he doing on the BOF news page? He is "Joe Chill," the guy who "made" The Dark Knight. Well, indirectly by killing his parents (Thanks to "The Scarecrow" for sending the pic below.)....

Actor Richard Brake--
"Joe Chill"

What, "no Jack Napier" you ask. That's right. The director and screenwriter of BATMAN BEGINS decided to go against the grain when writing this film. They chose to base it on the the comicbook! In Batman lore, petty criminal Joe Chill, not mafia lieutenant Jack Napier, is responsible for the deaths of Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wayne. And no, Chill does not go on to become The Joker in future BEGINS sequels.

BEGINS set report!
Sunday, June 20, 2004, 8:46 AM CST: This came in this morning straight from the BATMAN BEGINS set, via our scooper "wboft." Check this out....

Hey, I'm [associated with the new BATMAN movie in some capacity]. A few bits of info for you. They shot the wayne's murder on Friday afternoon. The cast for the scene was as follows.

Linus Roache - Thomas Wayne
Sara Stewart - Martha Wayne
Gus Lewis - Young Bruce Wayne
Richard Brake - Joe Chill

They've built inside the hangars, several streets of Gotham. They are full of supports. Metal gurders everywhere. It reminded me of [The] "French Connection," there's even apparently a chase underneath the monorail, which could be similar to the one from FC. Everywhere was painted dark green. And the alleyway they are shot in looks the part, dirty and grimy.

Chill looked just like Robert Redford from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." A big hop of blonde hair and big moustache, dressed completely in denim.

That pic of Ducard, wearing the ninja uniform, all of the League of Shadows are wearing that costume. They are shooting in Shepperton for almost all of the LOS scenes. Sometime in early July.

Linus Roache and Sara Stewart--
Thomas & Martha Wayne

(The above scoop was edited by the webmaster to protect the ID of the source and the integrity of BATMAN BEGINS.)

Bale on EW cover!
Friday, June 18, 2004, 3:04 PM CST: The mainstream promotion for BEGINS is picking up steam as ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY sports a cover featuring Christian Bale--the new Batman. Check out the cover below....

Here is a bit from the story....

Because -- all together now! -- he's Batman. That, and a hell of an actor. The Wales native went from losing 63 pounds to play a haunted insomniac factory worker (in Brad Anderson's forthcoming psychological thriller, ''The Machinist,'' due Sept. 24) to bulking up and strapping on a utility belt to be the Caped Crusader. (His secret: bread. ''That was what I craved most of all.'')

Teaming with ''Insomnia'' director Christopher Nolan to do something no one has done before: rebooting a major film franchise only eight years after it petered out. The movie reintroduces one of the most beloved superheroes in the pop-culture canon, so look for explanations on everything from where the Batmobile came from, to how Bruce Wayne's parents died, to why he has such a close relationship with Lieutenant Gordon (Gary Oldman). ''What attracted me was Chris and the knowledge that what was being aimed for was a reinvention of Batman lore,'' says Bale, taking a break halfway through shooting the film in London.

Click here to check out the full article.
(Thanks to all of you who sent the lead to this story.)

"Ras2005" is back providing this bit of news (from IESB) regarding what might be in store at the San Diego Comic-Con with BEGINS....

As if comic geeks need anymore reason to go to this years Comic Con, Warner Bros. promises a Batman Begins presence which will include the teaser trailer. They are also scheduling to have some talent show up for the fans. No word which, if any, of the cast will show up but I was told today to keep an eye on the official San Diego Comic-Con website for special announcements regarding Batman Begin guests. Who will it be? My money is on the Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

EXCLUSIVE: First description of the BEGINS trailer?!
Thursday, June 17, 2004, 5:34 AM CST: This is from a new scooper. BOF can't vouch for the validity of the source and his report. However, based on my experience, it looks to be legit. "Unknown Dude" says that he has seen the BATMAN BEGINS trailer. I know how, but I can't reveal that. But I can give you his description of it....

Black screen, The WB logo fades in. It stays on screen for a few seconds, A little longer than normal, Then it fades to black. The black screen also stays for a few moments, then quietly some of the theme starts to play (I'm not too certain but I think it's the same theme they've used in the past for Batman trailers, But I defiantly know it was music from the Burton film). After about 10-15 seconds of darkness a complete white frame fades in, Then it looks blurry, Then we start to see shades of blue, Then it totally fades in. It's a very wide shot of a snowbound mass of land, with a small figure walking towards the camera (I kept thinking what the hell is this? They just must be using Batman music). Then it was an upclose shot of Bale, He falls into the snow. He starts coughing.

There is some voice-overs of different people, mainly Neeson. There are flashes of the rest of the cast, Bale talking about his fears, what drives him. Then We see a man slip on a strange looking gas mask. Very German/Nazi WW2 looking for the design of the mask. Probably the Scarecrow. A black screen, Batman standing on top of a building then jumping falling down towards the screen. Flashes of a fast moving train, What looks like a huge black tank and a helicopter and police cars. A few more flashes of some fast paced car action.

There are a few shots of the city (Which look very dark and pretty rough, Very unfinished). Then Bale's eyes appear over the skyline, Which fades into Bale's face in the Batman mask.

Then a black screen and the new bat logo fades in, kinda old school with a rusted finish. It slowly moves towards the screen with a bass dropping drone. The credits fade in "Next Summer it Begins."

BOF disclaimer: take this with a grain of salt, but this description sounds cool. Late.

BEGINS trailer coming sooner than expected?
Tuesday, June 15, 2004, 3:44 PM CST: According to a CINESCAPE industry insider, Warner Brothers is working on getting a teaser trailer out as soon as possible for the film. The reports says that Warners is trying to get the first trailer for BATMAN BEGINS out for the opening of SONY's SPIDER-MAN 2, June 30. BOF has heard whispers of this in the past, but most sources thought it would be unlikely the film would be paired with a MARVEL character movie. The report goes on to say that the studio has struck a deal to place the Bat-trailer with 20th Centiry Fox's I, ROBOT opening July 16. The pairing with this latter film, I had not heard. But as reported earlier by BOF, the trailer will indeed be featured with CATWOMAN. With much of the filming done as we speak, it would seem that the studio would have enough footage to put together a good trailer.

BOF hopes that a deal is struck with SONY that allows the BEGINS trailer to be shown with Peter Parker's second flick. Nice way to get the word out that Batman is coming back to the big screen, huh? That film should bring in a few people to the theater this summer. Ya think?

Here are two other scanned pics, again from the recent NEWSWEEK article sent to BOF courtesy "IDigBatman" and "Paulv70." One is a close-up of Bale as Wayne, while the other is the full-length version showing Bruce on the steps of Mentmore Towers--which doubles as Wayne Manor in the film. He's holding some sort of climbing rope in his right hand in the full-length photo. I wonder where he may be going...?

Christian Bale as
Bruce Wayne -Warner Bros.

And finally, back on June 4th, I included a link to's interview with BATMAN: DEAD END's Sandy Collora. Mr. Collora stated that he didn't care for the BEGINS Bat-costume. I stated that enjoyed his Bat-film, but I was not a fan of the costume--as I didn't dig the "spandex/tights" Bat-suit. This topic--or debate, actually--came up in the BOF FORUM. Now I don't know if my take on the matter--or some of the posts in the message forum--prompted this response from Mr. Collora. Nonetheless, I wanted to post it here on BOF in all fairness--even though I don't agree with some of it.

Picture of Neeson as "Ducard!"
Monday, June 14, 2004, 10:30 PM CST: "IDigBatman" sent us the picture below of Liam Neeson as Bruce Wayne's mentor Ducard. The picture is a scan from the NEWSWEEK article titled "Bat Out Of Hell." The story also shows a picture of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne on the steps of "Wayne Manor," as well as another photo of the Batmobile. The story in the magazine is the same one that appeared online yesterday. Click on the link to read it if you haven't already.

Liam Neeson as
"Ducard" -Warner Bros.

More Bat-pics, story from the BEGINS set!
Sunday, June 13, 2004, 8:58 AM CST: A few weeks ago, our sources told us to expect additional BEGINS pics in June. Seems they were correct. NEWSWEEK has a story on BATMAN BEGINS--with some cool new pics--from the U.K. set. Titled "Bat out of Hell," this article offers more insight into the film than anything previously written about it--in the "mainstream" press. It includes quotes from BEGINS' two main players: Chris Nolan and Christian Bale.

Classic shot of The Batman! -Warner Bros.

Here's an excerpt--

As exhaustively as the "Batman" legend has been told on film and TV, one chapter has never received comprehensive treatment: the first one. As a boy, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) sees his parents murdered before his eyes and dedicates his life to avenging them. But how, and why, does he become Batman? Where do the suit and cape come from? (Burton's film glossed over these questions.) Or, as Nolan puts it, "How did this guy who has no superpowers acquire all of these capabilities? He lives in the real world—-it's sort of New York on steroids, but it's our world." Nolan pored over 65 years of comics and came up with this story: after a long exile, Wayne, now a 25-year-old scion, returns to Gotham City intent on kicking criminal butt. His family's military subcontracting business, Wayne Enterprises, has been seized by shareholders, who've relegated the company's most ambitious designs—and their inventor, Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman)—to the scrapheap. Wayne befriends Fox, using his designs to create an alter ego. And not a moment too soon because, naturally, there's a villain on the loose named the Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy of "28 Days Later"), who's hellbent on poisoning all of Gotham.

It's a comic-book tale, but Nolan promises that "Batman Begins," which also stars Liam Neeson (Ducard) and Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon), won't look anything like a comic-book movie. In contrast to the gothic fantasia of Burton's creation, Nolan has opted for gritty urban realism.

The Batman (Bale) and The Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy)
in BATMAN BEGINS. -Warner Bros.

(Thanks to "Myles," "Mike," "Mike R.," "Michael Z.," "EmemtiumT," "Chuck," "BTX109," "Defender," and "Invincible" for the lead to this story!)

BEGINS updates for June 12th
Saturday, June 12, 2004, 1:58 PM CST: "Viper220NY" sent BOF this link to the recent unveiling of The Batmobile via Very much worth your time to check out.... According to the IMDB, BATMAN BEGINS is being shot in 2.35 : 1 aspect ratio....A BOF insider who worked on BEGINS gave us more news confirming when the BEGINS trailer will be released. Our source says that the trailer will be unvealed "at a convention [most likely the San Diego Comic-Con--Jett] this summer...then (it will) be attached to 'Catwoman.'" This jives with all the recent reports regarding the trailer, including this one from IGN FILMFORCE....Just an obsevation, but it seems that the BEGINS production may be a bit ahead of schedule....As far as BATMAN BEGINS buzz, look for it to pick up a bit in late July when the trailer goes public. After another lull, I'd expect another surge at the first of the year when WB starts promoting the hell out of it. Just a guess--but a VERY educated one--I'm expecting a trailer to pop up during the SUPER BOWL. Can "Bat-mania" for tis film be as strong as it was back in '89? We'll see.
(Thanks to "Karl," "Chris," and "Stax.")

BEGINS updates for June 10th
Thursday, June 10, 2004, 6:04 AM CST: BOF has reported recently that the BEGINS trailer may be introduced at the San Diego Comic-Con and then tied to CATWOMAN. Yesterday, DARK HORIZONS ran a report from one of their sources saying the same thing....Several BEGINS links to check out courtesy "Ras2005." 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. These links include info regarding costuming and special effects....And finally, Doug Moench has a new "Batman" book out titled THE FORENSIC FILES OF BATMAN. Click HERE to check it a look...and maybe buy. Late.

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